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  1. Recently I've been solo with one bag, under 50lbs. I tip 2 US dollars.
  2. I booked January 2021 in October of 2018 🙂
  3. Hey y'all. Another crazy week. We had a shareholder's meeting yesterday and I had my final Invisalign appointment this morning! I am all done and into retainers 😁 With the rush to get to the appointment on time, I completely forgot to step on the scale. I have had two people tell me I'm looking thinner today 🙂 I leave tomorrow for my quick 3 night cruise. Keep working hard! See ya next week.
  4. I reached out to two reporters that had articles on this in the days right after. I asked both if they had heard anything regarding the hearing that was reported for Aug. 28th. I haven't heard a peep from either. I just tweeted "Are any of the major news outlets that reported on the original story going to follow up on the Chloe Wiegand story?" I tagged Washington Post, Hannah Knowles, Janine Puhak, the Associated Press and NBC News
  5. @johnjen No, there is no legislation pending to allow a donkey to be covered under Title II or III of the ADA. I find your posts insulting and discriminatory. Most everyone has noted the difference between Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals (ESA) and the abuse of ESAs. Not a single person on this thread has advocated for ESAs to be covered by the ADA. Almost everyone has noted their distaste for those that abuse either form of support animal.
  6. When you say scooter are you referring to this (or something very similar)? Please see this page on the royal website. It will answer some of your questions. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/accessible-staterooms Will we encounter "the mean" folks in the elevators? Highly likely. Seems elevators on cruise ships bring out the worst in some folks.
  7. "So, are dogs allowed on cruise ships now?" Here is the link to the Royal Caribbean policy on Service Animals. As of 8/14/2018, if you already had a reservation noted with an ESA "All Emotional Support Animals noted on reservations prior to July 30, 2018 are protected and will be allowed to sail."
  8. I was just perusing the ADA website. I saw on this page that as of March 2011 only dogs are now recognized as Service Animals under Title II and III. Does anyone have any further information on this? As others have mentioned, I could have sworn miniature horses and monkeys were covered at one time. Appears they have some coverage for miniature horses but that's it.
  9. @KeithJenner I would like to thank you for your logical, stolid approach to this situation. I look forward to hearing that it has been resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.
  10. @Goodtime Cruizin certainly you are using guide dogs for the blind as an example? As has been previously mentioned, there are highly trained Service Dogs that do more than act as Guide Dogs. https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/service_animal_qa.html https://www.adatitleiii.com/2018/08/service-animals-vs-emotional-support-animals-ferreting-out-the-truth/
  11. @Fragile-Beauty In addition to suggestions above, I would reach out to your professor/dean and let them know about your travel plans. Just reading your post makes me nervous. I also hope that you are prepared to be unable to complete the test and get a zero. While much of the advice given above should negate them, there is still a chance there will be issues.
  12. I am another vote to clean out the stickies. Nothing personal Star but I'm not sure why this thread is a sticky.
  13. Are you typically someone that enjoys their alone time? Do you go to movies alone? How about dining in restaurants solo? If so, don't worry, just enjoy. If you're on the shy side, go to the planned activities that interest you to make "cruise buddies".
  14. OMG a Blanton's Gold would be great! I've only had Pappy once (12 year). At Bobby Vans in DC. I will tell ya, it was yummy.
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