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  1. To further clarify the above, yes I will keep the insurance. The insurance will go live on the final payment date. At that point there's a reason...from there on out there's cancellation penalties. I just don't know why I would care if I'm covered before that point.
  2. Well if I have to, I can do so for any reason before the final payment and get my deposit back, so why would I need insurance between now and then?
  3. I agree if you've paid something non-refundable that is significant enough to justify the insurance premium, but I struggle to think of why one would need insurance before the final payment if everything can be cancelled & fully refundable for any reason, but I'm all for learning something. I have two cruises currently booked covering both scenarios here...am I looking at #2 below wrong? I'd love to avoid getting burned by something I didn't see coming. RCI May 2020 Final Payment due Feb 2020, $500 non-refundable deposit paid, insurance $150 premium paid (incremental to Deposit) and the policy is active. If I were to cancel between now and the final payment due date, assuming my claim was approved, I would get my $500 back from insurance but not my $150 premium. Princess December 2019 final Payment due Sept 2019, $200 future cruise credit deposit paid, I opted for the insurance and the premium is part of my remaining balance but is not paid and the policy is not active. I don't care that it's not active because I can walk away for any reason with no penalty between now and the final payment.
  4. That's true of a land hotel vs a cruise in general...a cruise is significantly more complicated, but it seems a bit of a stretch to put that whole difference on Ocean Ready specifically.
  5. This pretty much sums it up. Higher quality products cost more. If sailing on RCI you should expect a higher quality experience across all the different elements of a cruise. Better food, better entertainment, better on-board activities, etc. etc. Is it actually better and/or worth the additional cost? Impossible to say with 100% confidence, subjectivity is very real and the experience of a cruise covers such a wide spectrum of services & amenities, but it's probably safe to say demand hasn't pushed the price up to where it is entirely by accident.
  6. Yeah if you're travelling as a pair, the phones don't affect each other in any way. Whether your travelling partner has a phone or not has zero impact on what you can & can't do on your own phone, other than message the other person's phone, obviously.
  7. I'll provide a different view...I did Ocean Ready and loved it. I had exactly zero challenges or frustrations in setting it up. It worked perfectly from download to embark and delivered on its promises. I am well aware that's not the case for everyone, but I can attest that it was the case for some. I did both me and my wife' Ocean Ready documents & photos entirely on my phone, up to and including having both our Ocean Ready boarding passes on my phone. She did not need her phone at all. You can also print ocean ready boarding passes. It was the fastest check-in we've ever experienced and I recommend it to anyone. Having said that, check-in has never been a big deal with Princess, it would NOT be a big deal to just get it when you arrive, but it was definitely rewarding absolutely blazing through having everything done already. It was barely more involved than re-boarding after getting off on a port. They have to physically verify that your passport matches up with the image you uploaded but that takes a matter of seconds. Probably reduced the check-in process from 20 minutes to 5 between the time saved having everything pre-loaded and the lack of a line on ocean ready compared to the line for traditional check-in. Individual mileage may vary, this was my experience.
  8. Depends when the policy becomes active. Assuming the deposit is refundable, there's no need for insurance if you're still outside of the 90 day pre-sailing period. This would coincide with the final payment due date. If you wait to pay the balance on literally the final due date then it's really easy....before that date you never paid for it, never were covered, therefore there's nothing to refund, you just get back your deposit and move on. If you have to cancel within the 90 days then you have to go through insurance and of course would not get your premium back, you're literally using their service to get your cruise refunded. Where it's a little bit of a gray area to me is if you make your final payment before the final due date, and then wanted to cancel still within the no penalty period. My guess is they future date your insurance policy to begin the day after the final payment due date when you would actually need the coverage, but I don't know for sure. If they future dated the policy then you'd still get it back since you were never covered, but if making the payment automatically kicked off the policy then probably not.
  9. There's a putting green way up top of the ship as c-boy describes - great views up there! I feel there's a need to clarify it's not a "course"....just a putting green.
  10. There's a whole thread dedicated to Ocean Medallion questions that might be a better place for this question, having said that you should be able to use a photo that is already on your phone, so if you want to take the picture outside of the app, or if the phone itself is the problem, take it on a different phone and then text it to that phone, either should be a good work-around. Have a great cruise. 2 months ago today I was on a cruise with a medallion. Found it to be a great addition to the experience and it made check-in barely more involved than when you come back on board at a port. I'm guessing things have just improved with time since some of the older posts in this thread that are calling out issues I did not notice in my week on board with it.
  11. This seems like it is probably answering a question I had in my head, I just want to confirm. I am new to RCI, first cruise on Oasis next May. I got the UDP and I'm familiar at a high level that reservations had to be made on board and it's good to do so as soon as possible once you board. As I've never cruised with RCI before, in my mind I'm envisioning boarding the ship and finding my way immediately to some long line at a guest service counter or something to make the reservations. In this post you mention going to any of the specialty restaurants and they can make all reservations for you. Pretty much my first goal on boarding the ship will be to line up dining & show reservations. Is this how you'd recommend handling reservations once on board? Just walk into any specialty restaurant and ask to make reservations for the week? Are they open early in the day on embarkation day to handle this? Thanks!
  12. Sounds great. The Eastern Carrib on Regal would be way more than double the cost for us and we just did that exact itinerary this past May. I always enjoy 7 day more and our primary vacation each year is always a 7-day, but this is a pure bonus and can only be away for so long during the holidays. The disadvantages of living in Pittsburgh, you might say. Have a great cruise!
  13. Good to know about the anytime dining. This would be a problem on a longer itinerary. I'm doing the little oddball 4-day obvious time-killer Dominican itinerary on December 16th out of FLL. I'm guessing they threw this little 4-day run in to push the next 10-day to start on the 20th to be a better date for the holiday than having the day after Christmas be Disembarkation, which it would have been if they immediately ran another 10-day on the 16th. I'll be hitting Bayou, Sabbatini's, and Lido stuff. That's fine for a few nights. I don't dislike all MDR food but experienced enough to know now that it can be hit or miss, and often comes up short of being worth the time & occasional headache. I've never considered such a short itinerary in the past but the price is right and it's just a total bonus vacation in December. Sounds like this is a sail for the itinerary type ship, which for me rather than Alaska or Panama is just a few days escape in the sun, bonus breather from Pittsburgh Decembers. Yes, another Pittsburgh connection. I live about an hour south of the city and type this from work in Canonsburg about 20 minutes outside the city. Not really a steelers fan though....Northern VA/Washington DC born & raised.
  14. Yes I've wondered what happened to Grand Turk. First cruise ever was Eastern on Crown Princess - Princess Cays, St. Thomas / St. Maarten, Grand Turk. Now they just dropped Grand Turk and made it a 3 port itinerary....2.5 depending on how you classify princess cays lol. Bring it back! I see it's still an active stop on cruisemapper.
  15. Curious to see responses. Island in December will be my first cruise on something other than the grand class.
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