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  1. Thank you to you all and I totally agree! I am not complainer just taking my 76 year old father and my 70 year old mother in law both due to losses last year and trust me they can complain ! But I appreciate the feedback and will just go with flow !
  2. Hi we sail out on the joy on the 25 of May and I have to say I am really scared lol based on reviews coming in. I guess as this is only second cruise first was on getaway and we loved it and food was awesome. Seeking reassurance that maybe some of the bugs will have worked out by 4th sailing lol as it sounds like elevators are horrid and no reservations for specialty dining any tips on how to make beat of it lol
  3. Does anyone have any of the menus from joy and is there a dessert place like coco’s thanks so much for any info
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