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  1. Tornado Tanya was the CD last month on my 6 day Majesty of the Seas cruise and she held lots of great parties including 70s party. (Go to the hustle dance class prior to the party.,it was so much fun!) they also had a stoplight party have fun!
  2. Thanks Roy for your advice. I booked a regular room and paid a small single supplement I double checked with Royal to make sure that I will be getting double points. Actually, I only need 4 more points so I would have been ok either way. Enjoy your upcoming cruises!
  3. I too will be turning Diamond on my next cruise. I have a b2b booked for December and really wanted to get to Diamond before then. Here is the most cost effective way I found to get points: I booked a solo cabin on Monarch of the Seas (5 nights earned 10 points) $429 all in with free gratuities and $50 obc from TA PLUS Empress of the Seas for November 8 nights for $469 all in plus once again paid gratuities and $ 100 obc Great deals and fun cruises!
  4. Oh it was actually funny. At first they looked at me like they had no idea what I was talking about. Then the nasty woman told me I should know better than to sit at a center table when people were talking! Her husband grabbed her arm and said Let’s get out of here NOW. The wife refused to leave, told me I was RUDE😂 and gave me a nasty look. I gave her a piece of my mind and ended by saying it was bad Cruise Karma to be so mean to others! The people sitting next to her started to clap then she yelled T them and stormed off! It was actually quite entertaining 😎
  5. Thanks for all your advice. Honestly I was so upset at the whole situation I couldn’t speak. I was afraid if I tried to speak I might cry! I know that sounds ridiculous but that’s how upset that encounter left me. I normally would have a snappy comeback for those rude people but I was just so shocked by the whole thing. However, I did see those rude folks by the pool the next day and I did tell them exactly how I felt about them!
  6. Sorry I can’t remember the price BUT remember you can barter in the Pharmacy if you buy multiple items I won’t be back until the end of November but it sounds like you might get there first
  7. Thanks for your advice. I would definitely cruise solo again. Aside from that horrible lunch experience I had a great time.
  8. Ok, so I did my first solo cruise last week on Majesty of the Seas. Overall it was a fun cruise but I wouldn’t recommend Majesty for solo travelers based upon my negative MDR dining experiences. I was given early seating in the Starlight. They asked me if I wanted my own table or share. I thought it would be nice to enjoy dinner with other solo cruisers so I opted for the shared table. Well, it was me and an older gentleman every night at a table set of 8. I did go to the buffet one night and it was fine. I returned to the Starlight in hopes that more people would join us at the table for 8 but no such luck! They did not have any real organization solo cruiser meet ups except a few “solo cruisers can meet up informally at the schooner lounge at 11pm. I went the first night and did not see any solos so I didn’t return. Oh well, I did meet lots of nice couples and had fun. My horrifying and ackward dining experience occurred on the first sea day at lunchtime in the Starlight Dining Room. I walked in and a host asked me “how many?” I replied “one”. He said ONE? I said Yes, just one. Well he took me all the way to the back of the dining room and sat me at a table for 2 and then walked away. Already seated, and in the middle of conversation were one couple at a table for 2on my right side and another couple on my left side. I was in the middle. I sat down and smiled and said a cherry hello. I was shocked when one of the women said “what is SHE doing here?” The other woman said “well this is stupid!” I said “I’m sorry, I see that you folks are talking, would you like to switch tables with me so that I’m not in the middle of your conversation? One of the women said no, you shouldn’t be here! I said, I’m so sorry but I didn’t request this table, they sat me here. About 10 minutes went by and a waiter never came to take my order, I read a few texts on my phone trying to look busy but inside I was really so crushed that these 2 couples could be so rude. Normally, I would have a quick comeback to put them in their place for being so mean but honestly, I was sat there pRalyzed and shocked. After 10minutes of no service and getting the evil eye from these rude people, I stood up and left! I felt awful! As I was leaving, the host said I hope you enjoyed your lunch! I’ve been on over 50 cruises so I know that Cruisers are generally a very fun, social,group. I am still shocked at this experience.
  9. We love Capt Charis he is down to earth, funny and a great Captain. We had the pleasure of dining with him and his brilliant and beautiful wife on the Summit this past Easter cruise. I would love to sail with him again!
  10. The Summit is my favorite ship. Equinox is wonderful also but there is something extra special about the Summit. The ship is smaller but for us it is the perfect size. I’ve sailed on Summit 5 times in the past 4 years and each time it was amazing. The crew is outstanding and really go the extra mile for the passengers. Smaller ship/more personal service. The food is very similar to the Equinox except for the buffet which had more selections on Equinox. I’ve also sailed on Equinox 3 times in the past few years. Have a great cruise on the Summit!
  11. They have it in both Cozumel and Costa Maya. I got a great deal on several tubes of it at the little pharmacy off the Main Street by the beach in Mahahual. I’ve purchased it there many times over the past few years. This last time April 2019, I asked if I could get a better price for 3 tubes. They gave me a great deal! I never thought you could barter in the pharmacy!
  12. Just booked my first solo cruise😎 Majesty of the Seas September 25, 2019 Anyone else going?
  13. My husband is a teacher so unfortunately when I cruise with him, it is oftentimes during holiday weeks. We switched from cruising with NCL to Celebrity last year due to the enormous number of kids onboard. Guess what? Not only did the Equinox and the Summit both have a huge number of kids during holidays but there was little to nothing to keep them occupied! We’ve gone back to NCL for a few cruises just so we can have haven (still some kids) or Vibe Beach Club (totally know d free). At least NCL has lots of activities and water slides to keep the little darlings occupied! Good luck!
  14. Anyone know if buckets of Coronas are still available on Royal ships? Also anyone know the cost? I friend really needs to know 😂
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