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  1. I'm curious...it sounds as if maybe you have firsthand experience. What phone are you having issues with?
  2. If you do much cruising you might want to check out GeoBlue for an annual policy. Covers you regardless of how many trips you take and regardless of whether it's a cruise.
  3. I believe we did that one through Viator. Very good experience!
  4. Thanks for that quick reply! As I did for that first cruise, I looked EVERYWHERE for details as to exactly what was needed. Where are these requirements listed? The App store makes no reference to anything extra needed, nor does anything that I could find on the Princess website. Surely there is a "final word" explaining everything needed?
  5. On a previous cruise (last year) I had to download some auxiliary apps along with the main MedallionClass app before everything functioned as it should. It sounds as if some things have changed. What's the scoop?
  6. >>>> I deleted all the apps except Ocean Ready in anticipation of the 'new and improved' Medallion Class App which was supposed to be here last week. Does this mean that you no longer need any of those "auxilliary" apps (Ocean Ready, Ocean View, etc.)? All you need is the main app now? I jumped through all kinds of hoops last year until I got those extra apps downloaded! Thankfully I was still in New York harbor and could switch back and forth between the ship wifi and 4G data to get everything downloaded.
  7. We did that transfer *incoming* to the ship on embarkation day last year. Stonehenge is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend trying to work that into your schedule either before or after your cruise (assuming you're headed back to London/Heathrow).
  8. We did this exact cruise last May. I always wear a dressy button down shirt with no tie, sport jacket and khakis. I never felt out of place. Yes, there were a few tuxes seen but there were just as many wearing "smart casual" as well. We just got off the Pacific Princess on a Panama Canal transit last month. Surprisingly, the rules for every night in the dining room was "long pants required". (No real complaint on my part.) This particular cruise had a rather high age demographic so it really was not much of an issue. I got caught by surprise, though. I suspect everybody in the dining room thought I only had one pair of khakis to my name! I had prepared for only 2 "formal nights" as I've experienced in the past!
  9. I've heard tales of people seen disembarking with their ships' bathrobes being worn!
  10. The ship itself has no bearing on this...the app is "talking" to a server somewhere (not on the ship) and it will not reflect anything regarding the Enchanted until that data is actually posted into the database, regardless as to whether the ship is "wired up".
  11. Is it possible to do? Probably, but you would need to be off the ship as early as they will let you (self-disembark) and hire a private car service. You'll pay a premium over using more traditional types of transfer. I personally would not try it...not worth the worry and stress after what should be a nice relaxing cruise!
  12. I cannot speak directly to Southampton to Heathrow...we only did a transfer from Heathrow to Southampton prior to our cruise. Our plans changed coming back...we were coming from Cardiff, Wales so we took a train. However, you might want to take a look at the website below. They have LOTS of great information regarding everything London oriented. We've used several of their recommendations for a previous trip last year. https://www.londontoolkit.com/travel/southampton_cruise_shuttles.htm
  13. Just came off the Pacific Princess a couple of weeks ago. Medallion Net is NOT available on this ship and there appears to be NO plans for it to be added (according to the Internet Mgr on board).
  14. I'd like to share an experience that I had with EZAir. You don't always see all available flights! I usually try for EZAir since it has generally given me better pricing than going direct with Delta (my preferred airline as well). A couple of cruises back I picked a flight combo (roundtrip) from what showed on the EZAir selections. I really was not overly happy with the connections that I had for 1 leg of the flight, but I was willing to live with it if that's all that was available. On a whim, I plugged in the same trip direct into Delta's site. It came back with a couple of MUCH better connections. I made note of the flight numbers and then called EZAir. When I explained what I had done and gave the rep the desired flight numbers she plugged me right in and made the change for me! No explanation as to why it did not show up on the EZAir selections.
  15. That's the conclusion I had come to as well. It sure seems like Princess is missing out on an opportunity to supply a really great service to its' already booked customers if they would just expand this just a little further! Comments are great (as far as they go) but the ability to really collaborate on picking excursions and activities and "voting" on them seems like it would be very nice. Most of the logic is already there...it's just limited by the coding!
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