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  1. Flam train ride stop at waterfall : I have seen many people posting video clips of a lady with long blonde hair singing by the waterfall. No one has mentioned that she is a type of troll. I have done some research and found this : The Trolls of Norwegian Myths: Human-Like Huldrefolk The trolls of Norwegian myths look like humans, except for their tales, which they sometimes hide in clothing. This type of troll is much smaller then jötunn troll. Huldrefolk are usually handsome and blond, but are set apart from humans by their long tails. They often go about naked, in which case the tails are easily seen. However, sometimes they hide their tails under clothing. Females of this species, called huldras, ensnare human males through their lovely singing and beautiful appearance. Huldras then use the entranced men to do their bidding or simply keep them as mates or pets. These poor males can be held under a spell for many, many years. Upon release or escape, these males cannot remember what has happened and do not realize that time has passed. If you are adventurous and want to hear the huldra's song, then travel to place called Myrdal, located nearby Voss in western Norway and take the Flamsbana railway. Fasten yourself by a rope to the train carriage, and somewhere on your travel down to the emerald waters of Sognefjord, you will hear the song (and maybe even see a glimpse of the huldra) calling you to come away. The Song of the Huldra A huldra is a female troll who can enchant you with her song. Here you can (safely) hear to the original song of Huldra, recorded during an expedition of brave men traveling to the Kjosfossen waterfall. Not all of them managed to return—the song of the huldra is hard to resist. Hold on to your men, ladies!! ;)
  2. I have been rather put off using the Scopolamine patches and I can't use the tablets because of other meds I'm taking, so I guess I will have to use the travel wrist bands with us. Hopefully I won't need them, but we will be crossing the North Sea at the end of April to go on a Norwegian Fjords cruise. It is just the days crossing the North Sea that I feel I may need something to help. Thank you all for your replies.
  3. We will be on the Azura and in Bergen on May 4th. It looks like we will be at the Bontelabo 2 dock from 6.00-14.15. Do you think we will have time to do the Cable car or Funicular to get some good views, and then explore Bergen and the Bryggen? Also, how likely is it at that time of year, to be able to get a clear view from those heights?
  4. Hallasm, I hope that you will see this. :) I can see that the link you gave takes me to the various ships that will be in Flam port, and how long they will stay, but can't see how to view other ports on our cruise. I am also interested in how many ships will be in each port. I am hoping you will be able to point me in the right direction for our other port days on the Azura : April 29 - Southampton - sailing time? May 1st - Haugesund May 2nd - Flam - 8.00-5.00 May 3 - Olden May 4 - Bergen I hope you will be able to help me.
  5. When we have cruised on ships with lots of Americans on board, we have noticed that they had a small round plaster behind their ear to stop seasickness. Has anyone tried these, and can we get them in the UK?
  6. I am wondering if we can turn up earlier than our given time to embark on the ship? Would we be turned away?
  7. We will be on the Azura next month and are wondering if we purchase a Cost Coffee Card, will we also be able to use it to for a cup of tea? I would also be interested to hear which are the places we could use one, as this is our first P & O cruise.
  8. Has anyone done P&O's or other line's Aakrafjord and Langfoss Waterfall from Haugesund? It is a long day of 7 hours, but it does sound more interesting than the other tours that are offered from this port. I would love to hear from anyone who has done this, or a similar tour please. :)
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