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  1. @Belle Glad you're back. Sounds like quite the adventure. I completely lost track of days last week. This is also the first time I've logged in to CC in over a week. I am down .2 from the 26th but up 1.6 from the 19th. So my same up/down 🙂 I have been exercising during the time I would normally spend commuting. The weather has been terrible. Finally, sunny today but I am actually at work. We have a companywide call and I'm one of the "moderators." I hope you all are safe and healthy. #BESAFEBESMARTBEKIND
  2. I am going to get a bit in the weeds. Coronaviruses are like noroviruses and rhinoviruses. They are large families of viruses. Within each family there are types. COVID-19 is a type of coronavirus. Coronaviruses normally cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory illness, including the common cold.
  3. yep and I went to price a few things for home and YIKES...I have bands and know how to program workouts but it's tough for me to get motivated at home. I wish I was a runner but I DISLIKE it and it's not good for my knees....Oh well...I made some Oat Bran muffins last night (got the idea from Ms. Mary's thread) those will be my treat while at home...
  4. Hey y'all. I'm down .2 not sure how. Was sure I'd be up. That is a 1.4 loss in a month. Good job on the lossed Robin and Diana. Hang in there Jo - I love the chocolate/peanut butter Reeses eggs. PA good job on getting back down and good news about your endoscopy. I've been at work all week. Will be home tomorrow and my gym closed after my workout last night...UGH now that stressed me out....
  5. I have a celebrity cruise booked 1/2/2021. $20 deposit. If the ship sails and planes fly we'll be sailing away from Puerto Rico that evening.
  6. @sanger727 I am/would be part of what you are referring to (minus the being your 20s part 😉 ). If I come down with a fever, dry cough and body aches I will treat the symptoms, stay home and rest/isolate. I would NOT get tested. There is no medicine for the virus itself, only to treat the symptoms. I would let those I've been in contact with (co-workers) know that I'm feeling unwell. Unless my symptoms worsened (severe breathing difficulty) I would not seek medical attention. I have not traveled OCONUS since my Mexican Riviera Cruise in January, I have not (AFAIK) been in contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Therefore, I am low risk according to CDC & WHO. The tests that are available, as well as the time/skill of our medical professionals, would best be used on those within the high risk groups. I should mention; I live alone, have been practicing social distancing and following all recommendations of the WHO/CDC. Don't want anyone thinking I'm bucking the recommendations.
  7. @DarrenM Where is your data to back up the claim that "Every industry is on the verge of collapse." Yes, some businesses may go under but the term industry is very big and broad.
  8. When you booked you should have received an e-mail with your confirmation and booking details as an attachment. One of mine is below. I have highlighted in yellow the non-refundable deposit. Hope this helps.
  9. @firefly333 I went solo on the Navigator in September. When I booked (as a solo) I got a confirmation e-mail with all of my information/costs as an attachment. I redacted information below.
  10. Not if there was a cash/refund option. I don't even like getting "store credit." If it's my only option I would accept it. All goes back to my "I am not brand loyal" mentality.
  11. There was a post I read yesterday by @chengkp75. I hope he corrects me if I'm wrong but I believe they are guaranteed a minimum of $650 or $680/month. Keep in mind room/board are not expenses they must pay. That pay is more than some bartenders/waiters and parking lot attendants in my area are getting at the moment. An acquaintance of mine is an after-school care provider. Parents pay her weekly and there are no contracts. Since schools are closed she has no kids, therefore no income. Fortunately, it is not her only source of income and she can/will survive without it. **was able to find the post referenced above $618/month:
  12. @msmoger I am uncertain how common it is or isn't. I was simply relaying my experience in hopes that it may save the OP an unexpected expense. I knew about the auto draft upfront and had no issue with it at the time.
  13. The few times I used a TA they had my CC on file and took final payment as an auto debit a few days before the due date. I would make sure this won't happen to you.
  14. I simply answered a direct question....Yes, I think the Princess line of CCL will survive. My response was based on the most recent financial reports (P&L and Balance Sheet) released by CCL. They are publicly traded and you can google and find their financial reports. Do I think there may be changes - possibly. Do I think this to shall pass, yes.
  15. @chipmaster Not sure why you quoted me and then talked about whether or not to buy stock. I simply said that in my opinion the company will survive - based on their most recent Financials (P&L and Balance Sheets).
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