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  1. They also used to open at 8am and I noticed the other day when I called that they do not open then either. Also just called the main reservation line 866-562-7625 and just got a message that they are closed. Guess they are no longer 24 hours either.
  2. Since the cruise lines are not submitting plans to the CDC until the end of August I imagine that the CDC will be extending the no sail order anytime now
  3. Just read that Bahamas Paradise just pushed their start date back to the end of August
  4. Personally I call myself D + in holding, holding, holding now😇🍻 waiting, waiting waiting
  5. Deleted Ken typed faster than I did- And I can attest to his answer as I have done it
  6. AND I think that article meant total passengers disembarking per day total, not per cruise ship which would mean only one small ship per day. Like the above poster said this subject comes up every few years but I don;t remember if it ever got on the ballot before
  7. Yes should be an interesting vote seeing as so many rely on tourists to make a living. Lived in the Keys for 30+ years
  8. I can't think of any ships that go there that carry less than 1500 people
  9. Time to get a haircut before they shut Florida down again😇
  10. The only thing that may change is the port fees and taxes
  11. You do not have to wait you can shift it anytime before Aug 1
  12. The fairest way would be to go by date booked. Last in first out
  13. They automatically assign a cabin and then you can call and change it
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