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  1. Another reason to pack light into 1 'what used to be' carryon suitcase (it's 23.5" so Alaska says its a carry on, AA says it's too big & I'm too lazy to get it overhead on a plane anyway) & travel purse (those are huge) Question: I'm bringing 2 bottles on. Is the table still there? I didn't see it in Seattle but I only carried 1 bottle on there (I'm a solo if that matters)
  2. This is what I see once I go into History but if I just erase all history, that works
  3. I am hoping that we FINALLY have a thread reporting just how it is on restarts. Majestic Princess Alaska 8/15/21-8/22/21: refundable (and I did get cash final night)
  4. Ate there any cruise lines that do not require masking, vaxing, and testing?? So what you are saying is don't cruise? Get in a motor home, drive, make your own bed / food / clean your own room?? No thank you.
  5. Well. 2 of us can verify that it was received back as refundable OBC ( @geoherb post # 10 & me post #8) on our August cruises in Alaska at least. So no worries. I even took mine back as cash the final night onboard
  6. Cookies is just another way to say history. On a phone, go to the 3 dots on the top right. It should be near the top of options .... Anyone going through the pass (Marsh Creek Rd Brentwood -> Clayton) be careful. Bolders in road and, as we all know, we're the last road in California to be cleared. Will go on NextDoor to see if we can get some of our trucks out there and get the bolders moved out of the roadway
  7. When you go to payment on the personalizer it doesn't give you the option to use credit?
  8. Local minute clinic didn't have appointments last week but I just logged on and those appointments are BACK!! Must be a supply issue
  9. It's wet. That's an understatement. I always wanted a pond in my yard. My dtr lost her fence (she'll find out when she gets back from the weekly Clayton -> LA -> Clayton trip. Normally back by 3, it's 6:30 & almost back)
  10. Can you elaborate? I was there in 2019 and did Giants Causeway on the local bus (which was great) but missed the city. This time I'd like to do Belfast & surrounds
  11. I think so. Anyway my saved ones show and everything shows in the MC App
  12. I'm not on the ship. I was just responding to: I was equally surprised that the port fees were not returned
  13. Surprised the comp is just 100 non-refundable OBC. Expected Bonaire port fees as cashable refund + OBC
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