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  1. I'm on a 5 night Cabo Getaway ..... For those of you who have done short cruises: how out of place will I be if I don't bring formal attire and eat in MDR? I'm packing in a backpack only so if I can skip shoes / dress / wrap / jewelry that I wear for only 2+ hours that'd be great! Now that there's no PES Captains Party so I'm thinking of just nice slacks and a pale pink chiffon top. WWYD? I love dressing up but that would take up most of my backpack
  2. With my PCP these are 2 separate bonuses. Refer-A-Friend = 25 OBC each. 5 cabins = another OBC from 50-60 each. 8 cabins = 1 free person (or is it stateroom? I'm a solo)
  3. You need a new TA. My PCP links everybody, I buy all excursions and they are all delivered to our rooms with our names on them. If my PCP can do it, why can't a TA?
  4. Totally worth it! I took the city bus there, get on right outside the pier and off at the Malecon. It's either $1usd or just a few pesos (50c). I didn't bother to change money
  5. You should be fine with an hour leeway IF this is a 'shore excursion' with Zeelandier as in those cases they normally shift timing to accommodate time in port. There's no way they want to get you to the next port. I just popped a new screen and yes, it's a shore excursion FWIW: I have a shorter return time in Napier where I'm doing Mohaka River Rafting and 'Norm' gets me back ... but it $112 vs $249
  6. It's the same on the droid
  7. I've never had an issue in Princess' MDR. Our vegan used to have an issue on Carnival but it was easier the last time.
  8. Sounds like they'll all be gone before I board on 10/14/19. But you scored! 🤑
  9. Will find out if it was just Alaska on Royal or if it will also work on Cabo. Booked AT but will eat in Alfredos 2 of the 5 nights.
  10. Ombud

    China visa

    Seriously this!! China is an expensive cruise. Why spend all $€£¥ that to risk Visa info from a 3rd party online site (sorry Cruise Critic)?
  11. Hold not tap? I'll be on the lookout for that. I did it the same as the clipper which I use to use 2×day. I must have done it incorrectly as I should have been charged for 1 way weekend .... Edited to add: clipper is tap and go. So I did it wrong. Sorry, my bad 😔
  12. Has anyone done this?
  13. I thought I used it to get to the central train station. I know I didn't tap on the way back as I used the Princess shuttle back. But when I looked it up on https://www.mymyki.com.au/NTSWebPortal/Common/Auxillary/FormLibrary.aspx?menu=Card/Account Requests it shows I have a $9 balance so I have no idea why I wasn't charged! I use Clipper here so I did the same tap-and-go
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