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  1. Much appreciated @gumshoe958, @Island2Dweller, @Globaliser! You all provided great straight forward advice. Not quite decided on what we will do but I feel better about understanding the options.
  2. Yes. My wife's grandmother (who passed before they could meet) grew up in the area before emigrating to Canada. So our thinking was to spend a little time there to soak up the vibe of her family history. If we have time we may try to get to a couple of the more standard tourist highlights. We are staying at the Novotel Greenwich (off Greenwich High Road). Do you know the likely time difference for the train versus a car service from Southampton to our hotel? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I am trying to understand the timing to get from Southampton (Sunday Aug 4 off the NCL Prima) to our hotel in Greenwich. There will be a total of 4 of us (2 adults, 2 teens) with each having a large suitcase and carryon. The questions I have are: If using the trains, what time should I book our departure from Southampton? How many transfers will we need? Do we need to book a new ticket for each transfer? How long will the overall trip take? Is it just easier to book a car service? Our flight leaves Heathrow the next day (Monday Aug 5) at 1:55p. How much time should we allot to get to Heathrow on the train from Greenwich? How early do we need to be at Heathrow for our flight? Do we pre-book our train tickets? Thanks, JB
  4. We used magnetic hooks on the ceiling with a shower curtain last year on the Koningsdam and it worked well.
  5. Hi. Does anyone happen to know if horse drawn carriage rides (Caleche) will be offered in Quebec City this summer (July)? Thanks.
  6. Do you see what others in your room have selected? If my teen who is staying in our room selects trivia, does it show up on my calendar or just theirs?
  7. Sorry to hijack but did you find it crowded with 4? Or is there a good amount of space in the mini-suites? Thinking about trying a cruise on Discovery in March with spouse and two teens.
  8. Thanks for the great advice. We will definitely look at getting our tender tickets early. We will probably look at a different excursion as the one hour from arrival to excursion time sounds like it would be a little tight. We would have some travel to do from the port to the excursion start point.
  9. Hi all, How long does it take to get off ship if you do not have priority tender access? I am looking at a tour in Cabo that starts at 12:00 sharp. Do I have time to make it if the Bliss port time starts at 11am? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the advice. Yes, we have done 4 in larger cabins on other lines as well as two cabins. However, the kids are much bigger than the last time we did that. I had not realized that the inside cabins were not directly across from the balconies so we might look into connecting cabins. Did I see that if we have two connecting balconies we cannot open the divider between balconies?
  11. Hi all, Are the balcony cabins big enough to hold 2 teens (14, 16) plus their parents? Should we be looking at a Club Balcony Suite or two cabins? We are looking at a spring break cruise on either the Joy, Bliss, or Encore. We are experienced cruisers but have not been on NCL before. Are there significant differences between the three ships? Thanks.
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