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  1. We are in the same boat...or ship...as you...we are booked out of Bayonne on August 16th, had our April cruise cancelled, and are booked on a cruise out of Florida in December (to replace our April cancelled cruise). We live in NJ and I'm not holding out much hope for the August cruise happening but I still have my fingers crossed. If it doesn't happen, then we will use our FCC from our April cruise and our August cruise to book one in April 2021.
  2. I don't know since we cruised Royal Caribbean. If Carnival leaves from the same port, then I would say yes. You just park and pay it shouldn't matter which cruise line.
  3. It is across the street. It isn't a far walk but maybe you could drop your dad off to wait for you while you park the car. It's a parking garage with an elevator.
  4. Wow my husband and I have been doing the same thing and I think we are doing the same as you...going with either Uber or Lyft and literally made this decision right before I read your post. I tried to book SAS and because our plane doesn't land until 3:27 p.m. they won't pick us up at the airport. We were told they don't pick up after 3:00!!!!! WHAT????? I guess they have their reasons but I was kind of shocked to learn this.
  5. Thanks for this! This makes it much easier to make our decision. We may go with Uber or Lyft. We tried to book SAS but since our flight arrives around 3:30 we were told they don't pick up at the airport after 3:00!!!! Not sure why and we were disappointed to find this out. Doesn't make much sense to me but they must have their reasons.
  6. We arrive at FLL around 3:30 and have a hotel booked in Miami. I read that the Tri-Rail is very inexpensive and there would be no worry about traffic for obvious reasons. We will only have 2 suitcases so that isn't a problem.
  7. We are at the Comfort Inn In Miami so we would be close to the port.
  8. I didn't see any replies so I asked this question on the Royal Caribbean board and it was moved here.
  9. My husband and I are sailing on Symphony September 14th. We fly into Ft. Lauderdale and sail out of Miami. We have a hotel booked in Miami so we will be closer to the POM in the morning. I have been reading about the Tri-Rail from FLL to Miami Airport and it sounds like this might work for us. Our hotel has free shuttle service from the airport in Miami and a free shuttle to the POM. I'm wondering if anybody else has done the Tri-Rail and can give me pros and cons.
  10. In 10 days we cruise on Symphony of the Seas out of Miami. We are flying into FLL and have a hotel booked in Miami. The hotel has a free shuttle from the Miami Airport and also in the morning to the POM. We are seriously thinking of taking the Tri Rail from FLL to the Miami Airport. It is just my husband and I and we will only have 1 suitcase each. I would love to hear the pros and cons to doing this from anybody who has done it.
  11. This confuses me a bit. We are flying into FLL the night before our cruise in two weeks. We are thinking of taking the Tri-Rail from FLL to the Miami Airport because our Miami hotel has a free shuttle from the airport to their hotel. We are wondering how to get back to FLL from POM at the end of the cruise. Any suggestions?
  12. Anybody have information about parking offsite? We did that at the port of Tampa and had a great experience. It was a parking deck and half the cost of parking at the port. I have heard of parking somewhere other than at Port Everglades but I can't remember the name. Anybody have experience doing this? Do you know what it cost compared to onsite parking?
  13. Two days after we booked a cruise to Cuba on the Majesty the president made the announcement that we can no longer go to Cuba. RCCL changed our itinerary from Cuba to Nassau and refunded some of our money. I'm fine with this change because we just enjoy cruising. Disappointed we won't get to experience Cuba but decided to keep our cruise. After looking at the availability on the ship it seems there is a lot so I'm guessing a lot of people decided to cancel. We are booked in an inside cabin and wondering what the changes of us getting upgraded to an ocean view since there appears to be a lot of availability. We leave August 24th so its only a little over 2 months away.
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