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  1. My father tried to explain this to me when I was a child but I didn't get it. Had to see it for myself to believe it.
  2. I'll be surprised if they keep doing the tour of the galley.
  3. "It irritates me when they all get merged into one huge thread ." Me too.
  4. He was a very big favorite on the boards. Full of information. Miss him.
  5. "OP I can barely read that type to figure out what you are asking. Would be so much easier to read if you didnt use light color script." Please, can't read it.
  6. Once we got the handout saying we weren't going to a port of call. Once on board for an hour that changed and we did go to the port.
  7. "I really want to go, but DH does not care. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to, but southern girls are about some BBQ and seafood." Thought DH is dear husband but then you say she doesn't...Please explain.
  8. BlerkOne: "casino players would place cocktail napkins over the slot buttons. Disposable gloves work for table games." What does this mean?
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