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  1. Like Ken said 2018 was a good year. Last year the beverage packages and dining packages on my cruises were the same sale price that they were all during the year.
  2. Have you and John ever met in real life? Asking for a friend
  3. On the QM2- we got to sail in a suite on her many years ago. I think it was the Queens Grill and you had an assigned table that you could eat at anytime you liked. We were the only one scheduled for that table all evening. It was nice😇
  4. People will come and complain that they can't get the double points if they book in 2021 instead of this year
  5. I also saw a post on FB about a TA invited on a cruise. Thought it was strange that it was only that one person no other reports. Said that they had to sign waivers releasing Royal from any liability if they got sick
  6. Since it is posted on the CDC website as an update I would think that pretty much ensures that the No Sail order will be extended. Even so. if extended thru November the cruise lines have already cancelled November themselves
  7. It's posted on the CDC website dated October 21, 2020 as an update
  8. My sister and mother who live in NY have NEVER pumped their own gas. That said I have not pumped my own gas in over 10 years (that's Dan's job) and not sure if I remember how either. Not sure if still true but I believe in NJ you are not allowed to pump your own gas There are no full serve gas stations where I live so some day I may have to figure it out. Oh wait, I'll get an electric car, problem solved😇
  9. The least expensive one I found out of Pc is still a bit over $6000 for 2
  10. Guessing that a middle cabin is best? Any preference on port or starboard?
  11. Ocean Seafood but they rarely have them. In the past we have gotten them fry Hull's
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