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  1. Perfection - thanks! It's hard to judge the scale on the maps. It will definitely be a perfect day and we cannot wait!
  2. True they are preassigned - however we're spoiling ourselves this time and I was going to ask our Genie to see about getting one away from the wave pool. I think you can also go to the excursions desk upon boarding to request certain areas.
  3. When we were on Anthem, on one of our tours, we found out there are 1,400 cameras on the ship and all are equipped with facial recognition (hence the expressionless photo requirement). The question was asked about kids taking the xbox controllers. The crew member informed us that yes, it has happened, and yes they always know who did it and where it is. I wouldn't worry about your room cards.
  4. Which cabana were you in? We'll be there in December and it's hard to tell from the map where to pick. I don't want to be over by the wave pool... it looks like there are some cabanas closer to/in between the two sets of waterslides. We'll have the bigger kids (11/12) that will want to do Devil's tower and younger kids (6/9) that will probably be more interested in the racers and tube slides. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  5. Agree that she should go - it's fun to watch. A heads up - when we did this excursion last year we were freezing on the way back to the port as we were wet and the wind from the moving boat was nippy. Remember to bring something warm and/or dry to wear on the way back after you're done swimming! Access to the catamaran is a few steps up/down - and if she's already down to a cane she'll be fine.
  6. Watching and learning ... we have our first genie experience in December. Can. Not. Wait.
  7. Maybe bring a little travel fan so it can blow on shoes overnight to help them dry out?
  8. OMG - have you see @passengershaming on Instagram? Have a look. I'm now a wiper and sanitizer on every flight. People are disgusting!
  9. @crewsweeper Perfect - I love a family-owned cafe. Thanks for the recco's!
  10. We will be in SJ in December for a very quick pit stop from 7 - 1... my friend and I are planning to get off early and go wander around. I'm keen to try a good coffee place (I know most beans now come from off-island) and a delicious breakfast .... something with a local flair. Suggestions? I think I read something about Chocobar that seemed promising. Chocolate = good. Coffee = good... and since it'll be 5:00 somewhere, maybe a nice mojito? Doesn't all have to be at the same location as we are keen to wander.
  11. Being a resident of Vancouver - just a heads up that cabs will be busy with a ship disembarking and we don’t even have Uber here yet 🤦🏻‍♀️. Sky train has a station right at CANADA Place and it’s super close. Super cheap. And takes the same amount of time as driving. I only mention it in the event there is a long line for cabs. But make sure you get on the train going to the airport and Not the Richmond terminus.
  12. I had the same concern on my last cruise - I fast until lunchtime - so missing breakfast was easy (just coffee), but before every meal I had a plate-sized salad with no dressing, or a good helping of crudité. This took away my “must-eat-so-hungry” feeling (which almost always ends up in a bad food choice). Then after I had finished, I would go get some fish or chicken, and maybe a small bite of something (or 2 or 3) I wouldn’t normally have. (Mac and cheese is my heaven). Just enough for a taste. This way I didn’t feel like I was denying myself. Skipped desserts and fruit. Sugar is your enemy. Mind you - I did have a soft serve froyo on the pool deck most days. No weight gained on a 9 day cruise. Oh. And stairs. Unless it was more than 12 decks. (So basically never used an elevator 🤣🤣) Salad is your friend at the start of your meal 🙂. Bon Voyage
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