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  1. Baseball has started up here. Apparently it was a last minute decision to get tye kids together. My son coaches 1 team and is 2nd coach on the other. He had them running bases, playing catch with their parent, staying far apart. So when he had 1 of his kids in bb I had the other one. Covid rules Diana, glad you FINALLY got the balance of your HAL refund. Was it FCC or cash? Any plans as to when you'll cruise again? (Apologies if its in your signature ..... those don't show up on the droid) Belle, I'm not ready for it to be dark early!! Koda is still begging for an after dinner walk and I must admit I like it too
  2. Here's Princess' version: https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/
  3. Princess (PVP) extended my deposit due date 1 month, refund showed up in 2 weeks
  4. @ontheweb, who are the tour guides? I am doing Princess excursions for my May TA and only visiting things I consider 'worthwhile.' 1. Madeira 4WD Adventure (max 7 pax) 2. Jerez De La Frontera & Sherry Bodega 3. 4X4 Andalusian Adventure (max 8 pax) 4. Best of Cartagena (small excursion) 5. Debark Tour - St. Peter's Basilica & Colosseum (unfortunately a big group tour. I have no desire to go to the Basilica but want to go to the Coliseum. Will stay over in Rome so it's just sort of a free ride in) I still have 187.50 OBC after obligatory gratuities & excursions Added: ports might want us for local drivers / busses & 4×4s / guides / port fees. I'm sure local shop owners want your shopping but it's a slow reopening for issues stated above
  5. @donaldsc I can only try to push for a livable wage HERE in California @mtnesterz yes I did continue on 👍. I can't figure out who will become a long hauler and who recovers fast. Thx for the info on free vaccines to all who want it. But i did hear that the freebie might not be available until 3rd qtr 2021. I'm cruising 2nd qtr 🤞🤞
  6. This has nothing to do with weight ... On my walk this morning I realized how cold it's become. Right now it's 57°. (High will be just 70s°) So I might have messed up. My plan was to wash all my summer clothes and put them up. Then get out my fall ones. Unless it really warms up it'll take all day for them to dry on the line. Should have done it yesterday when it got into the 80s Diana & Belle, I watch the positivity rate .... we're down but still locked down. SF went to yellow but our health director is really REALLY cautious
  7. SF just became 'yellow' .... 2nd least restrictive because positivity rates are so low!! I don’t know why some areas cannot listen to the science or Dr Fauci. That link is just so sad 😥. They're putting some of those with Covid in tents in Wisconsin .... it's cold there!! Not our 70° cold ~~~~ COLD 🥶 I won't sail until May to give everything time to settle and gladly booking only ship excursions with the extra goodwill OBC I've gotten from 2 canceled TAs. Princess finally gave me enough to cover everything
  8. My PVP said we will have shopping opportunities but in a store where we are the only ones. Supposedly found that on a memo somewhere
  9. Well I guess we've migrated into 'this' arena ..... anticipate a lock down I not only pay per visit but also about $200 a month for vision ($150 credit on glasses) / dental (same day crowns $1000 otherwise nc) / medical ($20 per visit + $10 meds). Minimal wait for appointments (walk in for all labs, injections, mammograms) My sister looked into moving to Arizona but it was prohibitive. Her Type 1 diabetic husband's meds would go from $20 month to $600 month. We both pay for our insurance (hers is $300 month but that's for a non-Medicare couple). Can you imagine if she moved there? $7200 a year on just meds?!? Outrageous! Yes other countries have a better handle on this. I'm hoping the county will just offer the vaccine up to anyone who wants it. That's what they're doing with the test but not enough takers. I'm not getting it. I'll wait until I'm boarding a flight and do the rapid one at the airport. It looks too uncomfortable There are also some places in the US where minimum wage is still under $12 hr and they can count in tips as part of the wage. Fortunately its $15 hr here unless in a no-tip zone. Then it's $16 😡 (kids worked in restaurants during college)
  10. Thankfully!! There are some places in the USA where Healthcare is optional with no tax penalty if you opt out!! Here visits cost me $20, meds $10. I only get 1 free visit a year. Not as good as you've got
  11. Is that where California got the 2% tax penalty if we don't buy insurance / get thru employment / sign up through Covered California? Hopefully he lives in a country or state where health insurance is mandatory (or provided through the government). I wish him well. The long haulers will never be the same again. This virus is nothing to mess with Wear a mask / social distance when you cannot stay in your pod / listen to the scientists
  12. Depends on why someone is going & the types of shore excursions offered
  13. Exactly Mel ..... and it's not just the soup (spinach, potato beer, cheesy broccoli, tomato with grilled cheese) it's the homemade foccacia / French bread / biscuits slathered with butter that goes with it. At least I'm starting to make it creamier (is that even a word?) with tofu instead of sour cream My freezer is full ..... won't have to make soup for 2 weeks
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