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  1. congrats and enjoy your new status! I hope that there are lots more cruises in your future!
  2. I am in the same situation with the Radiance. Same thing happened last year and I was able to book the next two legs on 11/15.
  3. The soft drinks are free only during the happy hour. If you get them outside the DL, they count against your 3 free drinks.
  4. We are on the Radiance 5/15 and a poster on the roll call says that Glacier Bay has been added to that cruise (I think Skagway was dropped). How does Glacier Bay compare to Tracy Arm? I loved Tracy Arm, but am not familiar with Glacier Bay.
  5. 72 Radiance 82 Radiance 161 Freedom 235 Adventure 293 Radiance 310 Radiance 320 Radiance 418 Brilliance 430 Brilliance 483 Explorer 495 Explorer 601 Rhapsody 651 Radiance
  6. IMO a Jr suite would be more correctly called a Sr balcony.
  7. So (sorry couldn't help myself) I'm guessing that if you have enough exposure to Celebrity CS you will find that they have inexperienced/inept people also.
  8. What rewards do they offer? OBC? I have considered doing this, but already have an airline reward card that I use, and am not sure I want to add another rewards card. I'm afraid that the rewards would be "diluted" and would not add up very quickly on either card.
  9. The exception is that if you change status on the first leg of a B2B, the loyalty Ambassador can get your new status for the second leg.
  10. It would be nice if they cleaned and sealed some of the glass at the stern.
  11. Has anyone ever chosen the beach towel as a bonus gift? If so, were you pleased with it? What colors are available?
  12. I quote posts so that the person I am responding to is notified that they have been responded to.
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