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  1. Seabourn comedy stylings, July 2019... "While every bartender on board is well-versed in the art of classic and contemporary cocktail-making, the line’s mixology program created through a partnership with world-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern keeps recipes fluid and intriguing, with local spirits – limoncello from Sorrento, for instance, or single malt Scotch from micro-distillers in Scotland – often fashioned into drinks that are reflective of the regions guests are traveling through. Whatever the beverage, Seabourn’s service staff are kept at the top of their game..." "Keeps recipes fluid" may be the bad pun, Freudian slip of the year.
  2. If they're putting people who can't properly make a top shelf margarita (not a complicated drink) behind the bar, perhaps the Beverage Manager is part of the problem, rather than a solution.
  3. I suspect that RC, where bar service is a revenue generator instead of a cost center, has more competent, attentive bar staffing. Evidently, basic competence (let alone attentiveness) is now an unreasonable ask on SB.
  4. Concur. Lately we've been avoiding LAX even if it means taking one-stop flights. If the layover time is reasonable it's much less stressful than getting to and dealing with LAX. Another option is John Wayne Airport about 25 miles south of the LA/LB cruise terminals. American, Delta and United all have service there and adjacent Newport Beach / Costa Mesa is a much nicer area to stay for a day or two if you're flying in early.
  5. We have occasionally used GoSedan for executive sedan transfers to/from LAX. Competitively priced and reliable. By all appearances TPTB at LAX aggressively and gleefully seek to make the entire airport ever more user unfriendly. https://gosedan.com/
  6. In fairness, there's not a lot of tech talent in the Seattle area.
  7. Fyi I just received a Chase Offers email and it says credits should on your statement in 7-14 business days.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm happy to provide generous gratuities for good and/or extraordinary service whenever it's customary, usual and appropriate. Indeed, my chief concern here is at least the appearance of blurring the lines of what's expected and appropriate on Crystal such that guests must concern themselves with not being inappropriate when making special requests. I do think, however, that on a luxury all-inclusive line, management should be concerned that staff accepting gratuities in advance of and as impetus for extraordinary service is a slippery slope.
  9. This is a disappointing anecdote made a bit more disturbing by the fact that there's been no comment or concern expressed about it here. Is this now "consistently" a customary, usual and expected practice aboard Crystal?
  10. Just to be clear because several people have rebutted my quote with pricing, my Crystal comment was about the quality and "capability" of their Internet, not about it being included in the price.
  11. Yes, I just factor it into the cruise fare. That said, the limitation of one device at a time per paid access is annoying, so the overall convenience of included Internet for all wins out if the adjusted pricing is comparable. However, overarching all of that is paying extra for very low bandwidth, limited utility, dodgy Internet. IMO the overall SB Internet offering is falling behind its competitors and the expectations of next generation, well-heeled travelers heading into the 2020s. Bottom line is I'll pay extra (factor into cruise fare) for Internet but it needs to be reliable*, usable quality for a reasonable number of devices per suite. * Good wifi connectivity throughout the ship, but also understanding that satellite Internet can be problematic in some sea locations.
  12. That is good to hear and much needed.
  13. I've spent some time lurking over on the Crystal board, particularly reading 'Live from' threads and there don't seem to be any complaints about the included Internet capability on their ships. The other thing Seabourn ought to consider is each successive generation that reaches SB age is going to have greater connectivity expectations.
  14. This is the wrong question and the wrong answer. The far more important question than cost included or not is whether the Internet capability on the new ship will be markedly better (and corollary, when will current ships be retrofitted with better capability). I'm not nearly as concerned with paying an additional $400 than I am about the very limited utility of the Internet service itself. It doesn't have to be streaming quality, but there needs be enough reliable bandwidth for VOIP and photo uploading/backup. If it can be done for 5,000 people on a megaship, it can be done for 500 people on a Seabourn ship. As to the answer, the better reply question is 'are you more likely to look at or favor cruises/lines where it's included (or in answer to my question, cruises/lines with better quality Internet)'. Certainly on the latter it's something I would factor, particularly on longer cruises with many consecutive sea days. A world cruise itinerary ship like Sojourn really needs better capability - I couldn't imagine 100+ days with Sojourn's limited capabilities.
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