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  1. Hard to follow here too. I've got 08/09/21 Alaska booked but any idea when it will go on sale? Kept breaking up and thinking of refaring
  2. My next email will be Monday. Its already in draft: "5 months & still waiting for 50%FCC on xxxxx1. Any news? 2 months & waiting on xxxxx2 I was told that Xxxxx2 was put back on the gift cards / visa on July 28th. Any idea when it will show up? I was told to not make a deposit from the gift cards onto xxxxx3 until it was fully processed."
  3. Im only waiting 2 months on the one I canceled so ill see. Hope so
  4. not exactly my experience. I am still waiting after for part FCC for Princess canceled 3/22/20 cruise (5 months) & 09/4/20 cruise i canceled (2 months) although I've gotten my FCC & FCD on the latter one. I've got so much FCC from other 2 cancelations that I requested refund (to gift cards / visa) as the FCC must be used up by 05/01/22
  5. For my 4/21 & 7/21 cruises, it states: However this changes to the following for my 4/22 cruise: Odd
  6. It's not there, I think I was lied to. No wonder she extended the date my deposit for my 04/2022 cruise was due to August 26th
  7. In the words of Captain Michele Tuvo "Bye,bye!" Carnival Fantasy is beached in Turkey for dismantling
  8. I thought berries were higher in calories!!! I thought wrong. What about nectarines & plucots? Those are free-to-me. Do to recent financial problems I need to primarily eat out of the yard. okay .... I'll try the 1/2 oz per lb water. But that's a lot for me. I have to find a lower caloric salad dressing. I had forgotten about that. And learn to eat without added salt. He's gone for 2 weeks so that gives me 2 weeks as a jump start. Thank you both!!
  9. I have a problem called 'denial.' I thought I was okay until I couldn't fit into a dress. I've basically been wearing the same 3 capris and 10 tops (well anyway after my denim skirt didn't close) for a month. My fat clothes. I didn't even want to retake my measurements. I know they're bad. No sense beating myself up over it. Been baking up a storm while Sheltering in Place. Only go out to walk twice daily and the grocers (yeah, that adds to it). I posted my 'eating plan' on Quarantine 15 and Belle invited me to rejoin. I won't be able to post weight loss but hope to lose however much I've stacked on these last 5 months Off to research low calorie / low cost vegetarian protein sources ..... the only thing that's readily available in my area is tofu BTW I might be paying 2 mortgages (DS & DD) as well as rent (grandson) soon as 2 are furloughed and 1 company closed. Got to keep everything low cost & cruises will have to be covered by FCCs
  10. Can someone shed light on this? I was told that the refunds filtered into the gift cards on July 22nd ($202.13) and gift cards & visa on July 28th but only the $202.13 out of $4315.63 is showing up. How long does it take?
  11. I've never owned a scale but I follow that.... just don't post. Thank you for your suggestions. Will switch lunch or breakfast to eggs. That should also help up my protein grams
  12. And I can imagine it's getting ready to stop: https://thepointsguy.com/news/covid-outbreak-hurtigruten-norway/amp/
  13. I'm back. Tried to put on a dress for services and it was way too tight. Help me figure out whats wrong with my plan: Breakfast: coffee / granola bar / cheese Lunch: oatmeal / fruit / water Mid day: raw veggies (as much as I want) Dinner: salad with lemon or lime drizzle / 600 calorie main dish I think that's around 1500 calories ..... I have no idea how many calories are in fruit & veggies but I didn't gain bc I ate too many carrots!!
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