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  1. Hi All, I realize there is no way to tell for sure, but in your experience, does Carnival lower prices after final payment date if a ship is not sold out? Specifically do you think the Jan 13 INSPRIATION four night baja Mexico from Long Beach cruise will see a price reduction after the final payment date of Nov 14? I am sailing on this cruise booked months ago. I have 4 sets (cabins) of friends that are thinking about going too and I offered to book for them. My concern is that I quote the prices and book them today, then the prices go down on the 15th. Just trying to sensibly play the odds here and get them the best deal, but don't want to delay if it is unnecessary and they are ready to go. I see that this is a judgement call, but would welcome your experienced advice!! What do you think?
  2. Hi All, when would you recommend arriving for embarkation in Seattle to avoid the longest lines? What is the earliest you would recommend? Do you have any other tips for embarkation? Luggage dropoff, etc? Thank you for any recent reports from the pier in Seattle!
  3. Hi All, How early before the main show would you suggest arriving so that 4 people can get a seat together, but so we not wasting undue time sitting in a theater before a show instead of watching the ocean or doing one of the million other wonderful cruise things? The Ship is Celebrity Solstice. Do they repeat the main show twice a night so those in early dining see one, while the late diners see the other, thus ensuring that most of 4,000 people aren't vying for seats at the same time? Thank you 😀
  4. Hi! I wonder if you can tell me how early embarkation starts in Seattle? May people come early (say 10:30am), check in, then wait in the terminal for groups to be called? Thank you
  5. Hi All, how about Solstice out of Seattle? Anyone care to report on if you can drop off carryons in the cabin when you board?
  6. Hi! My experience with Princess is that if you have traditional dining at a set time and are not happy with the assigned table mates or the assigned waiter, you can switch to anytime dining, but then cannot switch back. Is this also true on Celebrity, where if you have assigned late seating dinner and you are not happy with it for some reason, can you switch to Celebrity Select Dining during the cruise? I do not anticipate that my friends will have any trouble with their assigned late dining, but I want to know if they have this option should something be amiss and they do not like it. This is for Celebrity Solstice, Alaska. Thank you, Julie
  7. Benefits : 1) you can redeem points for cash rather than just apply them to NCL purchases or upgades (although I tell myself it can only be used for cruises 😉. ) this is simpler for me than trying to apply points toward a reservation. I just have the CC company apply the dollar amount to my bill or send me a check and then I book the cabin I want. 2) no annual fee 3) good customer service Negatives: 1) they charge foreign transaction fees, a pretty big percentage, imo. I didn't realize this until I purchased airline tickets from Icelandair for 4 people and got hit with, I think, ~$150 foreign transaction fee 2) they no longer give you travel insurance and car rental insurance with your travel purchases. I believe they used to. When looking at cards for travel benefits,, check out Chase Sapphire. they have a great card. got lots of points for joining up, they have travel insurance included on your travel purchases, you get more $$ from your points if you book excursions, travel, etc. through their card. No foreign transaction fees. Also, it may seem like a small deal, but the card itself is sturdy and metal-like, old school. it has some heft to it. Also good customer service.
  8. Hi! How was your experience with Carnival hair salons? I am thinking of getting cut and color aboard Splendor this week and wanted to hear what you all have to say!
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