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  1. You can download the app Robinhood, it’s a free app to use and buy shares. It charges around 0.0001411% when you sell stocks. If you need a referral code 😜 https://join.robinhood.com/codym2816
  2. I hate to hear that! I’m booked for Harmony in October and I was hoping to be blown away again 😩
  3. I’m not sure this topic will ever resolve itself cordially. One half dozen to the other believes in whatever makes you feel comfortable and the other half believes in the dress code. I personally enjoy wearing shorts all day in the sun and then putting nicer clothes on for dinner, a show, and then the piano bar. Others are more comfortable in full relaxation mode attire. I’m sure we can all agree that people should do whatever they are comfortable with and makes their vacation worth the money they spent.
  4. Last two cruises, the upgrade fairy called and offered upgraded suites for $400. I wonder what the average bid that wins an upgrade is these days with the new program?
  5. Some people enjoy dressing up, a lot of people don’t anymore. It’s your vacation so whatever will allow you to enjoy your time the most!
  6. @mom2tcdx2 Sexy Ocean: 1oz Vodka 1oz Peach Scnapps 1oz Midori Orange Juice Pinapple Juice They are so smooth, I made so many of them disappear!
  7. @fpcruiser I didn’t really realize it until we were in the Amber Theater and the curtains were swaying back and forth!
  8. For me, it would essentially be the same. I understand Star class offers more perks like the Ben & Jerrys and Starbucks as well as the genie. But for me, I have a cappuccino with breakfast and all the milkshakes I could want with JR. As for getting off the ship, from leaving the suite lounge to waiting for an Uber, was 15-20 minutes in sky class. But I do agree with you that different perks are more valuable to different people. For me, a sky class suite is too much space for me, I can even imagine what I would do with the space in a star class.
  9. @BNBR I have never sailed Star class but from what I know and saw about Star class, I agree. I sailed in sky class and I couldn’t see what perks justified an extra $6000. But that’s just my opinion, I completely understand each person determines something’s ‘worth’ differently. But I do what you do, I book a Sky class suite and then buy the UDP and DBP and I feel like that’s perfect for me!
  10. Norwegian offers a very exclusive suite class called The Haven. It comes with a butler and a secluded pool just for Haven guests.
  11. @BobNoxious the menu I provided came from the bar on the boardwalk. It is also the same menu that is at the bar in Central Park, On Air, all the pool bars, basically every bar except for restaurants. Bolleros, Bow & Stern, and Champagne Bar has different menus...any other specialty bars will have a different one too.
  12. Oasis Class is $13 and other classes are $12. I ordered wine with lunch and dinner, all sorts of reds and whites and I never went over the price limit per drink. There are options that are more expensive but the server or bartender always poured one that were covered.
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