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  1. The shareholder OBC benefit has recently been extended to July 31, 2020. You can access the current PDF file at http://www.carnivalcorp.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=140690&p=irol-sharebenefit
  2. On my screen, the map does not move until I click on the down/up arrows at the right. Using Edge or Chrome - no difference.
  3. On the Koningsdam last month, I used the soda card in Lido, Pinnacle and Canaletto. Every time a glass of ice and a can was delivered. Usually part of the can was poured into the glass for me.
  4. That was true for Koningsdam's Pinnacle Grill when I ate there this past week - don't know about the MDR as DH prefers the Lido.
  5. Here's the Nieuw Statendam in port yesterday
  6. Here is the Nieuw Statendam at HMC. I never went ashore. Our statroom was on the Koningsdam's port side, so to see anything I went to Deck 10 and spent most of the day.
  7. Here are 2 photos of Koningsdam (on left) and Nieuw Statendam in St. Thomas plus one of NS departing the island
  8. @richwmn Thanks for the K'dam photos. When we get home, I'll post (on this thread) some of the NS I've taken This screen's too small for me to edit/select best ones. Think I got some decent ones of both at St. Thomas and NS departing. Should get more good shots at HMC.
  9. On the K'dam right now. It was announced that NS and K'dam will share the larger island tenders in HMC.
  10. Deck 14 - accessible via the 2 port forward elevators - or by stairs next to the Crows Nest. You can usually find some shade. Folks have been moving lounges around up there on this cruise.
  11. On the K'dam right now. Venues that end in "Café" won't take ANY beverage card - same goes for Gelato. All are readily accepted at venues that end in "Bar" plus Lido, MDR, Canaletto and Pinnacle. So far in the dining venues, with the soda card I have always been given a glass with ice and a can of Sprite Zero. At one of the bars, when it was poured into the tall glass, one can did not fill it to their liking, so they opened a second can to top it off. I was not given the rest of the second can - which I thought only fair.
  12. @ski ww Thanks for the K'dam arrival photos. 6 of us from her were on a tour together today. All attended the CC roll call. 4 were scheduled for an around the island tour with beach time. DH and I were supposed to do the same tour without beach time but tours needed to be combined. We were allowed extra time in Marigot while they were at the beach. Worked out great - until the driver announced we would be getting back around 3:15 island time but ship time was only 2:15! Wrong! K'dam's time IS island time and all aboard was 3:30. (All others were on ships that were an hour behind island time.) He took us past port security to the edge of the shops. We had to really HUSTLE - docked furthest from drop-off. As soon as we got onboard, an elevator arrived and we were in our stateroom at 3:31! Sailed at 4:07.
  13. @65 Gator Thanks for the image you captured/posted. DH just signed us up for Internet and I watched the sail-away replay video - no one else must have requested a wave. Camera was on our balcony for the LONGEST time! The roll call is getting together later today. Not enough signed up by the deadline to get HAL support, but boy did our membership grow after that. Most of the 39 CC members and quite a few spouses are expected to attend. As much as I enjoy reading others', I won't do a live report - type far too slowly. Will post review in March.
  14. @ski ww Sorry you missed it - you supply great photos of sail-ins. Here's what I got. Didn't get "the" screenshot I wanted - forgot where PrtScr key is on this 2-in-1. Never added an image, so had to figure that out too. Very high chance of rain from 10 to 6 today. Glad we'll be on the balcony rather than an open deck for sail-away.
  15. I'm here. One of the few sail-ins I've been to. Too excited to sleep I guess. Can't see ships from where we're staying.
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