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  1. Keep this (cooked and shredded) in freezer - had already taken some out for tonight's sandwiches.
  2. Glad to know she is doing well. Keeping positive thoughts for both of you as well.
  3. I am excited! With our limited cruising, I don't recognize most of the locations - and when I do others have already responded correctly. Love this thread!
  4. Yes, having a Dive-In burger would be FANTASTIC!
  5. What an experience. Hope the person who collapsed didn't suffer much. I got my flu vaccine 3 weeks ago inside our Publix. From turning in paperwork to getting my $10 gift card was just 20 minutes. Hope they were giving out the gift cards to those in your community - you certainly earned it.
  6. Am adding you and your laptop to my care list.
  7. Thanks for the recipe; I too had never heard of this drink. Since I LOVE pina coladas, I should like a Chichi.
  8. I'm calling dibs on it! Thanks. Just wish I could be getting one aboard a DAM ship!
  9. The pacemaker is in place and I am sore and home healing. Dr. says it was successful and it went well Good news indeed.
  10. Since it's Swap Ideas Day, maybe we need to share our favorite quotes?
  11. Yesterday Princess sent an e-mail with a link to Isaac's Italian Sunset Martini https://www.facebook.com/PrincessCruises/videos/645148596110509
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