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  1. Is there a way to decline the lanyard? Edited to add: other than buying another accessory (buying 1st one with OBC on CB .... won't need 2 clips)
  2. Jasonmom - welcome 😊 Diana - Congrats on losing another pound Robin - 👍 Jan & Bum Bum - you're not the only ones finding it hard to stay focused. Struggling over here too Found a new Moscato and cheese which derailed me. 9 days before my cruise. But we'll get back on track
  3. I use a PVP not a TA. She transferred a nonrefundable deposit (FCD used) from one booking to another when I switched cruises. Stated she was able to do it because it was made with FCD. 2nd one was a refundable deposit with additional OBC + 300 air credit
  4. I'm a Yankee again!! App still says 'in process'
  5. Typo. 40% off excursions booked on that cruise. In that it was Indonesia I booked a tour in all ports except 1. Plus the my standard disembark tour (I always do that one on my way to the airport)
  6. Yes. I was supposed to be on a small excursion in Bali with 8 people for $99. Turned out to be 24. Showed them a screenshot of what they promised, what the bus would have been elsewhere, recieved a 40% refund of all cruises booked. Way over 10%
  7. She didn't say 'ever.' Must admit that's on me. She just said they do not ship to non-US addresses. But I got on the last ship with only a boarding pass just fine (Star was a non-medallion vessel) so I'll get on the same way
  8. Just talked to Princess. It's official. Princess will NOT ship a medallion to me EVER. Something about not shipping outside USA (even though I live in California which is in USA)
  9. Decided to uber. It might be humid on the 29th
  10. I went to tip one awesome guy in IC. Stated a kind written note was best. (He was more gracious in how he phrased it). So that's what I do now. On my next cruise I found out that he was moved from IC to Explorers Lounge with a new contract and most appreciative. Someone on a Roll Call (Lucy) says she buys them a token gift at Dollar Tree. Still think a positive note is better for all crew members. Back on topic: Although the gift / souvenirs appear ok I wish they'd give us something more like just the trivet tiles on HAL. (Overshopped & broke a suitcase on my last cruise -- thank you note to engineers & purser for fixing it)
  11. Off Topic: one of the best things kids do when they move out is to take their entire room with them. 😊👍 Thanks, @Expat Cruiser! I was going to do it in July but now will wait until my downunder cruise How small is the robe? The one I usually get is plenty large. Is it the same size?
  12. I'm interested in what that looks like. Skywalkers & IC are my favorite places on Princess
  13. On every website except mapmyrun.com I am unable to map from the cruise terminal to 10 Wharfside on Concord St. Why? Doesn't Concord St have a sidewalk?
  14. Yeah .... I've been advised to get mine at check-in as 'it' wants a visa. 👿
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