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  1. I can't find the post but I saw somebody mention "Singapore is cruising. Israel is cruising." Yes, Singapore is cruising (to nowhere). They also have the virus under control very well and plan on keeping it that way. They are very strict with who they let into the country. My friend that is a Singapore citizen had to quarantine for 2 weeks (citizens don't have to pay to stay in hotel for quarantine when arriving, non-citizens do). I don't know about most of you but I don't have the money and vacation time to fly to Singapore, stay 2 weeks in quarantine for a cruise. And remember, they do
  2. I'm happy that NCL will be doing this. However, we have no interest. If we are going to fly to Jamaica or DR, we're going to stay in a all inclusive resort. The only option that appeals to us is Greece but we've decided against our planned trip to Prague this year.
  3. My husband and I booked our late September cruise with the intention of cancelling in advance if we were not fully vaccinated by August. Looks like we will be cruising soon!
  4. I'm with you - sounds like a dream! Part of the reason Virgin appeals to us!
  5. We;ve taken advantage of it before and it was 2 per cabin. That would be great if we could do 2 per person as we have several cruise next vouchers - LoL!
  6. Has anybody been following how are vaccinations going in the countries where most of the staff is from? Or are they planning for them to get vaccinated in the US?
  7. You made a lot of good points. Another reason you cannot compare cruise ships to airlines (domestic flights), trains and such - they have a single point of origin/end for a shorter period of time. You get one sick passenger, that passenger not only mixes with other passengers and crew, they also are island hopping during excursions, potentially infecting locals in many locations. Or a passenger could pick up a virus from a local then bring it on board. Like many on this forum, I am well aware of the cruise industry structures itself to get out of paying taxes in the US and pay
  8. We chose our New England/Canada cruise out of NY on the Breakaway late Sept so I'm expecting we will be hearing about cancellation sometime soon. We're probably going to hold off on rebooking for a while as we are looking at relocating within the next year.
  9. Following this thread - we are booked late Sept/early Oct for NE/Canada cruise out of NY. I think we are going to go ahead a cancel as we are considering buying a new home, probably don't need the stress of moving and worrying about a cruise, too.
  10. We prefer being on deck 8 as we spend a lot of time at the bars and restaurants on the Waterfront. Also doing laps around the deck. On the Breakaway Plus ships, we're close to the District Brewhouse where my husband hangs out while I'm getting ready. Our next cruise we are on deck 9 in a Aft Balcony as we love those cabins and will still be one staircase away from deck 8.
  11. In our area, if there are cancellations they are offering up the vaccines to anyone nearby (volunteers, customers in pharmacies). That's due to the storage issues with Pfizer and Moderna - once they have thawed, they need to be used in a certain amount of time. That's how I got my jab sooner than I expected, in the right place at the right time. J&J doesn't have the storage issues.
  12. Odd - showering at the gym/spa is not an option in our area. You can used the toilet but showers are off limits. However, I'm sure there are people that shower anyway. Of course the wearing masks during sex would be advised if it's someone outside your household or "quaranteam". Glad I'm married now, if my husband gets sick I'm sure I will...
  13. Probably not. I love staying on Bermuda but at least each day we can do something different - a beach day, culture day, city day. And chat with the locals at the pub.
  14. I'm not disabled but I ended up breaking a leg and having surgery shortly before a cruise. Luckily they were able to work things out for me as I needed more room to shower (and sit) due to the cast. I was really worried about those elevated bathrooms and tiny showers in an older ship, it would have been miserable for me. I realized how difficult it is to get around older ships from that experience, I gained a lot of perspective about what disabled folks deal with from that experience.
  15. Haven't been on the Joy but have been on the Bliss which I think is similar to the Joy with the observation deck and go carts. I prefer the Breakaway, I felt too much outdoor space was taken up by the go carts and laser tag. Much smaller Vibe and H2O (not sure if either is on Joy?). But it would also depend on the time of year as I'm assuming you are cruising from NYC? During winter months it would probably be okay to have more indoor space. We chose Breakaway over Joy., btw.
  16. Yea - we got onboard credit and double points so we're happy about that...
  17. I didn't realize it was that strict. We purposely booked when we did due to the 15 day cancellation thru Oct 31 with hopes that we can get vaccinated before then. We used cruise next voucher for our deposit. If things stay as is, we will cancel if we don't get vaccinated by mid-August. I would have loved to book the cruise to the Canary Islands from Lisbon in November for my birthday as that's one of my dream cruises but too many variables with flights to Europe.
  18. Ha,ha - good catch! That's for this year - 2021. My brain is fried after last year..
  19. Well, we just bit the bullet and booked a late September cruise on the Breakaway out of NYC. Got an Aft Balcony cabin - woot! Fingers crossed it's a go - so excited!
  20. We have been on the Getaway, Breakaway, Escape and Bliss. Depends on what you like to do. We hang out at bars/restaurants on the Waterfront and District Brewhouse (Escape and Bliss) in the evenings so we like to book cabins on Deck 8 if possible. When we sailed on the Getaway we had a high Aft facing balcony at first, we could not sleep due to be under Spice H20. We got moved down to a lower deck and it was our favorite stateroom ever! If we are cruising on Breakaway Class ships, we tend to book decks 8, 9 and 10 now...
  21. Ha,ha! I had to giggle at that one. I took my parents on their first cruise when I was in my mid-30s, a surprise and a gift for them. I did my own thing at times. They fell in love with cruising and started going with my sister and her family. I probably would have gone with them if they had offered with just me and the parents. Having my sister and her family included would have been too much drama.
  22. Yawn. The cruises we were looking at are $320 more for a $200 OBC. Haven't gotten far enough along to see what the "free airfare" would be but I'm sure it's no deal...
  23. This is my dream cruise!!! I always wanted to go to the Canary Islands since I was in middle school (lived in Spain at that time). Thanks so much for sharing!
  24. Also remember BPCL also offers options to stay at resorts in the Bahamas. Like somebody mentioned, it would be more like an overnight ferry in that case. And now that they are going to Nassau, there are the other huge resorts. I just did the out and back but I like the option of stay a few nights in the Bahamas and returning on a cruise ship. I know Europe had a hop on/off cruise line going for a few years (EasyCruise?).
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