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  1. Just a quick question about ordering food from the specialty dining restaurants when you are in the haven. I have seen posts that say it is free to order from the specialty dining restaurants either in your haven room or in the haven restaurant and then I have seen posts that say it is not free. Just looking for recent experiences to figure out which is true. Thanks!
  2. We just got our bid accepted for the 3/24 Getaway cruise. Went from an MA mini suite to and H5 Haven Courtyard Penthouse. Bid was $625
  3. I believe the theory is they accept the bids on Tuesday before sailing. If you don’t hear it’s because your bid was not accepted and you will most likely get the denial email 48 hours before sailing. If you were bidding on the haven rooms they are almost all entirely sold out at this point.
  4. I believe rejections come 48 hours before sailing so maybe sometime today.
  5. They say the rooms are assigned Tuesday so I would expect if it was not accepted then it won’t be at all. Will you share what you bid and what you bid on?
  6. I do not agree. If they weren’t interested in my offers based on the initial price I paid there would be no reason to send me a bidding invitation.
  7. No problem. Thanks for sharing. You were in a regular or haven aft balcony? What kind of penthouse did you get? We are on the same ship on Mar 22 and trying to figure out a good bid for the haven. It is our first NCL.
  8. Thanks everyone! We booked a sail away rate so we skipped all the “free” perks. Fingers crossed one of our bids gets excepted.
  9. I am new to NCL and we are bidding on a Haven suite from a Mini Suite. I have read a few comments here about not getting some benefits in the Haven since it was an upgrade and not original booking. Can anyone elaborate on which benefits you do not get by doing it this way? Thank you!
  10. I contacted a private car service this week for pick up at cruise terminal #2. I was told the port charges a $20 toll/surcharge. Anyone else experience this? Has anyone taking a taxi and experienced this? TIA!
  11. This is my first Disney cruise as an adult. Right now they have a OGT room available for a decent price - $1,330. Still seems to be a lot of rooms available. This is about $1,600 cheaper than the next window room available. The sailing is in Sept, but it's not 90 days out yet. Should I wait til 90 days and see if they offer a kids sail free? I need advice on what to do since I have ZERO experience with disney pricing. THANK YOU!
  12. Thanks for the tips! I am a fan of the real sugar pop - that is fine with me, but even the Orange Fanta pop was different. It was light orange and had a very mild taste. It said it was Mandarin Orange flavored. This time we are only doing a 7 day so one 12 pack will be more than enough. Thanks again! Keep the suggestions coming!
  13. Hey all, I just got off the Noordam a few weeks ago and forgot how much I loathe their cans of pop. I don't know what country their pop comes from but it is definitely not the recipe I am used to in the states. I'm going on the Westerdam soon and was wondering if anyone has brought pop onboard and what tips you have to do so. I hear about people bringing it onboard but I've never noticed anyone in line to get on with a case of pop. All tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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