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  1. Anybody have information about parking offsite? We did that at the port of Tampa and had a great experience. It was a parking deck and half the cost of parking at the port. I have heard of parking somewhere other than at Port Everglades but I can't remember the name. Anybody have experience doing this? Do you know what it cost compared to onsite parking?
  2. Two days after we booked a cruise to Cuba on the Majesty the president made the announcement that we can no longer go to Cuba. RCCL changed our itinerary from Cuba to Nassau and refunded some of our money. I'm fine with this change because we just enjoy cruising. Disappointed we won't get to experience Cuba but decided to keep our cruise. After looking at the availability on the ship it seems there is a lot so I'm guessing a lot of people decided to cancel. We are booked in an inside cabin and wondering what the changes of us getting upgraded to an ocean view since there appears to be a lot of availability. We leave August 24th so its only a little over 2 months away.
  3. We have a cruise in August for 4 nights. Is there an alternative for parking besides at the port? Anybody have experience parking somewhere other than the port?
  4. I would like to know this too. We have this hotel booked in September because we got a good price and the free shuttle to the port.
  5. Is the price listed on their website per person or per car? There are 4 of us traveling.
  6. Can you use American dollars in Cuba or do you have to exchange to Cuban currency?
  7. Thanks! I'm going to keep checking prices!!!!
  8. What happens if the price goes down from when booked and onboard credit was used as payment? I have been checking the drink package daily (sometimes a couple of times a day) but that was paid via credit card. We only booked a few excursions and they were paid with our onboard credit.
  9. What is an AARP RCCL certificate? I never heard of this so I'm curious. Thanks!
  10. Thanks everybody for your suggestions!
  11. We are sailing on Symphony in September and one of our stops is Roatan, Honduras. We have never been there and we were wondering if anybody has done excursions and what if any you would recommend?
  12. We never have but our last cruise which was about a month ago on the Brilliance, we saw lots of people with them. It got me to thinking that it was a really good idea and I may have to buy them before our next cruise. Lots of times its windy by the pool and those clips would be a big help.
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