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  1. I'm not an expert but this photo is what I could find in a pinch. Really you can see it in virtually any decent quality photo of the sky princess. L221 is on the same level as the skywalk but slightly forward. You can see where the stateroom balconies on that level are recessed relative to the skywalk and lido window'd section. The deck above overhangs so you couldn't look up at the sky. I haven't stayed in one of those rooms but I'm a fan of covered balconies.
  2. For the floating cabanas, yes, the beach club alone is significantly more affordable.
  3. In my somewhat limited experience, for popular production shows.... 1 hour out - take your pick of seats, most all aisle & premium seating is available. 45 minutes out - still pretty sparse, plenty of seats, but prime spots are dwindling, aisle seats are starting to fill up 30 minutes out - prime spots are likely gone, probably all or close to all aisle seats are gone but you still probably won't have a problem finding groups of seats together, though not likely up front or include aisle seat, especially for >2 <30 minutes out - it seems a pretty steep drop in available seats with every minute that passes down to the 10-15 minute mark where you eventually get to a situation where only scattered single seats are unclaimed and people start forming a standing room only at the back. different shows & cruises can certainly influence this one way or the other but this should be grenade close for most situations. Early shows will always be more popular.
  4. Here's one...what's the rule regarding the theater? DW and I typically take 7 day cruises and have a habit of fully participating in one formal night, but opting for a casual evening with Lido food for the other formal night. One's enough. We might dress up for the second just to take a quick photo if we missed a desired photo location or lines were too long on the first night, but even if we do that we go at the moment they open and then back to the cabin for a quick change back into casual. With Lido food we're typically done quickly and it makes for an easy opportunity to catch the evening show. We keep our casual dressed selves out of the way of the festivities until this point, but it's tough to get to the theater without being a little out place along the way. Not too bad though with the right route. By the time we get to the theater we're not alone in our casual gear but definitely outnumbered. I've pulled this move in smart casual but also done it in shorts & a t-shirt on a particularly hot & humid evening. The people in their formal wear are obviously just carryover from dinner and I don't think any official dress code applies in the theater, but I could be wrong. I usually sit there and just appreciate how much more comfortable I am than all these people in suits, no one's ever said anything nor do I even recall any notable nasty looks, but I'm curious what others think.
  5. Any suggestions for where to go on Oasis when boarding to make reservations? I'll have restaurants and times planned out and will definitely want to get the reservations knocked out as soon as I can. Not something I'll want to have hanging over my head any longer than absolutely necessary. I get that I can make them at any of the specialty restaurants but is it a mad house at the first one you pass after boarding, are they all even open early on embarkation day? or am I completely overthinking it? FWIW I'll be at the terminal before they begin boarding so I'll be on board as early as they'll let me.
  6. Sailing Oasis in May. Doing so for the ship and the lack of having to fly. Having said that despite this being my 6th cruise, they've all been on Princess out of FLL...I've actually never been to PC, Cocoa Cay, or Nassau. My expectations are low for the ports, I haven't been but I've done my share of cruise research over the years so I am pretty well versed in what to expect, but it'll be warm and there'll be sand and water so DW and I will be fine. The ship is definitely the top of the list, though. Going to Cocoa Beach for PC, Beach Club @ Cocoa Cay, and vip blue lagoon in Nassau.
  7. Agreed with everyone but mister 67; I agree with his assessment pre-dry dock as I was on it in May 2018 and May 2019 so I saw before & after, but the dry dock definitely turned it around. It's in great shape. Would sail again in a heartbeat.
  8. My first royal cruise in May. This requirement for all adults to buy the package is definitely a checkmark in the "con" column of Royal. I was lucky enough to snag the $18/day deluxe package error back when that happened a few months back so it's a non issue this time around but it will definitely weigh on my decision in the future. I'm accustomed to Princess where it is NOT a requirement that you purchase for both. I get the package, wife does not. It's not that hard for the cruise line to police. As with anything, if you're not greedy you could get away with a small amount of sharing but it would be difficult not to get caught trying to take advantage to any significant degree.
  9. Uncheck. Sounds like you're pretty happy with the location. I assume the motivation to leave it checked would be to get fully upgraded to a mini? There's not a ton of space to upgrade your balcony room other than a few feet more towards mid. I've read comments about notating "meta only" or something to that effect, but my TA looked at me like a deer in headlights when I brought up this concept. Curious what others say. I definitely don't feel like the standard upgrade box should be checked though. Definite risk of getting placed they consider an upgrade but you do not.
  10. I didn't think the drink package covered anything from the medallion app. I had the PBP and used the medallion app for my one free beverage just to see it in action but was under the impression that if I ordered additional beverages through the app I would be charged, regardless of my PBP.
  11. They provide free towels. They don't track them either if you're used to cruise lines doing that.
  12. Just back from Amber Cove - did the cruise line excursion to La Casa en La Playa. Small beach club, great food, alcohol, beautiful spot on the beach, extremely friendly staff. Restricted excursion space so it's not crowded. Highly recommended, but I think it's only available through the cruise line directly. edit: the bus ride was maybe 10-12 minutes each way.
  13. Just back from Amber Cove - did the cruise line excursion to La Casa en La Playa. Loved it. Great day at the beach with fantastic included food & beverages.
  14. It is mostly carnival ships that go to amber cove. Having said that, I just visited on a princess ship a couple weeks ago. Obviously Carnival Corp. owns princess so it's not earth shattering news, but being the cruise nerd I am, I know that it is not all that common for even Princess itineraries to include Amber Cove. Had a great time though. Beautiful spot to sail in and out of. It was obviously a bit commercial in the immediate port area, but it's not as ship-centric as the various private islands across the cruise lines like princess cays, half moon cay, coco cay, etc., where your ship account is accessible and by extension your drink package is usable. It's not an unreasonable question...certainly seems like they could do that if they wanted to given how obvious it is that the cruise line owns the port, but as it stands, no....it stops short of the private islands in that regard.
  15. Mini suite in both cases here...one TV for the bed, one for the couch.... In May on the CB we had to do it for each of the TV's in the room individually. Thought we were in the clear having done it once and then being surprised to have to do it all over again when turning on the second tv. Last week on the island we seemed to get credit for watching it just the once. After doing one TV we loaded up the other tv to check the box and get ahead of the game but it immediately let me change channels. Maybe we turned it on earlier and didn't remember? Not impossible, but I don't think so. The only notable difference in the tv setup between the two was that the CB had the small TV's on the semi-circle TV stand, whereas on the Island the TV's were larger and wall-mounted, leaving the TV space on the semi-circle as additional storage and outlets. No big deal either way, not something I would ever complain about, just an observation.
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