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  1. We changed our Aug 14th ST Maarten sailing to Aug 13th Alaska r/t from Seattle due to testing time lines and the flight schedule being so tight from Austin Tx. When the fun of planning became so stressful I knew it was time to move on. I am once again planning fun not PCR tests.
  2. ATXBecky

    PCR test

    I am wondering when Barbados might drop the negative 72 hour PCR test before arrival? Are they going to do that when they have a certain percent vaccinated? I am asking because the timing gets difficult when you are flying to St. Maarten to get on a cruise ship (Summit) Aug 14th, 2021 and flying to Sxm the day before the ship sails. It can be difficult to get test results back. in time. Hoping for a short cut. Anyway, I wish all the best to the residents of Barbados.
  3. It came through as a full photo. Nice shot of the Millennium.
  4. Call Celebrity. We have had our check in for sometime now and we don't sail until Aug 14th.
  5. We are so with you on the drink and the over tipping. That is exactly what my husband plans to do everywhere.
  6. We are vegetarians and have sailed several cruise lines. There is always a veg entrée in main dining. Buffets are good options too. NCL always has Indian food on buffets. I personally love Indian food.
  7. We are on one of the Millennium sailings out of Sint Maarten in Aug 2021(very soon, yea!) It has been awhile for us on Celebrity but I have fond memories. The food and service is is very good. We have also been on NCL and Carnival. Alaska was our very first cruise in 1996. I hope you booked a balcony. The view is amazing!
  8. just reading the other post on this topic "An issue with Celebrities plan". Interesting thoughts on De Santis law
  9. Well, this should be interesting to watch.
  10. We travel with the following Cash 7 day about $200-$300 small bills, US$ unless a port needing their currency RFID wallet protects passport and credit cards from electronic theft. The one we have holds passports, credit cards coins and bills.(a must in Europe) Sling style backpack slash proof it is small, light weight, holds water bottle ,phones, wallet and other small items like sunglasses and glasses case. I can leave the ship with carry a purse and be hands free plus I have a fold up cloth tote that fits in our sling. I never use debit card when travelling a
  11. I so agree with the order of the ports!
  12. I hire a cat sitter. Here in Austin TX there are plenty to choose from. It is about $15 for 15min visit. I have to pay more because I also have 6 hens to be let out of their coop, fed and then at dusk locked up again(so 2 visits a day).
  13. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks for the great photos and info!
  15. Hi Aplmac, thanks for the updates! We will be visiting Aug 19th, cruising on the Celebrity Millennium. I am looking forward to seeing your island(will be our first time). If we are lucky enough to be allowed to do what we want without taking a ship excursion what would you recommend? We are thinking snorkeling with the turtles. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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