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  1. Thank you so much cruisemom42 for such a thorough explanation. You just saved me some planning, we will book the Franciabianca and the UnaHotels Deco Roma you suggested. One other question, are there taxi's available at the Civitavecchia train station to take us directly to the port? I know we will each have a large suitcase and a carryon suitcase, thinking that may not be manageable for a bus ride.
  2. Thank you cruisemom42 and dogs4fun. We love touring churches so appreciate both your suggestions. I am leaning toward your pre cruise suggestion of staying close to Termini area. Not sure how jet lagged we will be so thinking that visiting the churches you recommended and maybe doing an early morning visit to the Vatican or Colosseum the day of the cruise may work out well. Is the train direct to the port or do we need to change trains? I have a map from Frommers Rome but don't see it as a stop.
  3. Thank you for your response, we are going in July so would be afraid if I didn't like the 1st hotel, I would have some difficulty booking a different hotel. I also thought of staying in Civitavecchia pre cruise but with so much to do and see in Rome, thought it best to spend extra day there in Rome.
  4. This will be my husbands and my first visit to Rome. We are staying 1 night pre cruise - leaving from port Civitavecchia and 3 nights post cruise. We will probably stay in a hotel in the Pantheon area post cruise. Wondering if we should stay in the same area the night before the cruise? Our flight arrives at 9 AM so we should have almost a full day for touring and a half day the following day. Post cruise we will try to fit in as many of the popular Rome sights we can. Please, advise from those that are frequent visitors to Rome, is it advisable staying in the same area of Rome both times or is it advisable to stay in a different locale pre cruise? All advise is appreciated.
  5. Rommel is, I think, going to the Bliss and Michael is on vacation. They are the best!
  6. You got lucky with Vibe because your family was in Haven. I think they hold 20 passes for Haven guests. We are Platinum and got to the port around 9:30 and because of Platinum were in boarding pass 1. We had a wonderful time in Vibe, but there are plenty of places to enjoy the decks if you don't get Vibe.
  7. On Escape last month, music is not played and not allowed to be played on personal devices. It did get loud in the late afternoon when we all congregated at the bar for Shot O'clock. Lot's of talking and laughing. The sundeck in the Haven on the Escape is now adult only. While we loved having Vibe on our Bermuda Cruise with almost full ship passenger capacity and lots of kids, would not have paid extra if we were in Haven.
  8. Thanks for your review, it will be our first cruise on the Escape to Bermuda in July. Have it narrowed down to St George one day with a visit to Tobacco Bay, Day 2 Horseshoe Bay 1/2 day and renting a Boston Whaler the second half of the day, and checking out the dockyard on the last 1/2 day. Any suggestions of what else to do in St George? Is a full day at the beach worthwhile, or should we do 1/2 a day and some sightseeing?
  9. Post #6 said $40 to $45 for chairs and umbrella.
  10. The dinner show is only $29.49 including gratuity. Not sure why anyone would want to use one of their UDP's on it only saves them $11.49. They have 4 shows, 2 on both the last 2 nights of the cruise at 6 and 8:30. Anyone know if they have a lunch show?
  11. Will these straws be too long for the plastic drink cups NCL uses?
  12. Thank you for all the great info. Cruising Escape in July.
  13. Yes lots of fun, one of the most memorial cruises. Jerry and I have been flying into warmer weather and cruising the mid size ships out of warmer port in the winter. Still need to do a winter, NY cruise with ya all. Thanks Peg.
  14. Thanks Peg that is the answer I was looking for, cruised with you many moons ago with Maria, Debbie, Margarette and me Judy. Had a great time at the glow party and getting primped and ready in Maria'a suite. Hope to cruise again with you some time.
  15. Thank you BirdTravels, we like comedy shows and would standby to see both comedians shows at both the PG and over 18 show. My question is they have multiple shows, 3 nights of them, will the shows at the end of the cruise be the same shows and jokes at the beginning shows. Don't want to stand in line for the same Jokes repeated.
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