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  1. Thanks all. DD and DS plus spouses plan to book inside staterooms on Deck 10. Not where I would book, but the 4 of them are thrilled. They will share a large cabana on Deck 11 and use the Fitness Center on Deck 9. They also like the quick access to the Deck 10 track around the pool cover - and there's the public restrooms nearby in case the stateroom bathroom is occupied. (DH and I are on the aft bump out on Deck 6.)
  2. I just viewed a You Tube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMMPZSWnh5Q) from 2016 and Deck 10 appeared to have loungers where the staterooms are now. Were they added since then?
  3. In February it was in the Koningsdam's MDR
  4. Thanks. DS, DDIL, DD and DSIL are thinking about joining us. With our help, they can afford a large inside or partial ov. Will encourage them to book with easy access to a fwd deck.
  5. On the deck plans, it looks as if there are public areas with access to them at the forward section of decks 5-7 and 9. If so, are they accessible 24/7? Or at least while glacier cruising in Alaska? TIA.
  6. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f How to get there: CarnivalCorp.com then "Investor Relations" then "Shareholder Information" then "Shareholder Benefit"
  7. You can bring a power strip as long as it isn't surge protected. There have been reports of some having any strip with a three-prong plug confiscated, so if you have any with just a two-prong plug, take those. I take a three-outlet "tap" rather than an extension cord or power strip.
  8. I agree - I do NOT need to hear audible notifications to those nearby when I'm trying to relax by the pool or dine.
  9. You're welcome. Since I don't drink beer or wine, I always ask if cider is available if I don't see one, especially when having a burger or pizza.
  10. Yes. It was Strongbow. Available at several bars. See page 15 http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Terrace-Lido-Bar-Menu.pdf
  11. Some people do pre-purchase beverage cards to help spread expenses over time. The cards also allow others (children, friends, etc) give as gifts. Our children give them to us at Christmas and birthdays - something they know we can use and we appreciate them.
  12. The server told us when we ordered while waiting for our Dive In buzzer to buzz at lunch. Happened only 3 times on the February cruise. Also one night we were offered a special "6 bottles for the price of 5" in the Lido Market on beer and cider - unopened in a bucket of ice, could be taken to room if need be.
  13. Mocktails also are included in the Happy Hour pricing. And sometimes there are unannounced "Happy Hours" poolside during the day.
  14. Sprite and Sprite Zero were available in February on the Koningsdam
  15. No, not everyone in the cabin needs to purchase the discounted soda CARD - that rule is only for PACKAGES. You can certainly use your card (but not package) to purchase for others. You should not have to go to different bars - I was able to get 2 sodas at every meal in the buffet using the discounted card in February on the Koningsdam.
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