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  1. Thanks for the info. I just booked a 2 twin room for my kids and a separate room for my husband and I.
  2. I see that you stayed in the 2 bedroom suite- can I ask what configuration the bedding was? We're travelling with our kids, 13 year old boy and 21 year old daughter, so they complain endlessly if they have to share a bed.
  3. Can I ask how you contacted JNJ? I tried emailing via the "Contact Us" link on the website but I'm not getting a reply. Does anyone have a direct email address for Stan Grainger?
  4. The short stop in Marigot is pretty much my hesitancy about this tour also, as I've never been there. I think I'm going to contact Joyce Prince to see if she's available then. Thanks for the help!
  5. I second Mullet over Maho- much quieter and you can still see the larger planes land, without being sandblasted. It was no problem getting a taxi from port to bring us and return for pickup.
  6. Oh my gosh Kim, I'm so sorry for everything that you and your family have been going through over the past year! I hopped on here a couple of days ago, after not getting on Cruise Critic at all for months and read about your ordeal. I'm glad that it looks like you are finally healing, although I wish you luck with the continued recovery and rehab ahead. Also, stalking your wonderful reviews once again as we've booked a cruise out of San Juan for New Years.
  7. Thanks for the update. How was the rest of the tour,?
  8. I was just looking at this last night, and am a bit on the fence about booking. We were in St. Maarten last July and didn't see much because the island was in such bad shape at that point. I really want to explore the French side a bit, and hopefully get a little bit of time to swim. Would you mind doing a quick update after your trip?
  9. I think I'm going to check on this as a possibility today. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, this is the set-up that I expected. I wish that the TA I used had told me that I might lose the loveseat in the cabins because I would have booked 2 regular cabins in close proximity instead. My kids are 20 and 13, so while the door between will be nice it surely wasn't necessary. It figures, the first time that I use a TA instead of just booking myself things like this get missed 🙄
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