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  1. It would be fantasic to have the the Olympic and Britanic names back. Or if they are a bit hesitant with Britanic, then at least Olympic.
  2. Yeah, final payment was two days ago and didn't want to take the risk given the total crickets and tumbleweed from Cunard. I havent managed to get through so I just didn't pay the final payment. I haven't even had an e-mail off them saying 'We're very busy, please sit tight' which would have been fine. I am not impressed.
  3. I would have expexted that to be 100% back tbh, given the circumstances and your government basically not advising cruise travel (afaik).
  4. I have cancelled a June 7th cruise on the Queen Victoria. Final payment was tomorrow and i'm not prepared to risk it, I've lost my deposit afaik.
  5. All major ships carry the full stock of maritime signal flags. They're usually kept just behind the bridge. The 'Q' flag is just a letter and represents 'Q' amoungsst other things. The blue and white 'A' flag is used to denote a diver is working beneath. The Q flag, actually means 'My vessel is healthy' or free of contagion afaik. The 'L' flag indicates a vessel is under quarentine. When they're flown in tandem with several other flags, the meaning changes.
  6. I'm not sure what you're getting at. One person serving at the buffet with a mask and clean hands is better than many passengers. The point was there is a possibility they're either lying or didn't notice the hand wash areas at the buffet earlier in the cruise and walked straight past them. It's normal procedure. They've been on Sapphire princess for ages and that ship was the last to get a refit to medallion status. So they're not 'subtle changes' as stated.
  7. That's literally normal procedure at the buffet for Princess. The crew serving at the buffet is their noro procedure.
  8. Just relax a bit. You've more chance of dying from a car accident and many other things than from Choronavirus.
  9. Right, so you're going to have sentries in all parts of the ship. If people cough at dinner they march over and check you out. Sure people are screened before they board the ship and asked where they have been, that is sensible. They're also asked to report if they feel unwell and that's really all you can do. You could also check them again all once on the voyage. Beyond that and it's not really a holiday is it? I have an old person in my party, they have a dry cough that is pretty persistent. According to you they would send everyone running for the hills and have to be checked every day just incase, it's nuts. Yes, there is suspision. I was in town the other day next to someone who had recently been traveling. There were Chinese students walking around, several people in the coffee shop coughed, I read a newspaper probably 8 other people had read and touched. The guy who served my drink touched the rim of the mug and put the spoon directly on the counter. All these things happened but we can't become paronoid and suspicious about every small thing, Corvid 19 is not Ebola. I will admit i'm potentially looking to cancel an upcoming cruise based on one my party's 'fragility' and the potential to bring infection when I get back. That's also sensible however there is also a chance they could catch corvid at home without going on holiday or get hit by a bus on their way to the shops. Perspective.
  10. Well what are you going to do? Suspect everyone that coughs and stare them down untill they isolate? That's paranoia. People cough all the time, even when they're not ill.
  11. Thanks for posting. I tried to call this morning and got nowhere so emailed. They had better act fast. I've got payment deadline in two days and i'm not sure I'm going to pay it. Harms way is subjective, we have people across most of the world who may be recently infected and not know it. I'm not worried about catching it but more worried about older people and infecting others when I get back.
  12. Given cruise ships are notoriously dry places due to air con, I can't imagine viruses staying alive on surfaces for very long at all. Norovirus is very hardly, exceptionally so and even that has a linger time of 14 days.
  13. AS im sure you know, all those lines are owned by RCCL.
  14. Four gala evenings. Thaught there would only be two. Thanks for posting this!
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