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  1. This really touched my heart. We had to call off our cruise a week ago due to illness. None of us knows how many cruise days we still have ahead of us. How very precious the time together is, observing God's magnificent creation!
  2. Has anyone read any follow-up articles about the woman? I am curious whether maybe she is a psych patient, unstable emotionally, etc.
  3. PARROTFEATHERS - Thank you for sharing with us. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.
  4. My DH and i really like the promenade rooms. No problems noted. Usually deck 7 or 8.
  5. As a person from the US, i would probably enjoy the show just because I have a special warmth in my heart for the UK. ☺
  6. Thank you. One cruiser in our party is on a pretty restrictive medical diet and sometimes eats more of one thing (such as broiled fish, plain veggies) because he can't have other items such as bread, condiments, sauces, etc.
  7. KEN THE CRUISER - I'm interested in your comment about small portion sizes. Are people allowed to order more than one appetizer, or even more than one entre, or would they be charged extra?
  8. I appreciate your attitude, and the reminder that we are blessed and surely should be grateful. I need this reminder.
  9. Go Bucks - My husband and I had a similar experience at a table that had a group that knew each other. We were totally ignored by the group. Since then we rarely sit at anything but a table for two if in the dining room. And we like the buffet better - more fun! We love getting to know the workers from around the world. They usually have more flexibility to stop to talk, compared to dining room servers. We stay as long as we want, get into some amazing conversations when we ask the workers about their own countries, their govts, their families.
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