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  1. I’ll be staying in a suite on the Eclipse in 3 weeks and I was wanting to try out Blu. I know suite guests can dine there IF there’s availability. Is it hard to get a reservation in Blu? Is it even worth trying one night?
  2. I also creeped on your other blog that mentioned all the ports you visited and I must say I love your humor lol. Your photos are stunning too! What month did you cruise?
  3. I wouldn’t buy them if it wasn’t for the dogsledding tour. I have a feeling it’s best to buy a pair because I would hate to wear jeans and for them to get super wet...it would make the experience not so fun.
  4. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Cruise fare is expensive because the season is only a few months. Excursions are pricy because many include float planes, helicopters, boating, trains, etc. I feel since the accessibility to activities is a little harder, that’s what makes the tours expensive.
  5. LOL...fortunately I only need it for clothes
  6. I bring this with me every time I travel and it works great.
  7. They don’t know what they’re talking about lol. I booked the tour through Viator’s website, as it allowed me to book in USD, or else I would have booked direct. I don’t think it mentioned anything about an airport transfer, it just said it includes hotel pick up and drop off. They have a spot when you’re filling out your info to let Landsea know where to pick you up. There wasn’t an option to select Canada Place, so I selected the Pan Pacific Hotel (since it’s at the port) and in the remark section, I wrote I needed to be picked up at the port. When they notified me, they told me exactly where to be after getting off the ship and they then confirmed my drop off location at the airport.
  8. We are doing Landsea and booked through Viator, and almost immediately after making the reservation, Landsea contacted me to get my pick-up and drop-off info. They do take you to the airport.
  9. Thank you for your insight! I thought that I may be missing why this set would be important. I'll buy it and if I don't use it, I'll just return it.
  10. I found this Frogg Toggs set but I’m wondering if it’s completely necessary to buy? I have a waterproof coat, but I know it was mentioned here to look into them.
  11. My mom and I will be traveling in our first suite on the Eclipse for the 5/9 Alaska sailing. One of the perks is having butler service. I’ve heard that some people don’t even utilize their butler because they don’t know exactly what he/she can do for them. I’d love to get ideas of what past suite guests have asked their butlers to do for them to make their vacation even more fantastic. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  12. No judging here! We have thousands of winter savvy tourists that flock here everyday and where us Floridians would wear a coat and boots in 60 degree weather, they would be wearing shorts and bathing suits and playing in the ocean. When I was living in Pitt, I made fun of southerners because they thought 50-something degree weather was freezing. After living in the south for 10+ years, I am now one of those people who will bundle up in 60 degree weather 😂
  13. Thank you martincath! I’ll also ask you this (if you don’t mind) instead of making a new thread....what is the recommended percentage for tipping tour guides, servers, and cabs in Vancouver/Victoria?
  14. These are the two ports we aren’t doing excursions. I’m wondering what y’all suggest to do on our own? In Ketchikan, we want to see the totems and possibly Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, if it’s worth it. In Sitka, we plan on seeing Fortress of the Bears and Alaska Raptor Center. We also want to check out Tongass National Park. Is public transportation to all these places easy to get? Any other ideas of not to miss spots?
  15. Eek. Both apps have awful ratings. I’m debating whether to bring cash or use a credit card and suck up the foreign transaction fee. What would you bring in cash if we had to get from the airport to around Executive Hotel Vintage Park? We bought our post cruise sightseeing tour online and paid USD, and it includes an airport transfer. So we just really have to worry about $$$$ from the airport to our condo rental, condo to Canada Place, and some cash for food. And I totally just remembered we are stopping in Victoria, so need cash there if we want to purchase souvenirs at Butchart Gardens.
  16. I was just about to say this. I’ll be in Skagway first on 5/13, then Juneau on 5/15. I thought it would be cooler to land on the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, but I’d much rather try my luck in Skagway first, and worst case scenario if it’s cancelled, I may be able to rebook in Juneau.
  17. I’m loving the tips and advice! Thanks all for your suggestions.
  18. Thank you for everyone’s suggestions so far! I didn’t even think to bring cargo pants, but it makes sense, especially for zip lining. I’m in the midst of trying to find waterproof hiking shoes. I’m not wanting to spend over $100 since all we wear in South Florida are flip flops, but I may just have to bite the bullet because I will hate to be walking in wet shoes all day. Crew News, thanks for sharing your photo! I’m super excited for the excursion. Where did you do your dogsledding tour? Mine will be in Skagway. Can you give me an idea of what the temps were like when you went? I’m bringing a Columbia jacket for that tour.
  19. I know to dress in layers for tops, but I’m wondering what to bring for bottoms. I have no idea what the temps will be like early-mid May. I’m coming from Miami, so the temps will affect me more so than let’s say someone coming from the North. Even though I’m from Pittsburgh, I’ve been in the South for too long that my body is used to heat. I also hear it’s much cooler on the water and it would be awful to be miserable viewing the glaciers. I'm already in the process of buying some hats, long sleeves, light jackets, etc. I’m trying to find some waterproof pants that I can put over my jeans when I do the dogsledding on a glacier tour. Any suggestions on which ones to buy? I was trying to buy bottoms today and I was thinking to myself “should I buy jeans?” and “should I buy long leggings?” I left the store empty handed. I don’t want to overpack but I don’t want to be freezing. Any suggestions for bottoms when my cruise is from 5/9 - 5/19?
  20. I don’t have any tips for Alaska, as it will be my first time in May, but I will say Vancouver is AMAZING! Make sure to take a sightseeing tour or read up on the “not to miss” sights. When we get off the ship, our flight doesn’t leave until 11pm at night, so we are doing the 7-hour Vancouver Delights tour with Landsea. The company offers several tours if that one doesn’t interest you. https://vancouvertours.com/tour/vancouver-delights-capilano-tour/
  21. Have fun! We are visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver after our cruise on Celebrity Eclipse in May.
  22. We are making reservations at The Dining Room, I didn’t even take that into consideration. From what it sounds like, I don’t think there’s anyway to do both.
  23. The location of the bridge is in the name. It’s in the Yukon. http://www.yukonsuspensionbridge.com/
  24. We are going to Butchart Gardens through CVS Tours and noticed that they make an additional stop on the way to Butchart where you can visit Victoria Butterfly Gardens. I’m wondering if it’s worth seeing or if we should focus all our time in Butchart Gardens. We are in port from 9am-6pm, and chose the 11am departure from the Fairmont Empress to Butchart Gardens.
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