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  1. I thought they only cancelled insurance for cruises starting after March 12th
  2. Did you have Platinum Insurance? Did AON just wait it out to see if the cruise line compensated you?
  3. Has anyone canceled FOR ANY REASON (Princess Platinum Ins) recently? Did you have to give a reason? Were you reimbursed cash?
  4. For those who received a refund: was it from Princess or Princess Platinum Insurance?
  5. We're an optimistic bunch, aren't we!🙃🙂
  6. I wasn't responding to the thread premise just to Resist. I completely agree that some things need to change: 1. Mandatory hand sanitizer every time you enter anywhere food is served 2. No more self service buffet 3. Temperature checks (people lie) adding: quarantine rooms. If someone turns up sick then they should be immediately sequestered. The new tests only take 5 minutes to process so ships will be able to tell if someone is ill before they leave medical center. Our 1st vaccine won't be tested until September so assume they aren't vaccinated
  7. Resist, I don't understand why CCL, RCI, or NCL would need to spin anything to get people back to cruising. Have you ever taken a cruise or are you just a troll? BTW fitting name
  8. I'm not SELF-QUARANTINE I'm Shelter in Place so I can go to the market & outside for exercise (4 mile hike with dog in the hills every day) I miss cruising & hiking in new places 😔
  9. That is how I read it. I wasn't expecting the Option 1 bonus but Option 2 bonus: What I got for my March 22nd cruise cancelled by Princess was 100% refund + 50% FCC of my cruise / nothing for person 2&3 (refunded to Visa 3/12). Because I got back all my $$s I'm OK. I haven't heard anything about March 29th cruise and really regret not just canceling that and dealing with AON Insurance
  10. Would anyone buy more? And if so, at what price?
  11. I just hope shareholder OBC continues and my 2 longer cruises paid with gift cards & FCC happen.
  12. Yeah. I should have referenced the Washington Post. See 2nd, 9th-11th paragraphs
  13. It depends. If you bought it, it's refunded. If it's 'gifted' (as in promo OBC) it goes away whether you or Princess cancels it or you refare it.
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