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  1. Sprint gives free text and data in most countries. You can use the free data to make phone calls using Skype ($30/yr unlimited calls to USA)
  2. WE find the water out of the tap on the ship to be great and just bring thermos to fill...
  3. I think she meant the little app I wrote for the Grand Voyage Asia this fall and posted in that Roll Call. It shows where we are "now" and the next port and last port. For now it shows we are in RI but once we board it will track us using our Garmin InReach (https://amzn.to/2vld49N) which also gives us unlimited text messaging while at sea. http://pathfinderassociatesinc.com/Cruise/Cruise.php
  4. When we cruise we use our Garmin InReach (https://amzn.to/2vld49N) with the $65/month service (activated just during the cruise then suspended). This device gives us unlimited text messages anywhere in the world (yes, even in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!) and also sends our GPS position to a private website every ten minutes that we can share with our family & friends! Anyone we send a text to can reply to that text from their phone just like a regular text. Wouldn't travel without it!
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