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  1. Thanks for the great pictures. Next year we will be doing our first HAL cruise in many years. It will be on the Nieuw Stantendam.
  2. Large is in the stomach of the beholder. For me it’s probably about six pieces.
  3. Does this mean you can’t ask for a large portion of Bacon?
  4. I note that the article states “Here are 10 of the best.........” the important words are “of the.” The article does not state “Here are the 10 best around the world cruises.” I think everyone is taking this too seriously. Being left off the list does not mean HAL isn’t one of the best. HAL, for whatever reason, just wasn’t covered in the article.
  5. We’ve never tried Costco excursions, but will check them out. We have switched to primarily all private excursions over the years. For less money and smaller groups, we see as much or more than the ship excursions.
  6. I wish they would put a larger hold when filling my motorhome. I always have to run the card two or three times. 😂😂
  7. We have been primarily sailing on Princess where OBC can be used prior to the cruise to book excursions. I know that HAL doesn’t allow this, but in this situation it doesn’t sound like you are getting OBC, but credit towards excursions. Would HAL let you use this credit toward excursions booked prior to the cruise?
  8. We’ve been cruising since 1990. There have been a lot of changes, but they have not lessened our experiences at all. Unlike many people, I don’t see that we are being nickeled and dimed to death. I see that we are being given choices we never had in the past. Yes, you may have to pay for them, but you have a choice. There was never such a thing as specialty restaurants when I started cruising. Specialty coffees? Forget it. And veranda cabins? Only for those who could afford a suite. When we took our first Mediterranean cruise in 2006 a friend, who worked for British Airlines, got us premium economy seats from Seattle for $2000. Now, we have EZAir and Flightease that has allowed us to fly business class on our last three cruises to Europe for around $2300. And for us, one of the best things that’s occurred is the change in dress code. I remember when a seven day cruise included two formal nights and two semi formal nights. That was a pain. This board is no no different than the Princess board. Same complaints. I would rather focus on all the positives and the great value we receive for the money we are spending.
  9. I love this feature with Princess. I wish HAL allowed for checking airfares without first booking the cruise. I bet HAL ends up with a lot of phony bookings just to check airfares.
  10. Interesting thing about Princess; they don’t require everyone in the cabin to have the beverage package. Most of the other cruise lines require everyone in the cabin over 21 to purchase the beverage package if anyone in the cabin purchases one. I imagine the day will come when Princess joins the club.
  11. Could be. We’ve been primarily sailing Princess. We are trying HAL next year for the first time in many years. Princess does not have this requirement. Their rule merely states: Packages may NOT be shared, are NON-transferable and NON-refundable.
  12. But, HAL requires that everyone in the cabin buy the package. You won’t find that requirement on many other cruise lines.
  13. I’m considering this strategy also. We are book on the Statendam for next September. It’s the repositioning Iberian Peninsula Cruise. The same cruise this year, one month out, still has plenty of cabins at half the price. It seems that this isn’t a cruise that sells out. If I wasn’t so chicken, I’d cancel now and wait until a couple months before the cruise to book.
  14. Yes, we were disappointed in Itineraries. Didn’t see anything new. Same cruises, different ships. We wanted to use up a FCC, but couldn’t find anything new.
  15. HAL needs to hire IT people from Princess. I find that Princess has the easiest website to navigate. I really like how easy it is to find cruises on Princess and love the ability to get flight quotes without having to do a phony booking.
  16. We loved our river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. It’s not for people who’s primary goal is the ship with its casino, pools, entertainment, all-day food options, etc. But, it’s a fantastic way to see some amazing cities. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Bon voyage.
  17. Thanks. I see that. I guess the cruise is still there, it just doesn’t show up.
  18. I’d be surprised if this cruise was sold out 14 months in advance, but I’ll check that out.
  19. We have a cruise booked on the Nieuw Statendam for September 2020 from Amsterdam to Civitavecchia. When I look for this cruise on the HAL site, it no longer appears. However, my booking for this cruise still shows up on the HAL site. Has this cruise been canceled and I just haven’t been informed yet? The HAL site shows no cruises departing from Amsterdam in September 2020.
  20. N Statendam 13 Sep 2020 - 12 Night Iberian Peninsula. 30th anniversary cruise.
  21. Thanks for the video. We booked one of these cabins on the Statendam. Nice to see how big the balcony is.
  22. I’ve been primarily cruising with Princess. They do not have this requirement. They just say that it can’t be shared. I probably shouldn’t have commented on other cruise lines maybe having this policy. I haven’t sailed with any of them recently so don’t know their policies.
  23. It seems perfectly logical why they do this. I’m sure every other cruise line does the same. It would be a simple matter for those gaming the system to just buy one beverage package and then share the drinks.
  24. We’ve also booked a cruise on the Statendam. We are new to HAL and like you have had trouble finding information on the Signature Beverage package. It’s a good thing we have this forum because trying to navigate the HAL website (for newbies) is a nightmare.
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