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  1. Thanks! I'm going to keep checking prices!!!!
  2. What happens if the price goes down from when booked and onboard credit was used as payment? I have been checking the drink package daily (sometimes a couple of times a day) but that was paid via credit card. We only booked a few excursions and they were paid with our onboard credit.
  3. What is an AARP RCCL certificate? I never heard of this so I'm curious. Thanks!
  4. Thanks everybody for your suggestions!
  5. We are sailing on Symphony in September and one of our stops is Roatan, Honduras. We have never been there and we were wondering if anybody has done excursions and what if any you would recommend?
  6. We never have but our last cruise which was about a month ago on the Brilliance, we saw lots of people with them. It got me to thinking that it was a really good idea and I may have to buy them before our next cruise. Lots of times its windy by the pool and those clips would be a big help.
  7. Thanks! We booked the hotel in Miami so in the morning we would just take their shuttle to the pier and not have to possibly get stuck in traffic traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to the POM. I think we'll probably just stick with our hotel and do Uber or Lyft. Is UberX different from Uber? We've never done Uber or Lyft.
  8. How long were the towels on the lounges before they were picked up? When my husband and I go to the pool, we just put the towels (still folded) on the chair and then go in the pool. What if staff sees them and grabs them thinking we are chair hogs?
  9. We are staying at the Comfort Suites Airport North. Unless I can find a better deal. We've never done Uber or Lyft and I wasn't sure what the cost would be and if it would be cheaper to just rent a car. I thought Uber or Lyft charged per person not per car. If it is only $45-$40 for the car, that would definitely be cheaper that renting. We really don't care about driving around especially since we don't get into Ft. Lauderdale until around 4:00. There will be 2 of us with probably 2 pieces of luggage and maybe a carry on.
  10. We are cruising out of POM in September but we fly into Ft. Lauderdale. We have a hotel booked in Miami and have been trying to decide the best option to get there from FLL. I've been wondering if it might be cheaper to just rent a car at FLL and drive ourselves to the hotel in Miami and then return the car the morning of our cruise. Wondering if any of the car rental companies offer a free shuttle to the pier. Our hotel does offer a free shuttle to the pier so perhaps a rental car isn't the way to go. I'm so confused. lol Maybe we should get a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and return the car in Miami. Haven't done a rental car in a really long time but when we did, we always used Alamo. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. We are sailing out of Miami in September and got a room at Comfort Suites Miami Airport North. They have free shuttle from the airport and also to the pier. The total cost for the 2 of us is $100. Not sure what the cost would be when you are sailing but it may be worth it to check them out.
  12. Thanks for your input. We're okay with McDonalds...we have 3 grandchildren who think McDonald's is gourmet food. lol I think we will keep this hotel reservation since the price is good and then we are right there in Miami for our cruise. Now I have to figure out the best way to get from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. 🙂
  13. By the time we get to the hotel it will be dinner time. We're hoping there is someplace nearby to get something to eat. We aren't interested in any night life we just need a place to stay the night before the cruise.
  14. Do you remember if there are places around to get something to eat? As far as free transportation to the pier, it states it on my reservation confirmation that I need to register at the front desk when we check in to reserve our seat on the shuttle. Maybe its something new.
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