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  1. Please... can any one help.... am wondering... what is the "earliest" time one can board the Seaside? The paperwork says 2 PM... is that strictly enforced? thanks
  2. I am a very "seasoned" cruiser.... looking forward to my first on MSC in October. I have been reading some of the posts.... maybe I am not the typical, but... I am going with an open mind and look forward to being and doing a "first" on a ship and cruise line. Since I live in a US city where English is NOT the primary language, I am not concerned about some of the postings read here.... also anytime I have gone on a ships' "maiden" voyage... there are issues.... just a "given". Also, have always enjoyed traveling to other countries... so looking forward to some experiences that are "way" out of the "box". Hope to see some of you "happy" cruisers on board.
  3. additionally the Cruise Critic meet and greet is "generally" held in the District B. and..... they "generally" hand out samples... but... you can also order (and add to your count) beer at that event that is generally either at noon or 1 PM on the first sea day. just fyi
  4. Hello. We were on the same cruise, in the Haven and said "hello" to your husband a couple of times, also disembark day told your son (who was in the Haven saying goodbye to his family ;) ) how much we enjoyed the show. Anyway... enjoying reading your review ( I did one previously about this cruise which is in the CC reviews)... but.... just a comment re the Haven and "visitors". We have been in the Haven several times. And have to say that even though we have met several people visiting others in the Haven, each time we have had friends on board who could not find space in the Haven we have been clearly told that it is not an option for them to visit, eat or explore the Haven. All concierges we have cruised with have the same rules. So, we have never "violated" the rules. Just not worth the stress. But, that said, the "meet and greet" idea mentioned sounds fun ;-) Congratulations on having such a talented and successful son. Sorry we could not have spent some "over the bar" time with him :D
  5. Hey... surprised to see you on NCL :-) We "jumped" a couple of years ago.... welcome aboard ;-)
  6. The current Concierge is Virginia Brotherton and her Assistant is Nimfa Garcia. Both are super friendly, very professional and.... awesome :-) Enjoy the Haven :)
  7. Background: we are at the "top level" of all three lines you earlier mentioned. So, lots of "experience" ;) We have "only" cruised NCL for the past 12 months and have had a wonderful experience each time. As to the formal, there is a night where you are "invited" to dress and then the Captain is available for a handshake and picture. However, you can dress casual and still have the picture... just gives the "opportunity. And... you will never feel uncomfortable if you chose to dress "up" especially if going to a specialty restaurant. Have to admit... while we did enjoy our many, many "formal nights" .... we do not miss them ;-)
  8. Do you know when this is typically scheduled? "generally" the first sea day.... in Cagney's and at either 10 AM or 11 AM for the Getaway... if it isn't posted on the roll call... ask the Concierge.... knows all :p
  9. Okay... we are "officially jealous". All the previous comments are spot on.... The Haven restaurant is awesome because that is "your" restaurant... so... as stated by others the "normal" dress code is fine. Some will dress-up, others will dress comfortable, treat as "your" restaurant and just be happy and comfortable. The staff are awesome. AND you can have your butler bring you any meal you want to NOT dress "at all" for :D Also... "if" you decide to go to Ocean Blue... one of the Hostess is Raluka... please give her a hug from "Miami"... she will know who ;) Also.. be sure to go to the Cruise Critic M&G... you will meet a lot of the hotel team... and they are awesome! No pressure, just a little get-together hosted by the ship and with them providing brief introductions of the Getaway HD team.....;
  10. One of the "hidden gems" for us on the Breakaway was the District Brewery.... we didn't go for the first three days, because we don't drink beer... then... searching for a bartender we knew from another ship... did go... AND we were sooooo glad. First... there is a sign at the door when the bar is open that has magic words " no one under 18 " :-) Finally a ship/cruise line that acknowledges that adults "might" be on board and want time to be an adult.... with the "young people" somewhere else enjoying what they enjoy :D The seats by the side of the ship are so comfortable and it is fun to watch the birds walk over your head (yes, there is a see-through ceiling so no "poop")... anyway, if you haven't check this out... and oh yes, they do serve "hard" liquor ;) And the staff was awesome.... holding to the NCL wonderful standard we expect :D
  11. In June of next year the Sky will include the drink package on all cruises. We have cruised both ships, many times. We much prefer the Sky. An older but "classy" and well maintained ship. Also on the Majesty they most often are very focused on the Spanish passengers and often even have the public areas with all Spanish music, etc. That is fine, but just be prepared. Both ships have a mix of cultures from around the world, which we find interesting and enjoyable. As far as "perks" there isn't much worth while provided on the shorter cruises. Overall we find NCL to be "like" we found RCCL about 8/9 years ago.... and that is a compliment ;)
  12. For the "cargo" which is US ;).... I sure hope the IPO is later vs sooner. Once it is a public company.... all the focus is on increased stock price and dividends paid... at the cost/expense of the passengers. Or that is what we have found in the past when a company goes "public".
  13. Epic was in our "back yard" and yet we never sailed, just hearing how wonderful so didn't realize we were missing out :mad:
  14. What in the world was the "restroom situation" ... I can't imagine, since, I'm sure we are all used to the "limitations" on any ship in the cabin bathrooms.... very curious ;)
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