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  1. FYI...3/28/2020-4/5/2020 -- I have posted this information in the cruise immediately before (due to posts saying the last evening the lido has been roped off for "set up") and in the roll call immediately after.
  2. On the hallway "wreckage" of room service: If you truly have nowhere to keep the empty tray, etc. simply call room service and let them know there is something to be picked up. If you are going to be in the room they will knock. If you are going out, they may ask you to leave in the hall. Either way the PHONE CALL letting them know it needs to be done IS KEY.
  3. https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/explore/dining/menus/room-service-menu.pdf
  4. Hmm Mardi Gras (newest) on the 8 day eastern caribbean OR the Breeze to the Southern Caribbean.
  5. How many days are you looking to cruise? If time and price weren't issues, I would take someone to the Mediterranean. However, not everyone has the time/$$. Are we talking the Caribbean? 3-4 nights? 7-9 nights?
  6. I'm sorry if I confused you (or anyone) I saw a boarding pass on twitter and it said final boarding was scheduled for 3:00 pm. I believe that is typically an hour before sail away. So, you're right sail away would have been 4:00 pm. I read multiple accounts that the ship sailed away at 6:30 pm with embarkation beginning somewhere (again according to twitter) between 4:00 and 4:15. I just looked at "Steven Vaz" on twitters post of his boarding pass arrival appointment 1:00-1:30 final boarding 3:00. He was on the ship at least by 4:41 pm.
  7. Since you asked....First some facts. I am a seasoned traveler. I am ALWAYS prepared for "stuff". If I had arrived at the pier at 11am (probably not because I don't usually plan to arrive until 12-1 because I HATE the mad rush and crowds) and the line wasn't moving I would have found a place in the shade to sit and read. I don't give a fig about my place in line. The last one on the ship is GUEST WHAT...ON THE SHIP. When they made the announcement (looking back through twitter it appears about 2pm)regarding going to the mall (which also included a meal credit), I may or may not have gone. Depends on how hungry, bored, etc. I was. If I had children with me, I would have had snacks, drinks, books, and games. Kids need to learn stuff happens and they need to learn the coping skills. My carry on always has a change of clothes (so I can change and hang at the pool if my room isn't ready)visor and sunscreen. There also was the option to get an uber/taxi/etc. and go somewhere else. At best be back by three as mandated on the boarding passes. At worst, come back at three and wait again. This is simply what I would have done, since you asked.
  8. All the other stuff aside...You truly believe that if Carnival had changed boarding from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and Sail Away to 6:30 instead of 5:00 that: 1) Carnival would have charged a different price? 2) People wouldn't have picked this cruise? I wander how many guests took advantage of the "Great Vacation Guarantee"?
  9. It will be interesting to see what those that are actually on this cruise have to say when they disembark on Saturday, if not before. I posted in the Roll Call for their comments on this thread, since it happened to them.
  10. Nope. "Select Royal Caribbean ships have an infant pool known as the Baby Splash Zone, where children who wear a swim diaper can go into. Ordinarily, children that wear diapers are prohibited from going into pools onboard the ship, but some of the newer cruise ships now offer an infant pool. If your cruise has a few sea days, having access to an infant pool can be important, whereas if you are taking a port intensive itinerary, it may not be a factor. There are Baby Splash Zones on Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas." -https://www.*****.com/2015/07/08/what-you-need-know-about-taking-infant-royal-caribbean-cruise
  11. Have you tried this thread? Scroll to the last page and work backwards to get the most recent...
  12. @Squadleader The original departure was 6:00. They departed at 6:30 and arrived at their first port as scheduled. How was anyone defrauded? They didn't lose a day. At MOST some people lost four hours sitting on a non-moving cruise ship. Guests were already compensated ($50) for that lost few hours.
  13. I had a whole post written with a bunch of points. However, it's over and done and none of it really matters. My biggest question: There was free transportation offered beginning at 12pm to the Bayside Mall. WHY did people not get on the buses? From that point it was a CHOICE (personal responsibility) to stand there.
  14. @Belle Great poem! I am up this week almost 3 lbs which is frustrating. No cheating, no eating out, no wine. I worked out Sat, Sun, Tues, Wed. Oh well. Good luck all 🙂 155 days to embarkation!
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