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  1. CapeCodCruiser

    Galveston TX Embarcation Hell

    The process can be overwhelming for the first time for sure. It is somewhat chaotic outside the terminal with people coming & going at the same time. You can avoid this chaos if you wait to arrive at the cruise terminal until 12:30 or 1 - I hear it is much calmer at that time. Your scenario of arriving at 9am and having to wait in the hot sun would indeed be a horrible way to start off a cruise. The ship doesn't even start boarding until 11am at the earliest. We usually arrive around 10:30 walk right in and check in and are aboard by 11:30ish. The other option is to choose a much smaller ship that doesn't carry 3000 passengers but be prepared to break out your wallet. The reason it is so easy to walk off the ship into a foreign port is the ship has already "cleared" immigration for you - special procedures are in place for cruisers. If you flew into the same port believe me you would have to go through the 800 yard winding path for immigration & customs upon arrival.
  2. CapeCodCruiser

    Giovanni's Table - new menu????

    The Osso Buco is devine!
  3. CapeCodCruiser

    Just Off Liberty - A Few Thoughts

    I ordered the dry aged porterhouse with the $$ upcharge - they were very apologetic and did not charge me - I ate about three bites. The steak was less than 3/4" thick - doesn't even really qualify as a Porterhouse (should be minimum of 1 1/4").
  4. CapeCodCruiser

    Just Off Liberty - A Few Thoughts

    Sorry we never ran into each other!
  5. The Orange Rosemary - aka "Game of Sloanes" is ridiculously delicious! Save your money...I ordered the aged porterhouse - it was inedible - tough & chewy and NO flavor - maybe 1/2 inch thick - they did not charge me. Three out of 4 of our steaks were not edible both due to poor quality meat and two also had problems with the cook & too much salt. My husbands first filet was poorly cooked but the second was the only edible steak at the table. Hopefully your experience will be better. If you want really delicious meat - the Mole Shortrib at Sabor is off the hook - same as the Osso Buco in Giovannis.
  6. CapeCodCruiser

    Just Off Liberty - A Few Thoughts

    Thanks - I"ll have to check them out. I also plan to check out Azamara. Our next cruise is on Celebrity Eclipse which I know ticks a few more of my boxes. One thing I forgot to mention was the bed, even with a foam topper, was like sleeping on a cement slab! Still recovering from that. :(
  7. Just returned from Liberty on Sunday. This was my first Royal cruise and I was very interested to experience first hand what I've been reading about these past many months. I have to say Sabor is the Best meal we had on the ship...Chops - the absolute worst. There were so many issues with our steaks the manager and the Chef came out to apologize. I told them I had heard ahead of time that the quality of the meat is very poor and I understood they were stuck with what corporate sent them. I did tell them that I will write to corporate and express my concerns as well - they were both very glad to hear that as they would love to get better quality meat. We also ate in Giovannis one night - really good - the osso buco was devine. Our first waiter was very pushy with the wine list - suggesting a bottle more than twice the price of my original pick which was no longer available. He then brought out the appetizer before we were even done with the antipasto course. He was just so pushy and aggressive the whole table was very uptight, I spoke with the manager and he was replaced - the rest of the meal was fantastic. We very much enjoyed the RBar - Melv in, Raj, & Anna were so much fun. We had such a great time at the first Martini Tasting we did it again! The ship itself was nice although I prefer one with more outside deck - especially outdoor eating areas from the buffet and an outside aft deck for that gorgeous view. The push for onboard sales of bev pkg and spec. dining was very aggressive. I was almost scollded by a Giovannis waiter one afternoon because he hadn't seen me in the restaurant yet - and no - he was not joking. The windjammer was average as was the MDR food - pretty much as expected. All in all we had a blast but I will look for another ship layout that suits my taste better.
  8. We just got off Liberty on the 30th - the R bar was our favorite - love Melvin, Raj and Anna! The R Bar is true mixology - tell them what you like and they will create something for you. We had so much fun we did the Martini Tasting twice! If you like something with a little heat ask Melvin to make you a Christini!
  9. CapeCodCruiser

    Cell Phone Questions

    If you don't need to contact them every day just add the daily plan to your service - $10/day for any day you use it - no extra charges for minutes or texts - it pulls from your plan allowance. https://www.verizonwireless.com/solutions-and-services/international-travel/
  10. CapeCodCruiser

    Onboard Now, Serious Issue - How to Handle?

    Very sorry for your loss and the poor manner this news was handled. Clearly there was a breakdown in the process - it happens with humans - we make mistakes. At this point it can not be undone, you may or may not get a satisfactory apology from Carnival. I would post to John Heald - he seems to have the ear of the powers that be and can pass along your experience.
  11. CapeCodCruiser


    Me too Janice!!!!!! I am so excited for this cruise I can hardly sit still!
  12. CapeCodCruiser

    How compassionate are Celebrity?

    Sorry to hear of DSF. It never hurts to ask - the worst they can say is no.
  13. CapeCodCruiser

    How can we help Haiti?

    I have heard of some folks who were able to arrange delivery of donations there. You would need to contact someone or agency there to arrange it and find out what the greatest need is. Perhaps your church or a civil organization can help you get in touch with someone in Haiti who can receive and distribute the donations. You will also need permission from Royal to do this.
  14. CapeCodCruiser

    Caribbean ports all look the same?

    They do and they don't! The Pitons in St Lucia are very different. Magen's Bay St Thomas - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the contrast between St Maarten and St Martin, the snorkeling at the barrier reef off of Mexico - the 2nd largest in the world, cave tubing in Belize - I could go on. So while yes they are all tropical they do have their own special features