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  1. Thank you to you all and I totally agree! I am not complainer just taking my 76 year old father and my 70 year old mother in law both due to losses last year and trust me they can complain ! But I appreciate the feedback and will just go with flow !
  2. Hi we sail out on the joy on the 25 of May and I have to say I am really scared lol based on reviews coming in. I guess as this is only second cruise first was on getaway and we loved it and food was awesome. Seeking reassurance that maybe some of the bugs will have worked out by 4th sailing lol as it sounds like elevators are horrid and no reservations for specialty dining any tips on how to make beat of it lol
  3. Does anyone have any of the menus from joy and is there a dessert place like coco’s thanks so much for any info
  4. Thank you we are probably skipping costa maya so hopefully then we are sailing Sunday the 22 to Caribbean so I’m sure we will have lines ☹️
  5. one last question from me lol has anyone been on the getaway and if so were there long lines all the time for water slides and ropes course Thanks to you all
  6. hi we are first time cruisers and leaving Sunday on getaway. We have always done all inclusive in past so are trying to see if pools are open at night to swim? We have three kids lol and also is there a place at night thst is not waterfront that you can sit and just watch the ocean Thanks for any information! Nicole
  7. hi selected wrong time in a free show not sure If they hold you to it but going with large family and want to make sure we stay together does anyone know how to edit the itinerary? It is on getaway I have held over hour on phone and no one took my call Thanks
  8. Has anything be visited Harvest Caye? How do we get to beach and pool? Can we walk? Just trying to see what I need to do?
  9. Do you like carnival or Norwegian better? Thanks Nicoke
  10. hi I see you have cruised both carnival and Norwegian we are trying to decide Do you have preference? We have theee kids age 10-18 Thanks for any help
  11. hi we did. It purchase the dining upgrade on the getaway. Will there be enough dining options on board without it ? Thank you
  12. hi we are thinking of booking the getaway July 22 we have 18 13 and 10 year old. My son loves the water and I am worried about pool space will it be too crowded for him to swim? Thank you
  13. Ok we are planning to go on July 22 and have seen some negative reviews and was going to switch to Norwegian but it seems they charge for everything I have 18 14 and 10 year old donyou think they will like the magic? Was it super crowded will they be able to get in pool? We are used to all in clusives and have never cruised Any thoughts lol I’m getting nervous I made wrong choice
  14. Ok we are booked in the Magic July 22 and I am kind of worried I have seen really bad reviews and this is our first time ever I am working seeing if we should have booked the Norwegian getaway. Are the shows any good on Magic and will my kids have enough to do Lol any thoughts would be appreciated
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