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  1. The cruise line will not cover the insurance. And yes, it is only two ports in America. I want to thank the person who suggested the credit card insurance available and my father will be covered. We will get appropriate insurance for his wife, or we wont go.
  2. Legally a Canadian does not need health insurance to visit the United States. However that would be foolish in my opinion. We are looking for options. My uncle said his friend was denied health insurance but went on his planned trip anyway. Luckily he did not get sick and returned back to Canada with no problem. This would not be a risk I would take.
  3. For those of you following the home game. We've booked flights from Boston and we will be doing the complete cruise. I want to thank so much for the helpful replies especially from chengkp75. When someone asks a question on this forum it is not only beneficial for the original poster, but for others that are looking for the same information on the internet. As for the person who chimed in to chastise me for asking asking for clarification re my queries (who has posted over 25,000 posts) ,- people like you are the reason others are reluctant to post questions. Thanks again for all the helpful comments and advice. Fingers crossed that all goes well!
  4. I received information from the cruise line that the Jones Act applies. Thanks to the insightful posts by chengkp I now believe that this information was incorrect. Chastising me for wanting to have a better understanding of Maritime law is not helpful.
  5. Thanks GeezerrCouple. I respect and acknowledge Marine law. However I believe it is incumbent on the cruise line to give accurate information. I have contacted my member of parliament in Canada for confirmation if the Jones act applies, and what Canadian Maritime law applies.
  6. My next question is why does the Jones act (American law) apply to a cruise that originated from Montreal Canada with the final Canadian port being Halifax before the last two stops in America. The
  7. For those following the thread. This was the response to the request to disembark early in Halifaxfrom the cruise leaving from Montreal. We are contacting you regarding your reservations on the Holland America Zaandam. We have contacted the cruise line regarding your inquiries and were advised of the following: Regarding disembarking in Halifax rather than Boston, we were advised that this would not be possible as it would be in violation of the Jones Act, which requires you to reach a U.S. port before disembarking.
  8. if there is a silver lining to my financial faux pas it is the chances of us going on this cruise is much higher than if I realized the blunder. It is non-refundable. And I know from seeing other passengers that many are much frailer than my parents. And they go. The (presumably) get health insurance. Had I known about cabotage laws before I would not have booked, and missed out on a potential lovely family vacation . I am less discouraged now. At worst we don't go. At best . ....we do!
  9. Last cruise we were on, round trip from the states a couple came on the elevator with their suitcases and said they were disembarking to the port . It was a Caribbean Island (I can't remember which one) and I assumed they had family on the island . I thought it was a clever idea. Book a cheap cruise and save the price of a flight and enjoy a cruise to the island . If I knew what cabotage was I would have queried them on how much it cost them to do it . Maybe they just emptied their cabin and left . I don't know . The thing that should have raised red flags with me is...I wondered why MORE people don't do it. Thanks to chengkp75 now I know . there is a reason.
  10. Thanks for this. As it happens my dad has WestJet world Elite MasterCard. Which has out of Province / Country insurance
  11. Looks like I am getting a crash course on maritime law! Regarding cabotage restrictions---I didn't even know the word before I started this thread! -
  12. I talked to my sister. She had already booked it. If we can’t get health insurance it looks like we will cancel ......we didn’t want to go to the last two ports ANYWAY! But it appears we were naive. The ticket was cheap. But non refundable. And all I wanted was to treat my parents to the experience of a cruise. I am so disappointed now...so profoundly sad. It was going to be the two sisters and our parents for a relaxing cruise on the St. Laurence seaway to Atlantic Canada. But because the cruise does not end there we are in contravention of laws. and it doesn’t seem fair.
  13. Wow. This makes me think. So if someone disembarks and does not return to the ship ..even if they have advised the ship personnel...they are in trouble with the law?
  14. I am glad to get information. This was totally unexpected and I am somewhat confused. As the ship will have many Canadian passengers. You are saying that because they disembark early they are in contravention of a law? You seem to be knowledgeable about the subject. Do you (did you) work for the government?
  15. https://blog.ingleinternational.com/travelling-within-canada-your-out-of-province-health-coverage/ What is and isn’t covered out of province? In accordance with the Canada Health Act, medically necessary health care services are typically covered when travelling within Canada. In other words, if you become ill or have an accident in another province, your hospital and physician services will likely be covered. However, additional services, such as an ambulance, hospital transfer, or transportation back to your home province, will not be covered. If you have access to private group insurance (e.g., through your employer), check to find out whether you have coverage through your plan. If you want to avoid paying for these services out of pocket, you may want to consider purchasing medical insurance through a private insurance company.
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