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  1. It's not as easy as it sounds. In my county they were booked within a very short period of time. Don't know when more will open up. They only booked appt's for a week. Guess that is all they have to give out so far
  2. I have never heard that either. I thought if you stayed on the same sailing you could downgrade to any category with no penalty the
  3. Me too AND the 8 day out of PC to Aruba as well- Hello Bermuda Hello Aruba
  4. At the rate that the cruise lines are going people are going to have to get their yearly booster shot (if it only lasts a year) before the ships start sailing again.
  5. By the time everyone gets one some of you will be going back for your yearly booster shot😇 I forgot what is this thread about??
  6. I forgot about Alaska- I thought you went to Maine and the Keys😇
  7. I think my counties rollout (Volusia) stinks. Even after the first overnight sleep in your car fiasco they have had 2 2000 dose events and now some at Publix. News says we are getting 4300 doses next week. Population around 600,000. No further public events planned yet they seem to be planned yet. Forgot they did 500 yesterday
  8. February 2020 Mariner. Got to use what ended up being my only $18 drink package
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