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  1. I have a grandchild on weekends whose stuffed animal was so heavily scented, from some laundry product used by stepmom, that it made me ill. I finally threw it in the washer on HOT, and have to periodically repair the damage. He needs new stuffing soon to keep his head from falling off.🤐
  2. THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE. I will follow up on this.
  3. If I am leaving for a cruise, and per my insurance it is too soon to get med refills, or if trip will last longer than my med supply, how do I get what I need? . Advice?
  4. Several times I spent weeks at a time outside US mainland, once living in a boarding house (Puerto Rico) once in a seminary dorm (Costa Rica), in a teacher's home (Nicaragua), etc etc. I was less than fluent in their language but soaked in their way of life. Real eye opening experiences. Attended a women's Bible study in a hut with dirt floor and no doors; a goat walked through. Used an outhouse of a Peace Corps couple, or tried to, but freaked out after sitting down, with a tarantula the size of my hand inches from my face. Talked to women whose hands were black with some sort of fungus, from scrubbing clothes all day for a living. Shoe "stores" that only sold used shoes. "Drug stores" that sold meds by the pill, not box or bottle, because nobody in the village could ever buy a whole box or bottle. Mom who opened a can with a machete, her "can opener." I feel so very, very blessed. Suggestion - really talk, listen, to the workers on the cruise ships. Find out their hopes, dreams, ages of their kids and when they will get to see them again. Smile and let them know that meeting them is a privilege.
  5. We used to splurge on balconies, (Caribbean), and I wanted to avoid blistering hot weather but also chilly temps. We gave up balconies but still cruise between Sept and May, watching prices. I remember one Feb cruise, sitting on the balcony, with jacket on and wrapped in a bath towel! Don't remember what time of day that was.
  6. LEN, my heartfelt sympathy for the difficulties you face daily. DH and i have a precious in-law who is suffering with Lou Gehrig's disease; his struggle is also torment for those who love him.) I pray God's comfort, peace, daily presence for you, whatever you face each day. (For He Himself is our peace, Eph. 2:14) I don't think we can truly understand without 'walking in your shoes.' I love that you can cruise and hope DH and i can meet up with you on a ship one day☺. Have you posted a cruise report on the disabled cruisers forum? (There is software to turn dictated text into typed text.)
  7. I think LEN is dealing with some heavyweight mobility issues. My DH won't fly, so we only cruise from a port we can drive to in a reasonable amt of time. It would be natural to wish dear friends would join his trip. LEN, i hope the responses weren't hurtful. (Years ago, I pressured my parents into going to a movie, though my mom hesitated due to her faith. The memory makes me cringe to this day.) People sometimes might not want to provide actual reasons. I have an acquaintance who is afraid of water but might not want to say so.
  8. I appreciate the reminder to treat everyone with respect. We often have no idea what the sorrows or burdens are that people carry. Do personal notes, praising a staff member, get to the appropriate people if left at customer service?? (I have failed to respond to rc's emailed questionnaire fast enough.)
  9. Has anyone tried eating green apples? I remember reading a post in which a man's wife couldn't get relief from other treatments; a cabin steward brought her the apples and she got relief. He claimed some crew members use/eat them. Just curious.
  10. I really enjoy Royal C Windjammer. DH and i love talking to servers from so many different countries. We really like the variety of foods and ability to get small amounts of this and that, going back for more of our favorites. I found out I love curry dishes.
  11. Glenn, I'm sorry. Some people just don't reach out. Things might get a bunch better closer to cruise time. We're cruising in 3 weeks, and I still haven't faithfully tracked roll call activity. Too much other stuff on my mind.
  12. I lost 5 lbs before cruise last Sept, gained it back, got home and didn't get back in control. Just now starting again, for mid Feb cruise. Blessings to all!
  13. I wonder if somebody in medical analyzes a patient specimen under a microscope, or performs some other lab test, before pronouncing the illness as Noro virus??
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