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  1. The price was there early last Saturday morning. At that time there were 6 GS left. By around 9am they were gone. One re-appeared the next morning but was quickly snatched up by someone on the roll call
  2. That's going to be a bit of a drive to the port😇🍺
  3. Do you get free beer and wine all day like you do on the Allure? Sorry you could not make this one I'll keep my eyes out for another one
  4. That price showed up last Saturday morning around 64 days out from the cruise The GS were less money than the JS
  5. Have only been in the Suite Lounge and CK on Allure and it was very nice. Bar had lots of seats and an OV view out the large windows. Looking at the pics on the Harmony the bar is faced against a wall with only 5 or 6 seats. Also it appears in the photos that I saw that the tables in CK are pretty close together. Is that true ?
  6. I remember that pricing from a couple of months ago. Surprised it is still there Good deal
  7. I'm thinking that when you go to change a name they don't even look at any pricing
  8. Same with ours. Which seems odd you would think it would or should show up as a credit like a payment would. That really must get complicated if the price drops on one once applied
  9. I read on here that people were going to try that and see if they FCC would stay on if one name changed but I have not read of anyone reporting back if it worked or not. I would guess that they would not catch it
  10. I just saw that in my cruise planner for our August Harmony trip YIKES!!!!!
  11. Speaking of which when we were pn the Mariner last month the C and A status printed on the bottom on the cards was a LOT smaller print that it used to be. I was thinking that it was not going to be that easy for bartenders to read when D and above were using their vouchers during happy hour.
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