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  1. I sure considered a monopod but left it at home. It would have been of no use on the jeep, van, ATV, plane, or boat excursions. That Canon looks like a really nice rig. I seriously doubt he will have any use for a tripod with it and surely not the GoPro. My GP7 takes really nice 12MP images and video hand held. I'm not familiar with the Canon but I set my Nikon DSLR for a minimum shutter speed of 1/500 and auto ISO. That worked great with a 300 and 600mm on the DX format cameras that I used last month in Alaska. My recommendation is leave the tripod at home.
  2. Mine 3way made it through multiple, multiple scans and inspections in my camera backpack, along with a small camera fanny pack stuffed with chargers, cables (usb), Hdds, big (32 & 80Wh) Lithium batteries, and other crap. I used the 3way Rigid power adapter all week on the ship to give me the needed 120vac outlets for the Nikon chargers and Anker PowerPort Speed 5 to charge all the USB gadgets (phones, GoPro batteries & Lithium bricks). Nothing was packed that had surge protection like some of the extension cords I see quarantined from the suite cases of others - Naughty Room trip.....
  3. When we crossed the border on the WPYR May 27th, a customs agent came onboard to view everyone's passport.
  4. there must be a word filter being used ripped got dropped also. that's R I P P E D I guess I just don't get it
  5. Thanks Dave. I was hoping you might answer. I do see what is going on. I'm am saving as a high quality jpg 1024 x whatever after cropping and doing any level tweaks. My 15" 4k laptop does show a different ppi than the 27" 4k. So the copy is sent as a 300ppi 1024 image and that is getting changed to a 1000 72ppi image after pasting into the forum. It might be this difference when viewing after the post. I have now experimented with resizing the 5000 to 72ppi from the 300ppi and that is setting the wide side as around 1000. My eyes are not seeing enough difference to really matter. I'm also changing them to medium jpg in PS instead of high which makes them closer to 100k than 200k. All magic to me. I've also discovered that when trying to use Imgur to sent a direct link for the img with brackets thing, it immediately gets drop by the forum. More strange.... So I started doing a cut and past from the file manager or the "drag files here thing". Either one seems to work much faster and easier than uploading to Imgur then copying that
  6. Day 3: After flight Talkeetna Discovering Town After getting back to the airport Talkeetna, we decided to explore the small town. DW went into several of the shops and reported that it was mostly junk unless we wanted a t-shirt, which she bought for her daughter living in S. Korea. DW also found a nice light weight jacket for herself. We ate at the Wild Flower Café – a nice, small, local place that served a Halibut & Crab sandwich which was scrumptious. DW had Crab Cakes. Tea in Mason jars and a couple of glasses of not so good white wine. Cool. Pricing was not bad for an out of the way place in Alaska. $96 including tip for lunch. Notice the blue tub full of cleaned Chaga Mushroom. A couple of guys were processing a huge batch of it they had collected in the back country from Birch trees. I had never heard of it but it apparently has numerous medicinal uses. A short walk down Main St. to the west led us to the confluence of the Talkeetna and Susitna Rivers. The flow was raging and there was a big storm over near Denali to the north. Back in town, the best guys store is Nagley’s. Everything you’ll need can be found in this place. It’s a bit of everything. I think I even saw a well pump switch. Arriving back at the Lodge, we found Denali shrouded in clouds and rain. Totally different view than when we awoke.
  7. Is there some preferred format, resolution, size, or other parameters that work best on the forums? I'm resizing my pix b4 posting to 1024 by whatever ans saving in PS at 300 pixels/inch. Is there a better setting? Mine look much much worse after posting than b4. There are a lot of pages on this photos & discussions page but I've not found the answer. Some of the suggestions given at the beginning in how to post pictures in late 2012 do not work, like img code, so I'm not sure where to ask.
  8. Day 3: Saturday May 18 Talkeetna After checking into the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge yesterday evening and seeing the Alaska Range/Denali mostly shrouded in clouds, it was shocking to pull back the blackout drapes to reveal the full glory of Denali. Sunrise had been at 4:55am. The pix is out our window about an hour later. If you look up the weather history for Talkeetna for the 18th, it says 53d and cloudy @5:53. It was much closer to high 30s and clear with some cirrus. This lodge is one of the best places to view the Alaskan Range well. We had an air flight at 11am w/Talkeetna Air Taxi to fly around Denali w/glacier landing. Things were looking swell – weather, schedule, and crew ready. We got really lucky. We were getting to land at the climbers Base Camp because we were picking up a hiker that had been there a week and dropping off one of the pilots and her daughter so they could ski a few days! Very cool! Also, on our Otter, was a young female F18 WSO. Thanks to her service. I got her to pose with me for a pix! The flight was just over 2 hours and it was surreal. The scale of the mountain is hard to comprehend. It always looked as if we were drifting by the snow covered peaks and passes in a hot air balloon in slow-mo. Clay, our pilot, said we were doing 120mph! I’m planning to put together some GoPro video, but until then, here are a few pix. Look close to see the trail of folks attempting to reach the summit. I’m told only 50% make the summit. Clay was a great pilot, keeping us informed of what was below. DW is in the red jacket and note the important supplies – Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Base Camp – consist of numerous tents, a custom heli-pad, and an igloo built by a Japanese climbing team.
  9. You will want to allow time for stops. It is not winding to the point of making one have motion sickness unless you're a chase car for a James Bond movie scene. When we drove from Alyeska/Girdwood to Seward on May 23, we made numerous stops as we did on May 17. But on May 24th, when we needed to get the rent car back and were on a time schedule to make sure to grab an 11am bus, it would have been really nice to stop for photo ops of the dozens of mature Bald Eagles roaming the mud flats hunting breakfast. Turned out, we would have had plenty of time for Eagle pix :-} Only took 2 hrs from Seward to Ted Stephens Airport.
  10. I had talked with Verizon in November and they added TravelPass to the account. This included for $5/day, unlimited calling/text while in Canada. What I do not understand was why my phone showed 4G5bars BUT ROAMING during the short time I was in Canada on a network I had never heard of. DW had airplane moded hers. Another thing that was odd was that the 1st day/night onboard, my phone was on Universal Time (GMT), ship wireless network, and ROAMING. I put DW on their VOOM Streaming plan that I could use if needed by logging her phone out and then turning my phone back on and logging in. I mostly never turned my phone back on after the UTC/GMT shock. Should be an interesting phone bill.
  11. Day 2: Bore Tide and Dinner in Wasilla After driving almost to Portage on I-3, we spotted a carcass of a beached Humpback Whale on the east side of the Twenty Mile River bridge. The river feeds the Turnagin Arm from 20 Mile Lake which is glacier fed. The shot below looks east towards the beginning of the arm. We then made our way to Bird Point to observe a large Bore Tide. Although we had the predictions timed correctly as did others, it became clear that the gusting 25-30mph winds from the east were conspiring to flatten and delay the Bore. After waiting with others for an additional 90 minutes, it was a no show. We got word later that it had shown at Beluga Point late and extremely weak. Having made 6pm reservations at the Grape Tap in Wasilla, it was time to move on. It is highly rated and very deserving of the ratings. We were seated in what appeared to be a cozy basement during a very busy hour. Both the service and food were simply awesome and the décor is worth seeing. After a fine dinner, we drove the hour to Talkeetna where our reservations for two night at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge were waiting. At 10pm, Denali was slightly obscured by clouds.
  12. Day #2 Friday May 17 – Explore Turnagin Arm, Bore Tide, Wasilla dinner, Drive to Talkeetna After having breakfast at the Lakeshore Anchorage on Lake Spenard while watching around 25 floatplanes takeoff and land, we drove down the Seward Highway along Turnagain Arm. This road is touted as one of the most scenic drives in Alaska. I would say in all of America.
  13. It was horrible. Drifting out of the casino was a real pain at times. Other times no issue at all. I thought the Centrum was really a neat spot.
  14. Thank you. You're correct. Someone at Simon & Seaforts mentioned that to me but I had forgotten. She was in Hubbard Glacier as we pulled in and again in Vancouver with us at the end. Then we spotted her again near Inside Passage.
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