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  1. Just got back from our first Alaska cruise about a month ago. We'll be doing that one again, for sure! One of the things that we really enjoyed was the on-board naturalist. Does Princess do this for Panama Canal transits as well?
  2. Does anybody know what air tour operator Celebrity uses in the Victoria area?
  3. I would suggest that the safest thing to do would be to call Celebrity and speak directly with someone. They may need to transfer you to their accessibility department but if so then you would be assured of a good answer.
  4. Chug a lug!
  5. I know there are tons of questions regarding power plugs for every ship and every cruise line...this is a bit different, though. Does anybody know what the arrangement is for power located *under* the beds on the solstice? I typically try to adapt this to plug in a CPAP so that I don't have extension cords running across the floor. Many cruise lines have a single 220 European style located there...easy enough to get an adapter that will allow the original ship's cord (usually the lamp) as well as whatever I want to plug in. I've never cruised Celebrity, though. Anybody know?
  6. As the OP on this thread, Thank you skynight! While others responded with snippets of the overall answer, you supplied the absolute best response geared toward fully explaining the situation to someone who had absolutely no prior knowledge of the topic. Thank you!
  7. I know you can take advantage of the FCD promotion while you are onboard an existing cruise...is there any way to take advantage of these perks prior to being on that next cruise? I think the cruise I'm interested in is filling up!
  8. Great! We leave in 2 days (Nov. 9th, 2018) on Royal Princess and just got an email from Princess: (Excerpt): Please be advised that during the current cruise there were slightly elevated case counts of gastrointestinal illness among guests. A comprehensive sanitation program was launched in response, and Royal Princess will undergo a prolonged and additional disinfection in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, November 9, 2018. I sure hope their sanitation program is successful! Can't say I'm looking forward to the trip, now!
  9. Appreciate the fast response! I'd still like to hear from someone who might offer up a reason that they would pick Restricted over Flexible...
  10. We have a British Isles cruise booked for May 2019...am researching air fares. I am seeing a DRASTIC difference between "Flexible" vs "Restricted". For example...$805 Flexible vs $1400 Restricted. I must be missing something! Why would anybody pick Restricted over the Flexible? There must be some really compelling reason to pick that higher "Restricted" fare that I just don't see. Help!
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