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  1. masterdrago


    I'm betting that the answer is yes since Island Wings Air Service runs flight seeing tours to Traitors Cove from August 1st and September 30th for the bear viewing observatory.
  2. We did a van trip from Skagway to Carcross/Emerald Lake and then back to Fraser. Had lunch in Carcross. We had bought passes on the WPYR and the tour guide with Dyea Dave stopped at the train station and picked up our tickets and made sure we were boarded on the train in Fraser. In our 16 days in Alaska, this day was one of the most beautiful and inspiring excursions we did. Many, many stops for photos and got some great video on the 90 minute train ride back to Skagway. For the 2 of us, it was ~$350 for the full day of exquisite beauty. The Dyea Dave tour guide picked us up at the train station when we got back and made sure we were back on the ship prior to departure. Again, I cannot speak more highly of this tour and the grand beauty we saw.
  3. You're not obsessing. We went on 3 - Harv & Marv's - Juneau, Glacier Wind Charter - Icy Strait, & Major Marine - Seward. For us, the most enjoyable was Glacier Wind Charters. Excellent personal service, great team, very well maintained boats and knowledgeable captains. I shot close to 500 pix from their 33' catamaran, the "Catabatic". Many, many looked similar to And the activity sometimes took place within 75 yards of the boat. Layers of clothing with a light weight rainproof jacket.
  4. We had a morning air flight w/Talkeetna Air Taxi to fly around Denali w/glacier landing. Things were looking swell โ€“ weather, schedule, and crew ready. We got really lucky. We were getting to land at the climbers Base Camp because we were picking up a hiker that had been there a week and dropping off one of the pilots and her daughter so they could ski a few days! Very cool! Also, on our Otter, was a young female F18 WSO. Thanks for her service. I got her to pose with me for a pix! The flight was just over 2 hours and it was surreal. The scale of the mountain is hard to comprehend. It always looked as if we were drifting by the snow covered peaks and passes in a hot air balloon in slow-mo. Clay, our pilot, said we were doing 120mph! Included a pix of base camp and one of the Otter we flew up in. Base Camp โ€“ consist of numerous tents, a custom heli-pad, and an igloo built by a Japanese climbing team. When we were there 63 had attempted the summit and all had failed for various reasons.
  5. We did 7 day southbound on Radiance of the Seas. I thought it was close to the perfect size but I'm not real big on shipboard entertainment. We have done several out of Galveston on Liberty. Found the Promenade a bit overwhelming when crowded. We are seriously thinking of one of the small ships with Seabourne, Alaska Dream or Lindblad.
  6. We originally wanted to take the full day ride. I'm happy we did not get to take it. They do not run on Mondays and we were there Memorial day. So we opted for the ride from Fraser back to Skagway on the train. About 45 minutes. I'm really glad we did it that way as we were able to take an incredible van ride Skagway to Emerald Lake/Carcross and back to Fraser with Dyea Dave. Truly awesome trip! I shot a bit of video on the train. 45 minutes was plenty.
  7. We had a nice lunch and a great view from Timberline Restaurant at the top of Mount Roberts Tramway while in port Juneau. In Ketchikan we had a scrumptious lunch at Annabelle's Famous Keg and Chowder House. Both of these places were somewhat busy due to sharing the pier with the 5,000 passenger Ovation of the Seas.
  8. I hiked Alaska in '95 and took some but one of the Anchorage residents that hiked with us for 2 weeks carried a rather large rifle sticking out of his backpack. Clearly that is not an option while on cruises. While hiking it is recommended to not surprise a mamma bear and her cubs. Avoid any you see having lunch on a recent kill.
  9. If I remember correctly you can get it at Denali Mountain Works located at mile 239 ~1mile north of the entrance to Denali National Park. They are only open mid May to late September. You cannot take it on the cruise ships. There is a lot of discussion as to how useful it is.
  10. We could not get enough of the small boat whale watching in last 2 weeks of May but we were there 16 days so had the time to book several (3) and one glacier small boat all day tour out of Whittier. The whale/bear combo skrufy mentioned sounds enticing. Several are 2.5 hours but I would go for something longer (6.5hrs) like with shoreexcursioneer, alaskashoreexperts, or mistybaytoursalaska. I've not been and have not seen the reviews. We did ours with Glacier Winds Charters. Excellent!!
  11. Thanks Martincath. Looks like we could easily spend more than 36 hours there. Lots to consider.
  12. Max elevation on our flight around Denali and landing at base camp was about 7,800'. Should not be a problem. There are trips that go higher but they are not pressurized cabins but do provide air masks. At 20,000' your ears will feel it.
  13. I think for us it was a very individual thing. DW is very cold sensitive. Me not so much. The only day that I felt the need for 4 layers was while at the glaciers when running on the fast boats and outside on the deck. When we went into Prince William Sound, DW wore a layer more than me and we both had taken along the thin outer water resistant Gore-Tex 4th layer in case of rain. Hers one one of the 3-N-1. Me just a Marino piece over Under-Armor. The day on Resurrection Bay was very cold (40ish) and rainy. DW wore all 4 layers.
  14. Another two thumbs up for the tour with Dave. Most excellent grand service you could hope for.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions Mapleleaves. Making notes๐Ÿ™‚ Especially driving directly from Seattle staying on Vancouver Island. We are in the very pre-planning stage for a late summer 2021 trip.
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