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  1. Is this possible? Say you book a room as one or two people, can you add a second or third passenger last minute?
  2. Honest question here . . . Aren't we automatically charged for gratuity? I know years ago it was a big thing that you needed to tip your room steward because it wasn't prepaid but that has changed, correct? Are we just talking above and beyond tipping on top of the automatic tip?
  3. Yes, regarding the number of kids we will probably have to have one of them listed in grandma's room but they won't actually stay there. The last time we did a regular balcony room this was the set up. They're too young to do two rooms unless DH and I split up, which I don't really see as an option. I wish there was another option between a Minisuite and the Haven, the price difference is tremendous. I will have to get someone on the phone and look into a family ocean view. I can look at a different ship but we're looking to cruise out of NY, so it's somewhat limiting.
  4. This is cruise #5 for me, #3 on NCL. We are a family of 5 with 3 young kids and last cruise (the Star) we had an amazing suite, definitely got spoiled by that. We're planning a cruise with extended family on the Encore next summer and I'm trying to get something similar to the last suite we had. It's looking like the Haven is more than we want to spend but the only other option seems to be a Mini-suite, which is looking like a regular balcony with a larger shower? I'm also reading that you don't get any of he suite perks with a Mini-SUITE, so what's the point? $200 more per person per day for a roomy shower but still very cramped room and no other perks? Please let me know if I'm missing anything
  5. We're thinking of planning a family cruise but my mom has suffered from bad motion sickness her entire life. One ride at an amusement park would cause her to be sick for the rest of the day. She has attempted to go on local fishing boats in the bay and ocean and doesn't do well. She'd love to try a cruise but it doesn't sound like the best idea. Does anyone here have or know someone who has motion sickness like this and is able to cruise? We've researched the different medications, seasickness bands, etc and people claim they work. Question is, do they always work? If you take Bonine or the ear patches before the trip starts, do you still run the risk of getting sick or are they pretty much guaranteed to work? I'd hate for her to get on the boat and wind up so sick that she has to fly home from one of the islands.
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