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  1. I submitted a letter to the shore excursion office regarding a Bali tour. It was advertised as "Max. Group Size: 8" but wound up with 24. I was reimbursed 40%. The internet shore excursion offering was 25% less but didn't specify small group. Not sure why I got 40% back or why Bali Highlands is still listed as Max. Group Size: 8
  2. Whether you know (remember) it or not, you've mentored me in organizing them. My last one had 125 and many stayed friends throughout the trip. Thank you for letting me use your templates
  3. Wishful thinking. Has the Patter gone digital?
  4. We've managed once again to veer way off topic. The OP was not talking about teens listening to onboard musicians without parental supervision, going to a hot tub on an open deck, or in any way interfering with mature passengers enjoying their cruise. Her problem seemed to be unruly kids at night disturbing their sleep and parents not teaching them what behavior is acceptable and what is not. Now I can pretty much guarantee you if they were unruly at night they were probably also during the day. 99.9% of the kids are not. In fact if you search YouTube you will find incidents of mass fighting among adults not kids. Probably of the same mindset as her neighbors. But again -- that's off topic I'm glad she reached a satisfactory resolution. ALL passengers (elderly, adults, teens, kids) deserve an enjoyable cruise which is what we pay for (Kidzone is great for those 12 and under but 13-17 can come and go as they please according to Princess)
  5. I think it's great that you asked for clarification. It is ALWAYS ship time and you will be notified if you need to change your phone / watch / whatever to match that time so that you won't be left on the dock. Does the Medallion automatically update time? That would be helpful
  6. Respectfully disagree. Teens are people too and as long as they behave there isn't any part of the open deck that's off limits. If I'm paying for my kids to be on a cruise they can be there. They cannot be in the casino or a bar, but the hot tub isn't a bar. I've taken them on multiple cruises, season tickets to the symphony, operas, and real art exhibitions. Never an issue other than hanging with dancers one time.
  7. I'm not going to say I'm perfect. I'm not. Or that my kids are. SO not that security spoke to them once (about 14 yrs ago) which is how I know families can be put off (and I wanted to toss that teen for fraternizing with the dancers who thought he was an adult -- minors can't do that -- my sister complained to PSD that he wouldn't listen to her forgot to tell me 1st) But 'lights out at 10' means if you want to stay up, go to the hot tub or kids zone.
  8. Actually the ship can put them off .... but before that I'd contact PSD and security EVERY TIME day and night. Initially in writing. After a few times, a simple 'they're at it again' FWIW: Mine know to behave like they do at home. Maybe that's your 'neighbors' problem?
  9. I haven't been to Horizon Court in over a decade but will be on Caribbean in July / August. How does World Market differ from Horizon Court? Is it much more than a change in names?
  10. Not sure I follow your logic. Booked as two 7 day cruises = 200 OBC. Booked as a 14 day cruise = 250 OBC but $500 more. I'd give up 50 OBC for $500 fare reduction
  11. Helps to know who CD & ED are pre-cruise if organizing M&M
  12. Try any of the apps. I use EASY CURRENCY CONVERTER which shows today's rate as:
  13. Why does my Ocean Ready flip from all green to part red? Aren't I done once I complete all, print / screenshot boarding pass, and order medallion?
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