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  1. In the buffet of the msc cruises I have been on, they have some nice sausages. They are long and skinny sausages. I went on European MSc cruises if that makes a difference. I fell in love with them sausages.
  2. As reported above, some cruises are eager to get back like the carnival cruises as an example. That doesn't bode well with me at all, all. Leaving aside my own personal situation here, how about staff and the staff quarters on the ships. They live in cramped conditions while they are on board the ship. That doesn't bode well with me at all. Right now, the virus is suppressed in some countries with cases decreasing but the virus will still be out there. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of being served by staff who might be sick with this infection.
  3. Thanks for your reply. It's disappointing from my point to see cruises will be operating but at the end of the day, they are businesses. Their job is to get people on board and spend money and make money. My cruise was booked well before this virus emerged. I'm not interested in holidays this year. Not now. Both me and my partner have no known underlying conditions. I am in the obese category and he would be too. That is an underlying condition in relation to this virus. I'm spending the summer working hard at bring the bmi down. I started off at 39.9 and I'm 38 bmi now and I'm working more to bring it down, down, down. I'm more worried about my partner. Diabetes runs in his family. I just don't want to take ill out abroad. I don't want to see him sick either. In relation to cruises getting up and running again with restrictions and social distancing, it wouldnt be half as bad if I lived in the same country as the departing port. I could drive to the port, park and get on the ship. I'm travelling from the UK. It means travelling from my home by bus to the airport. That's a 3 hour journey on the bus. Then there is the airport and transfers. There's far too much risks for picking this up in all them scenarios. I'm not interested in a deferral for next year either. I have family abroad living in Australia. I miss them so much. If a vaccine comes through and if I have money next year, I know what I want to do next year. I want to see my family in Australia. I won't be able to afford a holiday to a Australia and a cruise.
  4. Thanks for that. I'm flying into Spain and sailing from a port in Spain. I can't remember whice one.
  5. I ha e a western Mediterranean cruise booked with msc cruises. Flying from the UK into Madrid and starting the cruise there and visiting ports in Italy and Malta and I don't know about the rest of the iternery. The cruise was booked before all this virus emerged in countries. Me and the partner were due to go in October. Me and the partner are divided on what way to go from here. I don't want to go. There's too much risks involved from travelling to the airports and flying, to a week on board the ship, to travelling home, and then implementing a 2 week isolation at home in case I come down with the virus. I never really planned for any of that. Also what if we get sick on holidays as well? It doesn't make sense to continue with the holidays/cruise booked. So far we only have a deposit payed. Me, I would gladly cancel and throw the deposit to the wall but I'm travelling with my partner. I don't want him to lose out on his deposit. We have decided to hold off from cancelling in the hopes the cruise line will cancel closer to the payment date. Does that make sense? Will we get our deposit back then? Will cruises be operating by October? I'm not interested in a deferral for next year if that's another option.
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