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  1. I’m not cruising until January I’m going to wait until Black Friday to book anything for the cruise.
  2. I was thinking about cruise lines cruising with reduced capacity. If the existing reservations outnumber the capacity Royal wants to cruise with how do they decide who cruises and who doesn’t?
  3. I find it very disturbing that Royal is putting dollars ahead of getting crew members onboard board home. Royals CEO stating it’s to expensive to get them home, meanwhile his bank account has bloomed by at least 25 million dollars over the course of the past three years.
  4. Well it certainly worked he’s drawing a lot of attention to his channel. One word about his premise POPPYCOCK
  5. Buy a lottery ticket, better chance of hitting the lottery than cruising in June.
  6. I saw a post on YOUTUBE Traveling With Bruce who I find a very reliable source.
  7. Allure amplification has been cancelled along with Explorer Of the Seas.
  8. I heard Royal has cancelled the amplification of The Allure of the Seas and the Explorer Of The Seas. Not exactly surprised with the state of cruising.
  9. Disney is paying all cast members during the park closure. I would hope Royal would follow suit.
  10. Our Cruise is exactly 30 day from today 3/13 do we fall under the 30 day window?
  11. With the power of technology it’s amazing a virus can basically shutdown the world. Let’s stop thinking so highly of ourselves.
  12. Just heard Disney cruise line is suspending cruises the last two weeks of March.
  13. Doubt it Pools are one of the most difficult things to engineer on a ship.
  14. Was curious if any special precautions are happening onboard to help prevent the virus from manifesting itself? I would think the ships will be as sterile as possible. Any insight from returning passengers or ones presently onboard would be greatly appreciated.
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