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  1. Hi! We will be in Barbados (for the first time) on our 20th wedding anniversary in October! Trying to decide if we should book a catamaran Calabaza tour or just spend the day on the beach at the Boatyard? Have seen great reviews on both and I’m conflicted! Thinking we will do a catamaran snorkeling tour in St Lucia also on this trip, so another reason I’m conflicted! Does anyone have a preference for snorkeling in Barbados vs St Lucia?? Thanks so very much!!
  2. Can you tell me if you rented the cars ahead of time or there in port? Thanks!!
  3. Hi! Curious what people think about Happy Bay post hurricane? Good snorkeling?
  4. I will be arriving in San Juan early in the morning, cruise says it departs at 10pm. Would like to explore the city, but where can I leave my luggage??
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