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  1. Thank you for your post – I haven’t elaborated as these policies are Australian and I’ve realized most posters are American travelers and your policies all seem so different. Both policies were organised on 7 May 2019. My travel agent didn’t organise the insurance for me because the cruise was a smaller part of an extended holiday we compiled ourselves. Of all our travel arrangements, the agent only booked the cruise. My cruising experience is one Princess cruise. At the time of booking, I wasn’t aware NCL had their own insurance – If they have a cancel for any reason option, I certainly would have purchased it. The first insurance was compliment travel insurance through our NAB credit card underwritten by QBE. My partner had been through treatment two years early, had constant scans and there was no sign of cancer for 18 or 19 months. We believed he had beaten it and that was backed up by the Doctors up until early June. But to answer your question, I still took this cover as I wanted the policy to cover me as well, I have no pre-existing conditions. And it covered him for everything else – and all other scenarios that might occur with possible illness in our family and other unforeseen circumstances. The second cover was through 1Cover who did allow pre-existing conditions. We advised his full medical history and it was all done online. 1Cover accepted the policy and approved medical cover. When I called them about claiming they explained that this only covers him if he gets sick overseas, not if he gets sick beforehand. So I wrote to them to ask if it was possible to refund the insurance as we could not travel. It seems I am not the only one confused by the wording on this policy - their answer was “As this new condition was unforeseen at the time you took out your policy, you would have provisions to claim for any cancellation fees and lost deposits, as we start covering you for that from the moment you take out your policy.” We then lodged a claim that they declined based on the for-mentioned conditions. If you check my replies you will see that I know the responsibility lies with me. I am not saying the insurance companies are wrong or NCL is wrong - but I am saying NCL has an inflexible cancellation policy and no compassionate procedure that they could advise me of. NCL was the only one of the many travel providers I dealt with in cancelling my trip that was not prepared to compromise or negotiate some solution. We would have been happy with a change of date or a credit note. I also stated NCL were not responding to any form of contact, except through my travel agent to advise there would be no further refund. That said, as of a few hours ago, I did receive an acknowledgement email from NCL Australia that I will follow up tomorrow.
  2. Thank you so much, I appreciate this and I think your advice is very wise - I will definitely follow it. All the best, Suzzanne
  3. Thanks so much, I have been on, had a read and followed their advice - thanks for the tip.
  4. Thank you - yes you're right, getting the treatment and getting through it is more important than the cost.
  5. That great news - must have been a big relief at that stressful time.
  6. I just counted the days up - 59 days - so it seems the 25% is still a good outcome.
  7. I have never heard of that 10 day offer happening here but that's only because I haven't investigated, I will have a look and see what date I bought that and if it's possible. Thanks for that advice!
  8. Thank you so much - that is really helpful - I will try that address - yeah, hindsight is a great thing isn't it! 🙂
  9. Yes I agree - our policies here seem more stringent than policies available in the US - I did take a medical policy and that covered pre-existing conditions, but that only covered him for medical expenses if he needed them. Your NCL PCC sounds brilliant - glad that worked out to the benefit of everyone.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that - thank you taking the time to share your experience - It's all helping to give me a much clearer picture. Suzzanne
  11. Yes I think it might be part of the problem - however I have already driven them crazy over the last few weeks, I'm sure this is why I received 25% back - I think they might blacklist me before too long!
  12. In my case the money went to the agency, and the credit card payment was made to the agency, who then passed on the fare to NCL (less their commission).
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