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  1. We are less than a month from flight out!! Just getting very excited and thanks to DW, I'm not having to fret too much about packing. I do get nervous at times because she takes so much extra, IMO. Thank you so much for that PDF walking tour in Ketchikan. We also have a flightseeing tour over Misty Fjords National Monument at midday. With no other excursions planned inside the 9a-6p time frame, I was looking for other things to do and it looked like Ketchikan would be one of the better places to hoof-it. I've been looking through a book on Totems - "The Wolf and the Raven" to pump up my zero knowledge. I also remember marking the Alaskan Fish House on a notepad with good reviews on TripAdviser. I'm so enjoying your notes on planning.
  2. Again, I have extremely little real life experience shooting video. I had learned that somewhere. The 7 Black will "chapter" a large video shoot into 4gig segments so forces the user to use an editor to put it back together. Clearly that would only occur when taking long high res, high frame rate, superwide vids and possibly using Protune. Although the complete video can be viewed on the GoPro, there will be about a 200ms loss of audio between each chapter in playback, while no video frames will be lost. Also, it doesn't matter which card or format you use since the GoPro will format anything larger than 32gig using exFAT. GoPro claims that the 4gig limit is for other device compatibility and to safeguard loss of an entire video. Seems weird to me but I'm nowhere near a computer genius. When I read that, I was thinking if I shot 2 hours of 2.7K 120FPS Wide video in HVEC (which would fill a 64gig SD card), and lost a 4gig segment, it might ruin the entire video anyway. Just from the standpoint of loss of continuity. Another thing to remember is that the 7 Black can write at over 66MB/s, so it would be a good idea to use high quality SD cards. I'm only using 64gig SanDisc Extreme Pro that have write speeds of 90MB/s.
  3. Thanks for the info. I did know about ship spinning to take everyone for a view. My plan was to GorillaPod the GP to the rail and set it for timelapse with 2 sec. intervals unless you pros know better. I'll have an external PowerCore 21000 feeding the GP with the rig tethered for safety. The only way I have to protect the connections is by covering with tape the 90 degree USB-C input. Kind of a kluge but unless a terrific storm arrives, I should be good. Have not decided what res, fps, or fov will work best. I've got time to experiment at home for the 3 hour TL vid. I plan on finding a spot on deck to shoot stills and vid with a Nikon 7500, so the GP will be on its own.
  4. Now that's a hoot! DW got it for me just b4 a Christmas trip to Gatlinburg in 2014. I've lost about 35# since then and it is rather loose so it most likely will stay home. Hey kentuckycruiser, called Dick's down south of us. Said they have a good selection of coats. We did look on LL Bean few weeks back. Nothing jumped out and tickled her fancy. We don't shop Land's End - X Sears repair guy, laid off in 2016, retired in Feb. '17. We have a Nordstrom and their Rack store also. Maybe tomorrow. Had not even thought of them. Good suggestions. Thanks.
  5. Ditto on what Mapleleaves says. I too, only discovered the mile 53 limit b4 June 1 and then to mile 66 after I had made the reservations for the time in Denali. It was most disturbing to discover. Fortunately for us, we have nearly 4 days near Denali - at least in good view of it. Lots of 3rd party ground tours (not inside the park) and the flight around the mountain. I was looking at rain amounts and flying bug intensity - why I booked May. Look at their full schedule at https://www.nps.gov/dena/planyourvisit/upload/transit-schedule.pdf
  6. Thanks for the ideas AKStafford. I'm doing an inventory now of the pile she will be packing in a few weeks. She has decided that she will not wait til Anchorage. I personally, with 4 layers, the top being light weight rain jacket will be fine in anything the weather Gods will toss my way - very warm blooded. Looking at today's weather in Anchorage, and the next several, DW has almost made me rethink the heavy jacket. I just don't want the extra bulk and weight. You can see a pix of her pile. I think way too many choices, but hey, DW is on this trip also. I gotta go with the flow since she has only balked about me taking a camera slider which she was going to have to carry 😉
  7. I've discovered, but with fair warning from other cruisers, that Alaska is just way more $$ than anything Caribbean. After I get through the packing process and add learned experience in here, it might take me a bit of time after we get back to home.
  8. It has been a lot of work but I've found it fun and very educational, especially with all the great folks here on CC. I feel certain that some of the long time cruisers, especially those on this board could plan and throw together a cruise with an attached land tour in as little as a weekend of planning. I'm working on how to get the pile of packing done right now. DW says she has it down pat. I just have my doubts. I'll follow up with some notes in a bit. Here is the basic pile of stuff that DW thinks she can get into 2 large & 2 small suitcases (blue & red in the pix). The carry on pieces are the black backpack w/20# of camera gear and the purple backpack that DW will carry on. I've hidden a few pieces of gear in hers also.
  9. When I talked with the folks at the Butchart Gardens, I was told that May was their transition time and there was not a lot to see. I've been told by some of the locals here on CC, that is not really the case. I'm not sure what the reality is but I suspect some of the local Canadians might chime in. I looked up sunset times for Victoria on May 20th. Not sure when you will be there. Sunset: 20:53, End of civil twilight: 21:32, End of Nautical twilight: 22:23. So there is some usable light until 10:30pm or so unless it is cloudy, May 20th = 50% mostly cloudy. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/canada/victoria
  10. Thanks on the Dick's suggestion. We have one of their big stores 25 miles south and they should have a lot more room to add some late winter clothing since they removed firearms :{
  11. I'm with you, I'm usually good down to about 45 in shorts if there is no wind. On one occasion, I was caught still in shorts running up a ladder at one of our astronomy sites when it had dropped into the 40s. Someone finally said something. I meant to say New Mexico at 9,000ft, Thanks for the kind words on her weight loss.
  12. She'll freeze her nuggies off..... Not really. She has stuff but she thinks they fit too loose since she has lost nearly 50#. I just want her to pack smart and what the hey, she is female:) And her 1st trip to Alaska (cold country) where there will be days filled with glacier, whale and top of Denali walks on glaciers. She's a southern gal. We spent a Christmas in Angel Fire , NM and she dressed like an Eskimo. She has a friend 60 miles south that we're meeting for dinner this weekend. She has a 3n1 Eddie Bauer light weight Gore-Tex rain jacket with a down inner liner. She thinks it will be too large also but if it can work, will save some coin and more frustration of sending stuff back. Should know by Saturday afternoon. We also plan on checking the big REI just north of Houston again and the Sun & Ski again. I was just shocked that the Anchorage REI would not have several tons of warm weather clothing for all the cruisers that pack too little. With average temps in Anchorage 2nd half of May being 40-60F and 43% mostly cloudy and 20% of the time it's raining, was just thinking out loud.
  13. It absolutely does. I just want DW to be prepared since she is very cold sensitive. I think that she will be just fine with Under Armor, sweater or Merino or fleece middle layer and a waterproof but breathable outer layer. She wanted to pack a heavy jacket for both of us but I was strong about me not taking that. I think I finally talked her out of the heavy. Anchorage is our 1st stop (1:50pm) so thought that the new REI would be a perfect place to "finish" shopping. And it is "Alaska". Our first stop after arriving in Anchorage and picking up rent car is most likely a meal. Overnight there, then to Talkeetna.
  14. We also, are booked with Harv & Marv's. Just paid the remaining balance today.
  15. DW has been having issues finding the "right" 3n1 jacket for our Alaska trip in May. I called REI at their new store and was told the weather is too warm there in May to keep jackets in stock. He even told me they had shipped most out to the Midwest when they had that nasty cold front weeks back. I find this really hard to believe. We've looked around Houston but have not found much the last two months since the "winter" is over here. She ordered a couple online but the fit was poor. She has been losing weight big time since Christmas so her old stuff doesn't fit. I'm sort of in the same boat but am fine with a slightly too large light Gore-Tex rain jacket, rain pants and a couple of thin layers of Merino wool under that. Looks like temps will be from 30 to 55 when we are in Alaska. Any ideas?
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