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  1. Thank you!! That link is SO much better. @JF - retired RRTCan you keep this thread updated on Mondays?
  2. I did not find a thread specifically for this series so I'm starting one. https://www.google.com/search?q=medallionClass+monday&oq=meda&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j46i175i199i433j69i60l3.2610j0j4&client=ms-android-att-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 It's also on FB but I'm not. There's 3 so far: 1: Medallion Lab, embarkation, disembark, purchases 2: Journey View Planner 3: 3 ways to order [1]with medallion, [2]Crew, [3]TV. How to ask questions in Crew Chat + how to ask a crew member to come for assistance
  3. I also hope it's still available. Otherwise I bring my reusable bottle for when I'm off in ports. 12 bottles for $7 was a bargain and easier then packing a bottle
  4. Will we be able to book before boarding? The only things I always attend are the major shows. I'm flexible with everything else (and no kindle, too hard on the eyes to read online) Will be watching future MedallionClass Mondays for more info Adding: I guess I finally get it. Ah well, next 2 cruises have only 2 sea days each
  5. I have never used up my free minutes even when it was beyond slow. In those cases, I would long on. Download. Immediately log off. Respond. Log back on & everything goes out. Also you have access to Princess.com without using minutes. In that I don't play games my 250 minutes is enough for a 3 week cruise. Also I'm a big coffee & cocoa drinker. 1 glass of wine is my limit. So I bring 2 bottles on (used to not bring any on but I got tired of them running out of my choice) and trade my minibar for 2 coffee programs. I run out but wind up being charge for an average of less th
  6. The one thing I find confusing on MedallionClass Mondays are reserving a spot to do something. If I oversleep (happens onboard) am I left with a book on my balcony?? If so, I better bring a lot. The ship libraries are woefully inadequate
  7. I have officially canceled my December cruise. I wanted the deposit back as FCD and the OBC transferred (it was from the 1st cancelation before Pause 1 so would disappear if PCL canceled it). Now looking at December Hawaii on Ruby Princess. Izena, sometimes a new car is warranted. Especially if they can verify but not test for a malfunction. And I agree with trading it in rather than selling it. Whoever gets it needs to be able to get a warranty. other topic:: driving to Montana?
  8. Played tourist in SF yesterday! Felt so good to get back to Crissy Fields (unmasked), Fort Mason, Fisherman's Wharf for lunch / street musicians & artists (masked). Lately all I've been doing is dog park, hiking, and dining in parklets. Looking forward to taking the ferry over next time. Guess that's as close as we'll get to a cruise for a while
  9. Well put. I do understand that some cannot get the vaccine outside of a hospital setting but that is one possible place to get it
  10. From your link: as to your suggestion that I buy a better mask, no thank you. I'm keeping my 7 useless ones for when it's socially appropriate to wear one.
  11. I agree 100% but everyone over 11 who wants a vaccine can get one on a walk in basis. Furthermore I cannot force a non-vax person to get vaccinated or wear a mask. But I'm 2 months after mine so I didn't wear it in SF today along with everyone else at Crissy Fields and only wore it at Fisherman's Wharf. Out here in the suburbs I just wear it in stores and when sitting in parklets waiting for my food. When a non-vaccinated person decides to not wear a useless mask (and most of those sold at Target / Macys / grocers are useless) they assume the risk. Get vaxed or sequester forever.
  12. A couple of eye-openers from your link: #1 - and most surprising: But back to the topic: The vaccines were 94% effective against hospitalization and death so it looks like they worked. Ppl got sick but not sick enough to be hospitalized
  13. Yes I get checks sent to me but when I changed banks 17 years ago, I never got around to ordering some to use. Just paid everything online and with a debit card. Did finally get a visa a few years back so I'm 'modern' now Also loved having those useless ads held. Steward was great about holding paper. Port guides were available at PSD
  14. Didn't work on kitchen today ---- Drove into SF. Went to Crissy Fields to play ball with kids & dog. Then walked through Fort Mason to Fisherman's Wharf for late lunch at Boudins (bought souvenir bread), listened to street musicians, watched street artists (biker was GOOD), onto Ghirardelli Square for hot fudge & caramel sundaes (yes bought souvenir chocolates), ubered back to Crissy Fields and headed home at 6. Left bread with my daughter & split chocolates (1/3 each to S, dtr, me). So nice to get out of hot weather into 60s.
  15. If the PVP did not set it up, contact Diana Hall at grouponboardservices@princesscruises.com to reserve an extra room for your private group 'meet & greet' in addition to the wedding / reception. Its a simple email. Ppl may or may not show up but IMHO it's a nice touch They were with my PVP although we were just 14 (7 rooms) so no free berths but we got free specialty dinner + more OBC. Love OBC
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