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  1. I agree lots of possibilities. I am not suggesting a link. I talked with many others on the ship that were given a normal health questionnaire at check in. I was just surprised that they miss us. I expected a thorough questioning and got nothing. I thought it was strange...that’s all!
  2. We embarked on the Summit on 2/15/20 with Expedited arrival (which was awesome). But we never received ANY HEALTH SCREENING at all! We did receive several emails prior to our cruise about advanced screening etc so we were very surprised when there was absolutely nothing! Not even the normal screening ie Have you been sick in the last 2 weeks? NOTHING! Within the first hour onboard, a woman was vomiting in the rest room....
  3. Ok I feel like I have a good perspective to answer your question having sailed back to back on the Freedom in December and The Summit 3 times recently (doing it again this Saturday) First I can say we had GREAT cruises on all of those sailings but a big part of that is our attitude towards cruising. We really try hard to not let little things bother us and are determined to have fun no matter what. That attitude helped us greatly on the FOS. Again, we enjoyed those cruises BUT....., here are my thoughts on freedom of the seas: we sailed right after Thanksgiving and there were hundreds of large groups from Puerto Rico on the cruise. Lots of extended families with young children. There were lots and lots of kids everywhere. It was very difficult to find ANY quiet area on that ship. many of the local people brought musical instruments, some were hitting pots and pans with wooden spoons and singing Puerto Rican songs all around the pool including the quiet adults only pool EVERYDAY I I love Puerto Rico and really enjoy the Puerto Rican culture but I have to say after a couple days it became annoying. There was a young man with a boombox blasting Puerto Rican music down at the pool for four days in a row and nobody from the crew ever said a word to him about it. You couldn’t have a conversation it was so loud. Also, the service was just average and the food was just OK. The buffet area was constantly crowded regardless ofWhat time we went there. They were making announcements repeatedly saying if you finished your meal please leave the buffet area so others could come in and eat. I’ve never been on the ship that made those constant announcements to finish your meal and leave. I could understand why though, because people sat there all day playing cards and dominoes! We never had a peaceful meal in the two weeks we were on that ship. In the dining room they constantly harassed you to book specialty dining and buy lobster tails and special steaks in the dining room. In fact the servers all have a sales goal that they must meet so be prepared for constant pressure to buy buy buy everywhere! 8 times during one dinner we were interrupted with sales pitches. It was ridiculous! Thank God we were diamond members and had the diamond lounge to escape to because that is the only place on the ship that was at all peaceful. all the theme parties seemed very late to us. Most started at 1130. The ships entertainment, food and schedules were all geared to Puerto Rican clientele (which I understand being based in San Juan) Our second week was a bit quieter than the week after Thanksgiving. We did have a great time but If given the choice Summit is the one I would pick here’s why: Summit was recently revitalized and the ship is beautiful! The food, service and drinks were much better. There are many quiet areas on the ship. Lobster night actually had real lobster not lobster dainties. Also often times you can book the cruise including a free drink package and other perks for almost the same price as freedom of the seas. There was great entertainment on the summit including many guest performers. The theme parties started earlier and overall, we thought they had more activities than freedom of the seas. The summit also seems less crowded and it has the feel of being a much bigger ship. Also we love sitting outside to eat and there wasn’t much area to do that on the freedom of the seas. We were never harassed with sales pitches like on FOS On the downside, while both ships were sailing out of San Juan, the summit did kind of lack that Puerto Rican flair. Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of locals sailing on the summit, but it was a different clientele altogether. The ship is more geared to an adult clientele, so there were very few kids on the ship and we rarely saw them It depends on what you’re looking for… I truly believe there is no bad Cruise if you go with the right attitude. I hope I was able to shed some light on both cruises for you! Either way you’ll have a great time!
  4. Actually, you may need an old fashioned paper copy of your boarding pass at some ports. I haven’t printed my boarding passes for a cruise in years so I was shocked in December when Port security in San Juan for Freedom of the Seas made us get out of line and go to a separate line for the “people that aren’t prepared to board”!!!! Seriously, that’s what they told us. They wouldn’t even look at the boarding pass that we had on our phone. It was really strange! while other ports are streamlined and now using the super fast facial recognition with expedited boarding they want paper in San Juan! There was a very long line of angry people waiting to get the official ok to board without the paper documents.
  5. I just got off a cruise in Fort Lauderdale and leave Friday for a 7 nighter out of San Juan. It never occurred to me to consider canceling. At this point, I would be more concerned about catching the flu in the US. I cruise a lot and take every possible precaution against illness. It is a personal decision But if you decide you need to cancel, NCL will do a name change on your reservation so maybe a lucky friend can take your spot. The cruise will be amazing so I hope that YOU get to enjoy it!
  6. So funny! I was on the Equinox a few weeks ago and there were no pens or pencils in my cabin. I went to guest services to ask for one and I was told than I could borrow a pencil for a few minutes but they had no pens at all. Then, the guest services rep started to frantically search for her bic pen. She realized the last guest walked away with it. She frowned and said now I too have to use a pencil! After a few minutes she was able to locate a pencil that I could use but I couldn’t take it away from her counter area because it was the only one she had! I was shocked! It was a great cruise but this left me feeling like wow! Cutbacks! If this was done for environmental reasons guest services should explain that! I heard several other guest complaining about the lack of pens. it’s certainly not a big deal but free pens with celebrity written on them are inexpensive marketing tools. I will make sure to bring my NCL pens on my next sailing😎
  7. I was on Equinox last week. Same old shows unfortunately Topper and Life. There were also 1 great comedian and 1 so so impressionist. They also had a Frankie Vali tribute band that was awful. They were disorganized and only sang a few songs. (Which were pretty good). The problem is they spent most of the time talking. It appeared that they were looking to fill up their time by NOT singing and just talking. They actually thanked the orchestra 7 times!!! They introduced the orchestra 3 times. Clearly they were not up to Celebrity’s high standards. All that being said, there were wonderful bands and we had a great cruise. The crew on Equinox is the best! have fun!
  8. I was on Freedom of the Seas In December and MANY passengers brought tambourines and bongos. One even brought a boom box and blasted salsa music by the pool for several days. A group paraded playing instruments through the quiet adults only pool. Many passengers loved it and even encouraged it. Obviously some were annoyed by all the loud music. It wasn’t until the fourth day that security put a stop to it! my point is, I am sure your hubby is very talented but some passengers would NOT appreciate hearing ANY music out on their balcony or coming from the cabin next door. I agree with the previous poster, check with the Cruise Director and they might welcome him to play in a lounge. enjoy your cruise!
  9. Hi fellow cruisers On my last cruise I was told that there is a special Captains Club phone number for Elite level and above. I tried to find it online but haven’t found it so I’m turning to the experts here. Can anyone share it with me? Thanks❤️
  10. Hi, I normally get unlimited Wifi but I am considering downgrading to a surf package. I’ve been given different answers from Celebrity about Wifi calling, so I am here asking the real experts! Yes or NO...can you use Wifi calling with the basic surf package? Thanks ❤️
  11. We were happy to be invited to dinner with the Captain and his wife during our Easter cruise on the Summit last year. At the time, we were NOT high level loyalty members, we were NOT staying in a suite..just an inside cabin and did not know anyone onboard. We were. mystified as to why were chosen. It turns out 2 other couples were invited, one was on their 30th Celebrity cruise and the other had never cruised before! (They thought everyone was invited to dine with the Captain 😂😂😂). Anyway, dinner was in the MDR, it was wonderful, ladies received a rose and each couple received a lovely photo of the group with the menu and seating chart. I did inquire how we were selected and I was told it was because we were so nice to the crew members. ???? We didn’t do anything special, we always treat all crew members the way we would like to be treated!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been wanting to try Virgin and I think this information is GREAT! I’m booked
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