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  1. When my TA prints the HAL confirmation, the CCL shareholder benefit OBC appears in the Guest Information section. Items for each passenger in that section are Name, Mariner #, Air, Cancellation Plan, Ship Occupancy, Home City, Onboard Credit (USD). My TA prints a new confirmation after each change. When DH requests the CCL shareholder benefit, we can see that it has been added to his column.
  2. With booked 2021 cruises in February (Caribbean, no flying) and July (Alaska), I don't think I'll be able to cruise until then.
  3. Yes, there are doors within connecting staterooms. The most outward section of the balcony dividers can be opened between any adjacent balconies - just ask your steward.
  4. Thanks so much. I knew to sign in to get the Mariner fare, but didn't know I had to start a booking. No wonder the figures NEVER changed, no matter if I used my # or DH's #.
  5. Other questions to ask yourself: If a land tour is desired, are you comfortable doing the driving yourself? Prefer the land first (most frequently advised) or cruise first? How many days do you have to spend at Denali? What about spending time exploring the Kenai Peninsula? How much time do you have for the visit to Alaska? We did a DIY land tour and then a cruise from Whittier to Vancouver. Wanted to return via HAL's 14-day RT but when I finally had time, a couple places I really wanted to visit were dropped in favor of others. Found a 7 day RT trip from Seattle to substitute.
  6. Last month we booked a February Tropical Caribbean cruise. Had planned to wait until after final payment but the Have It All promo was too good ignore. This in addition to our already booked July 2021 Alaskan Explorer cruise.
  7. Here is a picture I found in 2018 of VH4041, E4039, E4037.
  8. Depends on the state. In some, if you cancel before any penalty is due, the insurance has to be refunded. So if you book with a refundable deposit and cancel before final payment (or whatever the first penalty date is), you get your insurance payment back because the insurance company was not liable for anything.
  9. @Vict0riann Thanks for the "Hellman's trivia" - I passed it along to friends and relatives. All enjoyed the surprise ending and appreciated the respite from the usual news. @kazu So sorry to hear of your accident. Hope the foot heals as quickly as possible.
  10. Thanks for posting. About the time you started the review I realized I had never finished editing my photos from this itinerary on the K'dam. Ours was a slightly different order and we didn't have any ports cancelled. It was nice reliving our cruise through your commentary and working on my photos at the same time.
  11. Might want to check on this listing. For November 21, 2020 HAL lists the Nieuw Amsterdam as starting a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise and a 14 day Western/Tropical Caribbean cruise. The Eurodam is starting a Tropical Caribbean cruise on November 22 and the Nieuw Amsterdam starts a Tropical Caribbean cruise on November 28. I was looking a Thanksgiving cruise and pulled up the future cruise listing to see what cruise(s) had been booked by fellow CCers.
  12. I'm using Edge with WIN 10 and have no problem viewing or saving them. They are JPG files.
  13. Seth Wayne (HAL's ambassador) posted this last Friday on his Facebook page: I have a love/hate relationship with Fridays. Hear me out: On shore -- I LOVE them. It's such a fun day of the week. On Ship -- Not a fan. Whenever I see the Friday carpet in the elevator, it usually means the cruise is almost over 😞 Do you agree??? Want a downloadable day-of-the week carpet to help you out these days? Click here: https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/YI0nYDAGTK Of course, someone would have to keep track of which image to use.
  14. On some ships, the price is the same and the tickets can be turned in for refund if you don't use them because you run out of time or there is rain/fog. Plus you don't have to stand in line for tickets at the tram. You can save money if you have the time and are able and willing to hike up as @SJSchell described.
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