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  1. I voted for Discovery. It sounds good and should fit in nicely. The other suggested names are okay but I think we would all get a little tired of the Star Wars references if they used the Forth. Paul
  2. Hi Phil, I would also like to see some clear, transparent and reasonable solo supplement pricing on Azamara’s website. Currently you have to go through the first few steps of a booking (a mock booking as ptrpanpens refers to it) on each individual cruise you might be interested in to find out if there is any solo discount. This makes searching for a good solo deal a little labour intensive. A check on Azamara’s Canadian website of the 16 Night Iceland cruise you mention shows a solo supplement of 25% when you compare a 1 guest booking with a 2 guest booking. Up until recently all cruises
  3. Great to have confirmation on the new addition. I wonder what the name will be? I think either Azamara Adventure or Azamara Voyage would be a good fit. Paul
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