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  1. Yep! My son's booking was cancelled on the Regal due to an unvaccinated child. Very disappointing.
  2. We are very likely going to want to cancel an upcoming cruise. Traveling partners had their booking cancelled due to having an unvaccinated child on their reservation. I have not yet spoken to Princess but since our partners were cancelled (our bookings were linked) we are not really very enthusiastic to go. I don't know if this gives us any particular "juice" to cancel... In looking at the "Book with Confidence" section on the website, the following statement is made: Cancel up to 30 days before you sail, and get your cancellation fees back as a Future Cruise Credit1. The term "cancellation fees" and the way it is used concerns me. Does this mean only a portion of what I've spent will be returned as FCC? (I'm paid in full, still greater than 30 days out) Has anybody done this and how does it work? (First time I've ever had to cancel a cruise!)
  3. My son's booking on the Regal (transatlantic) was just cancelled due to a child being booked. The word from Princess (according to him, verbally) was that all bookings that include kids under 11 are to be cancelled through the end of the year. Now...before everybody goes nuts...I don't know if this is across the board on ALL cruises; quite possibly this was only referring to the Regal...but the bit about "through the end of the year" is a bit telling. He did not press for those kinds of details because he no longer had a dog in the hunt.
  4. Bands seem to have withered up and died...at least on the Majestic last month. Mostly solo acts; guitar or piano artists.
  5. This seems to be the trick. Once you have passed that initial point where you can click the checkbox all you can do is delete the card and start over. Just another example of how poorly written the app really is.
  6. We had HUGE issues with our routing. Returning home from Athens, Greece they routed us through Paris (CDG) with a 50 minute connection time. I tried every way from Sunday to get that changed...no one could/would make any changes. Delta *couldn't* change it because the reservation was "owned" by NCL. Nobody at NCL would even talk to me about it. And, of course it was Basic Economy so could not do any kind of upgrade! And...we missed our flight. Air France had to put us up in an airport hotel for the night and provide meal vouchers. Now, most people would say "Hey, you got a free night in Paris! What are you complaining about?" You don't get your luggage in this scenario! All we got was a small "convenience" pack with a toothbrush, toothpaste, a T shirt and a sleep mask! We have another NCL cruise booked for next year using the same promo. I will most likely cancel the air portion and have that credited back to me so I can book my own air. Never again if I have ANY option.
  7. The way it was done in Athens (Greece) was you were tested BEFORE you ever got to the terminal at an auxiliary site (hotel in our case). That way, you are never faced with the scenario that the OP posed.
  8. Athens Greece: nasal swab. Results in about 20 minutes
  9. @DebbieMacG I suspect that the rules are different for the Regal Transatlantic on Nov. 3rd...but this has me concerned because we have a granddaughter under 12 that has not been vaccinated yet. We are flying in from the US to cross back to Fort Lauderdale. Question: Once Princess cancelled on you what accommodation did they make to you? Refund? FCC? Rebook?
  10. The only "downside" (if you have to give one) is that whoever you want to talk to has to use WhatsApp as well...but I've never found this to be a problem. Just arrange it beforehand.
  11. Yeah, don't try to throw another variable into the mix. WiFi calling or WhatsApp is the way to go. We've used both...more so WhatsApp.
  12. We were able to select dining times on an August Majestic sailing at about 1 month prior to sailing. Of course, almost NOTHING else was working with the app back then...that was when the dev group was throwing changes out every few days to "see what would stick!"
  13. When we were on the Majestic back in August, very often the waiters would ask if we were planning to do a show at a certain time. We never were, but the implication was that they would put a rush on your order so you would not miss the show.
  14. You did not share what type of phone you are using. Many people have reported differing symptoms based on whether they were using an iPhone, Android or even an iPad. We were on the second Majestic sailing to Alaska back in August. I use an Android. I was constantly getting the "spinnong Loading" image until I contacted the support group by email. After a couple of days it magically started working. Of course, that was about the time the dev group was *supposedly* pulling out all the stops to get everybody working prior to boarding. Send an email with all details and EXACTLY what is taking place and what you clicked on to get the problem. askoceanmedallion@carnival.com
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