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  1. I've done a few M&Gs. I request Skywalkers if it's on ship & 1st morning at least 2 months ahead of time. (1) 90 signed up. 125+ showed up. Several non-Princess excursions arranged (2) 105 showed & took a dz extra name tags. All used. Wished I hadn't separated and organized in alpha order and organized in groups. Also non-ship excursions (3) again many non-ship excursions (seems to be a commonality for me) and 100+ (4) a bust. Group wanted a Sailaway instead. (5) Next Monday. On #1-3 we had Cruise Director & Captain (or the rep). Usually a photographer which can be more divisive. Sometimes Head Chef. Rep from excursions never shows but we tend to do our own anyway Main thing is to have fun!
  2. Yes they are. Which makes many people sense that everyone (including those with real service dogs) is a scammer. Wish complete documentation (inc letter from MD detailing dx) was required b4 boarding anything. And let's dump service horses (loads of poop) / peacocks / snakes (I'm not afraid of them but some are) / everything else non-dog. Service dogs can be invaluable and I've personally never seen one that was misbehaving
  3. Yeah but I just can't understand how saving basically the price of a cup of coffee (1/2 case b4 ship VS water pkg) is worth the expense of stopping off between the airport and ship then the hassle of getting it onboard when I could have avoided it all by using my own container on ports or getting the water pkg / ships water in a glass onboard But to each their own.
  4. Mike45LC, I know my dining times b4 I get on the ship so I don't need to be reminded. But here's something I discovered on my 2nd medallion cruise. If I scroll down on the concierge app I can see all events. Or I can sort for what I want. MixerDave, that may well be but it's getting harder to find places willing to take our trash. I opt to simply minimize my 'contribution'
  5. Parfait for breakfast / panini & orzo salad for lunch in Piazza 👍
  6. I can understand soda (if you drink it) or milk substitutes (almond or soy) but not water. Also wonder how the option might be affected with the 2020 new single use plastics implementation. Meanwhile I'll use my yeti and it's not any harder than remembering my phone or medallion
  7. You CAN but unless you are in Australia or New Zealand, it's about $7 for a dozen bottles in your personalizer (precruise price). So is it necessary to cart on?
  8. I opt out of all paper on the ship. I stop off at PSD if I feel the need for a paper patter (happens at the end of each cruise for the log). I get everything I need / want on my phone. Plus I like missing the 'ads'
  9. Look on your travel document in your personalizer. Some shows, some won't
  10. Really high prices. Is it $15AUD per bottle brought on ship? If so I might bring a few
  11. Your link is for ESA letters yet the Princess site clearly states:
  12. I didn't pay for the FCC they came with my FCD so that's ok for it to be in AUD. But when OBC was gifted to me or when I buy casino credits in USD I would like them to be properly converted. Seems they will be. I'll know in 10 days
  13. Hoping! I have $25USD listed from PCP + will have $25 loyalty. All other OBC states $× Australia.
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