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  1. OMG I've never seen that! What a mess (but then I don't have a computer so my options are limited)
  2. So you cannot see this green button on your phone (after selecting 'travel'): which brings you up to this option? Select top option (Change Flights) to see alternative flights to the one currently showing in your personalizer? This step is b4 canceling current flights. The option to accept the change is AFTER viewing alternatives. Bummer
  3. 2 days ago I thought you could only refare until full pymt date. This is an eye opener Live & learn
  4. Can TAs also refare within the 90 day period b4 a cruise without a penalty like PVPs can?
  5. Thought so. As long as he's looking to cancel & rebook look at what a good PVP an offer vs a TA. I'd rather have a lower cost than OBC
  6. I called PVP line yesterday to refare a 8/29/20 cruise. My category is waitlisted but PVP support still reduced my fare by 700+ then PVP called and said if I went with nonrefundable deposit she could drop it another 300+ insurance price drop. Here's why I did NOT go with the 2nd option: I can refare with PVP and her support up to the week of the cruise if I'm willing to give up the promo. My Majestic Princess cruise has no perks. It's a lowest price with refundable deposit. If I lowered now I would only be able to transfer the deposit and I want to go on this cruise. That's why I booked it. Sounds good but my 3/22/20 cruise was refared 2× in the past 2 weeks and it's 64 days out. I keep watching my 3/29/20 cruise and so far I've got the best price. It's a crap shoot and I'm willing to take my chances. Are you?
  7. I book economy (have used UAL, NZ, and DELTA) then upgrade in the airline site. Cheaper and I'm picking seats right away. Currently at $770 for economy+ aisle seat in 1st economy+ row. That's about what it was last 2 times. NZ let's me transfer upgrade (phone call) if a lower quote comes up
  8. In that case it's LHR (but if it's my body can't they just toss it overboard?). If I'm sick, any US city works My PVP puts in my home airport, SFO
  9. Perfect description of the show by auctioneer & audience. 🙄 a sucker is born every minute
  10. Schwab faxed it over for me in December and it was applied to 4 cruises [3/22/20, 3/29/20, 8/29/29, & 4/3/21]. It fell off 2 when I refared last week [3/22/20 & 8/29/30]. I just called the corporate # and it was back on. She said she can do it with a phone call if the fax is less than 6 months old. So easy here, hope it's eventually that easy for others
  11. I go. Its lower key than before and I've even bought one. A ""TO" which is a framed piece that is carried off the ship by the purchaser (me). It's not a painting but a high quality print. They called it a serigraph and I liked it $140 worth apparently. Got caught up in the moment I guess. But it was the cheapest item of the day. Many went into 4-figures so now to address your questions:
  12. Works for me. As to calling Princess: I can't get through to 1800Princess but can reach Princess Vacation Planner & PVP Support Personnel
  13. When will Majestic become a medallion cruise?
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