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  1. Not true...I have a friend stuck on a RCL ship. They ARE getting paid but of course the biggest part of her income is tips so she’s not getting much. She is in a guest cabin with free internet and free movies on TV. RCL has also instructed staff to keep quiet but has not threatened prosecution! I certainly understand the need to not have disgruntled employees posting on social media. They all have to protect their brands but I have a problem with the threats!!
  2. I agree...I’m buying for the OBC. (Hopefully we will all be going on a lot of cruises in the future!)
  3. I really want to buy 100 shares but I’m afraid I waited too long....why oh why didn’t I pull the trigger when the stock got down to $20? I was luck to snag NCL at $9.00 but I really want RCL. hmmmm....
  4. I’m so sorry to hear that. We were regular visitor to that wonderful beach club. Great drinks, great food and wonderful staff. When I was there last (2/20) they said that Dart (that owns the land on which RP sits) was eventually going to force them to close but they thought it would another year at least. Dart has a huge master plan for the whole area so sad!
  5. Hi all, We met Raul a few times and he gave us him Facebook and email but I somehow misplaced it. I’m wondering if anyone out there in Cruise critic land might have his contact info? Thanks
  6. Now we add snow to my list of gripes😩 instead of dipping my toes in the beautiful white sand at 7 mile beach, I’m outside wearing a parka and boots and trudging through the snow! This is just a diversion from all the bad news...I am grateful to have a healthy family despite living in a coronavirus hotspot. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at pictures from our 2019/2020 cruises. I for one will surely treasure our next cruise...whenever that will be!
  7. OK my “cruise withdrawal” is now worse than ever! We should be on the Edge this week..instead we are here in Buffalo experiencing unseasonably cold weather and freezing rain. I need a cocktail 😎! I am trying hard to look on the bright side and I feel so fortunate that we are all healthy...Nothing is more important than that. But still...the sea is calling ❤️
  8. I really want to thank all of you for your posts. I really thought I was the alone in feeling this yearning for the sea. My grandfather used to tell us of his amazing adventures as a merchant marine with a twinkle in his eye. (Yes, his eye...he wore a patch like a pirate over the other one which was lost during one of his adventures at sea) As a child I was always so fascinated by his stories of far off mysterious lands, the treacherous journeys around Cape Horn, tropical storms etc. He always ended his stories by saying “I miss the sea” or my childhood favorite “I miss the sea..she is a seductive mistress!” Needless to say my sisters and I were quite confused by the seductive mistress part when we looked those words up in the dictionary! 😂 My grandfather died 40 years ago but I have thought of him more over these past few weeks than I had in decades. I finally truly understand his words...the sea is a seductive mistress!
  9. Hey Bo, You have been a voice of reason on CC and I for one really appreciate your sound judgment and eloquent commentaries. Sandy
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