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  1. Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to check them out!
  2. Both of those look like possibilities, but the North Face gloves look like they’d be warmer. Maybe two pairs? Thanks for looking!
  3. Lat’s talk gloves. I want to find some that will keep me warm and also allow me to work my camera - hopefully while still fully gloved. There are some I have seen advertised that claim to be able to perform camera functions, but I would love to know if anybody has had real life experience they can share. Thank you!
  4. I would love some clothing advice from those who took this cruise. What strategies kept you the warmest? We’re there clothing brands you loved hated? And don’t forget advice for feet and hands, please. I think I read somewhere that tour operators provide snow suits? We are desert dwellers so we don’t own much in the way of cold weather gear and plan to shop some sales Thank you in advance!
  5. Thank you for this insight. I admit, it's not what I wanted to read! Did you do Viking expeditions or book your own? Do you think that private excursions would offer more flexibility of time and allow you to leave the ship later?
  6. Thank you for starting this thread. We will be taking this cruise in February 2021, so will also appreciate any advice from those who’ve done it.
  7. When do you get back? We are going on September 14th and would love to hear about your experiences. I think by the time you get back we will already be on our way. We leave on September 7th and will spend some time in Tokyo before arriving in HCMC. My email, if you feel like writing is elizabeth dot reich at cox dot net.
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