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  1. Reminds me of something I saw online that was funny and true...I'm paraphrasing, but: The banana is no longer the food item most closely resembling a phone. The Pop-Tart is.
  2. Sailed in May just after the last ship upgrades which included the addition of the splash zone and the ship seemed in great shape. New carpet & new sofa in our room. Our room steward was quick to point out the new sofa...I gather he had a rough day moving sofas in and out of the rooms during the time the ship was out of service. I can only imagine what a headache that would have been. The ship is no spring chicken at this point but I'd be surprised to hear any room legitimately in terrible shape/unclean.
  3. Price actually did drop again either today or yesterday; I just checked. OP might want to move on it. It would be a $78 difference for me. Princess did apparently tighten up and were more difficult to my TA the last time, declaring outright that they would NOT do it again on this cruise. My TA is my sister in law so I have total visibility into the process from her side. They say it's because they've already cut commission checks. I'm probably just going to leave well enough alone. While I generally expect companies to honor price drops and not punish me for purchasing early, especially if the product hasn't even been delivered yet, with cruises/hospitality there's definitely a tipping point where if you're willing to wait it out, risk an undesirable location or being shut out entirely, it's fair enough that there's a financial benefit. As someone generally not willing to take that risk I don't expect to be refunded for any difference once we've gotten into that zone. I'm not sure where the line in the sand is. We're 67 days out today and even though the $78 savings exceeds the current $50 cancellation penalty (which goes to 50% at 45 days), given my deposit is also technically non-refundable (even though it's FCD) and they've already basically said they're going to fight back if I ask again, I don't think I'm going to bother at this point.
  4. Ate at Planks once on the Caribbean Princess. Thought it was roughly worth the cost, which is to say it's good/not great. It's not bad but it would be an average at best BBQ restaurant on land in most cities. Still, it's always nice to add in more variety, and the price is perfectly fair for what you get. As someone else eluded to, I would be willing to bet it doesn't last very long or spread very far on the princess fleet. I've sailed twice on the CB since Planks was added, only eaten there once for dinner but I've walked by a lot - I've never seen more than a few tables populated for dinner at any given time. I'm sort of surprised by this. The only pay restaurant that seems regularly busy is Crown Grill. Sabbatini's is hit or miss, busier than planks or steamers, but rarely seems full. I would have thought a cheaper option with BBQ would strike a nice balance and attract people to splurge just a little bit, but apparently not. The free breakfast/lunch options there are hugely popular, but I feel like it's a swing & a miss as a pay restaurant. I could be wrong, small sample size and all, but it doesn't look like a huge hit.
  5. 2 thoughts.... 1.... specific to your question: there's no way to know how many guarantees, but having watched this cruise for quite some time I am with you, based on my past experience watching cabins as a cruise approaches I think it's a safe assumption that this one is underselling. There's no doubt some guarantees floating out there but I doubt they speak for a ton of the available rooms. All that said, I could absolutely be dead wrong, there's just no way to know for sure. 2.... Island to Dominican, right? I'm booked and paid in full on that cruise. The rates have pretty flat for quite some time now but this is the lowest its been and I've been watching since I originally booked 4 months ago. I've re-fared a couple of times. It hasn't dropped a ton but it was never the priciest cruise. As you pointed out it's a weird weekday schedule. I'm looking out for upsell opportunities for the same reason you're watching...it seems like it's under selling. The price has dropped a couple times but it's been a while since there was a noticeable move. I last re-fared just before final payment due date. I doubt it'll drop much at this point. I would recommend booking a room you like before you find out the guarantees are more than we're guessing and asking for a re-fare/OBC if the price drops. They were a little defiant when I re-fared most recently and told my TA that they wouldn't do it again...I'm not that experienced in re-faring, so maybe if you commit at this point it's too late. Seems silly though....I'll certainly ask if I see it drop again.
  6. Yes but back to back years is probably the limit for me. Just did so on Caribbean Princess last year and this year. One eastern Caribbean, one western. Need something different next year. Having said that if the CB were running a different itinerary that I really wanted to go on I probably would have done it again. This would be a very different dynamic for someone who cruises multiple times a year and at variable times of year, vs someone like me who mostly cruises once per year and around the same time.
  7. Just dropped a deposit down today for Enchanted Princess March 27 2021. By far the longest out I've booked. Did so because I fear it won't be on the 3FF promo next time it comes around. The latest I've booked has been 8 weeks out or so.
  8. Seems like sip n sail goes up in the June timeframe each year but not on all cruises. I don't have the list in front of me but I don't think when it ran this past summer that it included any cruises that were occurring in the next 90 days....mostly for cruises much later in the year or the following year.
  9. Are there any drawbacks to getting the medallion net multi device (4 devices) package for 2 people to use as compared to getting a single device package each? It's slightly less expensive for the multi device package but it's such a small amount ($15/day vs $18/day for 2 individual) that if it's going to create any headaches I'd rather just shell out the few extra bucks. My guess is it has to do with sharing a login or something, which we don't really care about. It's not even an Ocean Medallion cruise; just the MedallionNet internet. We actually have a 3rd & 4th device that we wouldn't mind being able to use online. I wouldn't pay more to have them online, but if given the option I would definitely connect them. Ipad & Portable gaming device.
  10. Agreed. That was my very first cruise experience - D732 crown princess. This was purely an accident, we had no idea what we were doing when we booked, just wanted a mini-suite. NOT by accident, it was also my second - D732 Emerald princess. Somewhat oddly, I was told when booking the Caribbean Princess that while the exact same room does exist, complete with the large balcony, it was only available as two double beds...they said it was not an option to convert to a queen.
  11. The next morning they were back to pricing for maximum profit. There's a mathematical analysis going on behind the scenes moving the price around to the optimum profitability at any given moment. No connection, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot to overprice out of spite. They'll keep the price set where people are buying it until people aren't buying it and adjust.
  12. Just a note on sip n sail. TYPICALLY, while the sip n sail promotion includes the beverage package, the day it goes into effect, if it's coming off of a base, no-promotion fare, the base fare will go up to offset the inclusion of the drink package. It will still cost less with the promotion than it does to do it a la carte, but it's not a massive savings. TYPICALLY the fare will go up by an amount equivalent to the $59.99/day base price. The savings you experience are the gratuities, which are included - don't worry the crew is not short changed you can even see the package on your travel summary at the full amount of 70.79/day. You effectively save $11/day. Even if you plan to get the package there are likely other promotions that save you more than $11/day and you're better off buying the package outright under those. They don't advertise that they're increasing the fares by 59.99/day, I only know it from price watching & doing the math so many times. I emphasize typically because occasionally people will claim to have gotten the sip n sail deal without a fare increase, and while I'm sure it's happened over the course of history for any number of reasons, a beverage package is nearly a $1000 value for a 2 person cabin on a 7 day sailing, so needless to say it would not be common to find that kind of discount being handed out. My theory is most of these claims are probably just a promotion to promotion change, where the fare was already inflated for the other promotion, as opposed to the base pre-promotion fare, but that's neither here nor there 🙂
  13. Interesting, not surprising. So it doesn't officially change the dynamics of a non-refundable deposit but is more likely than not to work out that way unofficially and I'd assume only if not abused. thanks!
  14. Yes it is a non-refundable deposit. Just ran a mock booking. How do non-refundable bookings work with future cruise deposits? I know FCD can change the deposit dynamics with regard to the AMOUNT of deposit required, does it impact refundable vs non at all? I'm guessing you're just all-in with no take-backs on that FCD if you apply it to a non-refundable deposit, fair enough, but curious to hear thoughts/confirm.
  15. I can speak to ordering drinks. As tony pointed out it would not work so well in a crowded space like the theater. I used it for my free beverage in the pool area and it worked perfectly. Saw the waitress load up the drink on a tray at the bar, followed her tablet to my general vicinity where she started looking around for my face. Her tablet seemed to get her within 20 feet or so before she resorted to looking for me. Definitely fine for the pool decks with people on loungers but would become a game of where's waldo in a crowded theater for sure.
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