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  1. As Karatemom says, don't be too surprised by kids reactions. Six years ago we did your plan but in reverse. We had flown out to Vancouver for a Disney Alaska cruise, and had a wonderful week aboard. When we got to the airport for our "return" flight we surprised the kids and told them we were not headed home but flying to Anaheim to continue the vacation in Disneyland. The kids were initially non-plussed as they were looking forward to being in there own beds. Good thing I didn't record it as I had initially planned. They did have a wonderful time in DL, but I definitely didn't get the big reaction I had hoped.
  2. Is there a better or best cruise line for a panama canal cruise? For example lots of people suggest Princess and HAL as the top two lines for Alaska as they go to Glacier Bay. Is there something similar for the Canal (i.e. a must see)? Is it better to be on a smaller ship that go through the old locks or are the newer locks more scenic? We would be looking at a multi-generational trip (70s, 40s, teens). Previously we have been on Disney, Celebrity, HAL, RCI, Carnival.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if at the Vancouver airport there would be a lot of cabs that would have space for 5 people (2 adults, 3 teen/pre-teens) + luggage? Are we better off using a car service from Airport to hotel (Sylvia) and hotel to Canada Place? Any recommendations? Thanks all, JB
  4. Hi all, A quick question about the connecting rooms on the Eclipse (1A, Deck 8). My wife and I were planning on being in the one room and our three tween/teen boys in the other. Is it possible to have the partition removed between the verandas? Are there any other tips/tricks we should know about the connecting rooms? Thanks, J.
  5. Well we are booked into the Sylvia. After talking to the reservations staff, they are saying the pipe work should be done in the next couple of months so it shouldn't impact us in the summer. Thanks, J.
  6. Thanks so much Lagoustine and Martincath. Unfortunately the YWCA and the Rosedale are full on our travel dates July 5-7. The Sylvia looks really good - it wasn't showing up when I was doing my initial search. We were also wondering about your thoughts on the Best Western Plus Granville, the Landis Hotel, and the Holiday Inn & Suites Downtown? Normally when we travel we use BW or equivalent. So PP was a nice upgrade last time we were in town. J.
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions for a good hotel in Vancouver that would accommodate 5 people in one room. We have three tweens/teens so we were hoping not to have to get 2 separate rooms for our 1-2 night stay in Vancouver pre-cruise. Our family stayed at the Pan Pacific about 6 years ago, but for some reason they will no longer accommodate 5 to a room. Plus, their prices seem to have doubled (at least) in that time. Thanks, J.
  8. Hello, I am looking at a cruise to Alaska on the Eclipse and was wondering what kind of facilities it has for teens and tweens? What has been your experiences as a family on the Eclipse? How are the kids clubs and are there some family activities? Our kids are experienced cruisers and have been on Disney, Hal, and Royal before. My wife and I have cruised Celebrity a few times but never with the kids. Any experiences and thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am looking to choose between two different cruises and the primary difference is that one goes to Sitka, the other to Icy Strait Point. What are the main differences and highlights for each port? We are a family of 5 (3 tween / teens). Also, is there much of a weather difference between early July and early August? Thanks.
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