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  1. On the Breeze, we bought 2 orders of the crab cakes, 1lb crab legs, a lobster roll, and 3 pounds steamed shrimp. We did not like the crab cakes at all. I’m not one to complain but I had to take them back. The manager deleted the charges. The rest was delicious. We plan to get the same thing one night on our Horizon cruise in May but we will avoid the crab cakes.
  2. My teen and her friends love going to the kids club. Towards the end of the last cruise, several girls from the club complained to the counselor about a creepy older guy hanging around the entrance area and making nasty comments. After receiving the complaint, there was a security guard posted in the hallway just outside of the clubs. I was glad to see Carnival took their concerns seriously.
  3. You and wheels87 sound just like me. My DD also has a friend traveling with us each year . We’ve taken 4 different ones so far and will take a new one this year. I require they send me a pic of passport beforehand. We did cancel one girl because the parents wouldn’t get the passport. I also do a passport check the night before we leave, after getting into the car to head to airport., and before leaving the hotel to head to port. They laugh at me. I tell them it will be a lot easier to know where the passport might be if I know where we saw it last.
  4. So I tried some of the suggestions. The video smaller could not support the AVI files. The phone drive and VLC player were both easy to use thru iTunes to add the files. Once on the phone drive, I could not save the video to the photo gallery or do anything except view it. With VLC, I could save or send a good portion of the files but not all of them. My fix for this was to send all the VLC videos to the cloud (which was quick) then use the iCloud website to upload the other videos that the VLC couldn’t handle (which was a slow process). I really appreciate y’all taking the time to help me find a solution. Thank you. Amanda
  5. Thanks for all the new responses. The photos sync quickly without issue regardless of what camera I used. I have an SD card reader to easily upload camera photos to the phone but it doesn’t even show the videos to upload. The main reason for having the videos on the iPhone is to share with teenage daughter. She uses some type of software to make videos and tiktoks. A lot of her friends are in the videos throughout the years so she would like to share them too. I will try some of these suggestions over my Christmas break.
  6. Here are a couple of pictures of some of the files. When I sync only videos originally taken on an iPhone will download.
  7. Hi all, I have many years of digital videos but I can’t load any of them to my iPhone. Is there a way to reformat them so I can download to my phone? Most are mvi or mov files if that makes any difference. I have used window movie maker to make a couple of cruise videos but they are huge and take hours to load to google Drive, so it is still not actually on the phone but usable with it Here is one video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0ns7Sujm2fwSkQycEo2VE5qUTA/view?usp=drivesdk Thanks Amanda
  8. It’s been awhile since I had a family harbor cabin on the Vista. It was ok. Kids enjoyed easy access to ice cream but said a group of kids always hogged the gaming system so no benefit there. I would think the cove balcony would have the couch/twin bed with the bunk overhead plus the king bed versus insides which would usually have the two bunks directly over the king bed (no couch). This may be different on horizon but something to consider.
  9. I am looking for a tour guide. I’ve received a response from Bully but he is only available for 3 hrs of our port time. We are in port from 9am to 11pm so are thinking of doing a longer tour. We want to see Ayo rocks, wind farm, aloe farm, ostriches, mangel halto, shore snorkeling, and maybe a few other things I learn about as I’m researching Aruba. We have previously been to Bushiribana ruins, collapsed natural bridge, donkey sanctuary, and the tiny chapel. Anyone have suggestions for a fun private tour guide? Also any suggestions for other things we should do? Thanks, Amanda
  10. Oh that’s great. I will check out that review. I love reading your reviews and looking at all your pics. I’m also a nurse and we have one teen daughter plus other similarities. I feel like I’m reading about my own family.
  11. I read thru your review. Just curious, how did Thrilled and family like their buggy tour?
  12. Our next booked cruise has two adults in one cabin and two teens (14 &15) in the other cabin. Our cabins do have a connecting door.
  13. I will give you our experience from May. Our cabin was platinum. Teens cabin was FTTF. Some reports said they could board with us as platinums, others said no. Before we were platinum we always purchased FTTF to avoid the lines at whatever time we arrive (usually 1130-1200). We decided to purchase FTTF for teens cabin just to avoid possibility of being denied quick boarding. Both cabins were treated as FTTF for boarding and debark. Didn’t matter to us because we still bypassed the line and had a quick orderly self assist debarkation.
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