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  1. My brother just had 40 offers on his house in Rockland County NY within 2 days and took one that was $40,000 over his asking price of $539.000 My niece house was under contract the first weekend. Then she lost her first 2 house choices to people that had cash
  2. I have in the past before they outsourced everything. Now not so much Glad I have a great TA
  3. I certainly hope I can go on at least one cruise before I have to get a booster in 2022😇
  4. I need the cliff note version. Will I be going on my 4 night Mariner cruise mid July or not??😇
  5. Where in the Keys are you? We lived in Marathon for 30 plus years and moved up to New Smyrna 10 years ago?
  6. 'Sheesh' is actually a normal word in the dictionary, and it means “to express disbelief or exasperation”. On TikTok, it has exactly the same meaning and is usually used to express shock, surprise or excitement in something.Mar 31, 2021
  7. We are going to have to move to the Indy as well if/when our July Mariner cruise gets cancelled if we decide to L and S
  8. 6.8 million one death one in critical condition All six recipients were women between the ages of 18 and 48. One woman died and a second woman in Nebraska has been hospitalized in critical condition.
  9. Just announced that the US is pausing the use of J and J due to potential blood clots. That can't be good news for getting things back to normal
  10. That would be me. I have the drink package purchased (only other time I bought it was the $18) glitch for our next cruise which I DEFINATELY will cancel if this policy is true. (which I believe it will be at least at first if not forever)
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