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  1. Sorry. The posts I saw seem to be about hotels (don't need help there as I'll stay where I get membership perks) or getting to the ship (don't need help there as I'll just uber). I'm just wondering if spending a few days in Fort Lauderdale before the Transatlantic cruise is worth it. What to do other than water activities (the beach is about an hour away from my house and I pass a great marina getting there). I posted a similar question last year about Charleston. TruckerDave and waterbug123 were awesome .... nothing like a local to clue me in to what to do
  2. I've always flown in embarkation day. But this time I'm thinking of staying at either Hyatt 17th St or Embassy Suites (belong to both Hilton & Hyatt -- my go to hotel chains). If I do, what do Floridians suggest for a 1-2 day visit in April? I don't like humidity (we don't have that in the SF area but we have beaches & vineyards) so I'm thinking of being hotel bound in the afternoon and venturing out mornings and evenings. What would be your top 3 suggestions?
  3. Is there a space behind your cruise #?
  4. They're on every light post in town and 1/2 the houses 🇺🇸
  5. 1st time I've heard of this term. Thank you for shedding some light on it. So I guess that's why my other 1074.5 FCC is held up? 😶 Have gotten 100% of March 29th in Pause 1 and 100% refund but only 50% FCC for the one they cancelled earlier in March
  6. I'm missing 1/2 my FCC so I finally went to email customer support and noticed a new tab on the page. Must have to do with new hires: It let's you add files!
  7. Ombud


    Agreed. Pre Covid-19 I'd book an OF next to OC or an OC and hope for an upsell. Now I need to get outside so it's a BW or better
  8. Ombud


    I always book the minimum I'll consider. Although I've gotten a number of upsells and a few upgrades I need a balcony because I'm claustrophobic (currently have a BW as a solo and a B4 with kids booked)
  9. I'm not a TA but according to Princess' website: Pause 1 is cruises canceled March 11, 2020 Pause 2 is cruises canceled April 14, 2020 Pause 3 is cruises canceled May 6, 2020
  10. I think I'll spend the $7 and take their shuttle! 90° is okay in California where the humidity is low but horrible in areas with high humidity. Now just trying to decide between Hyatt 17th St and Embassy Suites (belong to both Hilton & Hyatt -- my go to hotel chains)
  11. I don't know how I missed the due dates as it would have gone a long way alleviating my anxiety. Somehow I erroneously thought they would process them as recieved. But according to the slide, Pause 1 perhaps not until May 31st, Pause 2 after May 31st, and Pause 3 after June 15th (I surmise to let cruises switch from cold hard cash to FCC if they want to). So they aren't 'late'
  12. Ombud

    Roll Call

    I'm the only one on my August Alaska roll call and the Sky TA only has 10 members & 35 posts despite starting last year!
  13. Shouldn't be too bad in April & I have one 22" suitcase. Thanks!!
  14. Can I walk to both the port & a wine shop?
  15. Agreed. Just asked PVP to transfer me from Enchanted to Sky sailing a week later. Love Brugge and Copenhagen. Will come back via London instead of Lisbon. I was on the fence about post cruise touring anyway Added: IT'S OFFICIAL!! it shows in my medallion and I have overpaid $95 less insurance (I forgot that on hold so she has to add it. Anticipate $50 overpaid) 😁🤑
  16. Of to find another TA. I prefer to just transfer payment rather then get-in-line for a refund to apply to the next cruise
  17. That explains why it disappeared from my medallion (April 3, 2021 cruise)
  18. No. It would've been nice but it was just there. On the credit card refund for 1st cruise it showed up as 3 separate credits (each person was a separate credit). That cancellation is missing 537FCC × 2 plus 0.5FCC. The other cancellation finally balanced but I got a weird check that I can't figure out why I got it. Deposited it anyway.
  19. As requested. Dog is not the only one. I have had 2 cruises refunded (I've had my cash and 80% of base+bonus FCC for about 3 weeks). I also know 3 couples that got theirs. 1 is a newbie to Princess and is amazed she got it so fast. (I'm not). FWIW I'm still waiting on Philharmonic season ticket refund as 2020 season isn't happening so it's not just Princess. For an uplifting thread read:
  20. Doubt that as they are part of Pause 1 according to reported embarkation dates. And so far cruisers on this thread did not charge back but waited for Princess to exit phase 1 of state mandated shelter in place.
  21. Hi Dog! No. I'm Person #1 and I've gotten 537FCC. My granddaughters have gotten 537FCC & 0.5 FCC. (The 2nd one had a 'special' $1 fare). Person #1&2 cruise fares were 1074 each. Think I'll cycle it for 90 days after cancelation. My PVP says she'll apply it to 10 day Alaska cruise once I get it even though that will be after booking date. This will knock my insurance down to $39 & cut Amari's in half 🙂
  22. I'm just missing 1/2 bonus FCC on a cruise Princess cancelled a week before Pause 1. (Grand Princess March 22nd 2020) In your opinion, how long should I wait before asking Princess AGAIN about it now that Seattle & Santa Clarita are reopening and refunds are being processed? I know it's 'stuck', that's what I was told at 30 days & 60 days. I'm thinking 90 days after they acknowledged my form? Yes I'm greedy
  23. Skip the eggs benedict. Hollandaise sauce is cooked firm.
  24. Try booking a dummy cruise and list him. You'll see his FCC before you accept / put on hold. Itll be there
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