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  1. Please... can any one help.... am wondering... what is the "earliest" time one can board the Seaside? The paperwork says 2 PM... is that strictly enforced? thanks
  2. I am a very "seasoned" cruiser.... looking forward to my first on MSC in October. I have been reading some of the posts.... maybe I am not the typical, but... I am going with an open mind and look forward to being and doing a "first" on a ship and cruise line. Since I live in a US city where English is NOT the primary language, I am not concerned about some of the postings read here.... also anytime I have gone on a ships' "maiden" voyage... there are issues.... just a "given". Also, have always enjoyed traveling to other countries... so looking forward to some experiences that are "way" out of the "box". Hope to see some of you "happy" cruisers on board.
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