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  1. Thank you @mtnesterz I was hoping you'd pop in!! Golden & Star are still in the 'family' and probably will be for a while. I'll see them on POAU Also hoping QM2 stays with Cunard. New ships are great if I'm primarily interested in listening to music onboard but the others are better for ports.
  2. MaryR PVP got my 600 Goodwill OBC reinstated. I usually get a few freebies from her .... others get it from non-Princess travel agents. I've never found it was in my best financial interests to do it all myself
  3. Wow. Thanks for the warning from someone who was also on that booking. Saving the email & moved Goodwill OBC to my 9/2/22 TA after PVP MaryR got it re-dated. Wish I could send Mary R (PVP) more than a huge THANK YOU 1000%!! FWIW the only one in Customer Service I deal with when I have a strange credit is kbaldwin@princesscruises.com. 1-800 customer service reps can't get this done. But I didn't need to elevate it this time
  4. The dress that had me join is a cotton sleeveless dress in a smooth finish. Just below mid knee. I wear it with a sheer caplet for dressy & sandals for casual. Love dresses when it's hot. Just got an email from SSA. They don't need much, maybe because they have my info. Just need to have USAA verify my account #s & my passport to verify my age but they might waive that It's raining. Barely made it back to the house before it started Belle, 😁 on losing that pound! Jo, I tore the house up looking for unneeded paperwork. I had it sort of okay. I
  5. Thank you for your thoughts. I will leave medical & vaccine decisions to my MD.
  6. Yes. I had 3 canceled TAs: 1. Enchanted rerouted = 15 OBC 2. Enchanted delayed = 200 OBC 3. Sky redeployed to cover Crown route = 400 OBC 1 canceled Majestic Hong Kong to Sydney cruise = 100 OBC which is sitting on a California Coastal These are all cancelations to cover other more profitable routes or ship delays and are nonrefundable OBC. I have now stuck them on my furthest out cruises (4/22 & 9/22) and are in addition to Shareholders, FCD, and loyalty won't show up until onboard.
  7. So what will Carnival, Disney, & RCI do? The lines with playgrounds onboard. Will they remove those areas?
  8. Grand hasn't gone anywhere, its just in the list of pre-2000 ships. And I loved window seat in Alfredos watching whales outside while munching on pizza!!! I'm hoping to repeat it in 2022 or 2023. On her
  9. So PCL will turn into a line for just old people? Guess that would solve minimizing passengers as no one would book more than 2 in a stateroom
  10. Although I think it's good, what happens with kids?? Those under 16 are not being vaccinated here. Also per link: "Saga said crew, who largely skew younger, would not need to be vaccinated before working on board, stating that other protocols would be in place to protect staff until they're able to receive inoculation."
  11. @BgwestMary (PVP) worked her magic and I've got 850 of the 950 OBC restored. 🤑
  12. Exactly: these ships aren't around anymore:
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