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  1. We did Alaska that way back in 1998 and I preferred it over all the ports. They start to look similar after awhile.
  2. We are scheduled to be on the Ryndam late in 2021 so we will keep our fingers crossed. Our first time on the biggest of the HAL ships.
  3. The Amsterdam and Rotterdam are OK shapes but we still really miss the Prinsendam. Bigger rooms, sea views in the Pinnacle Grill. My uncle who had given up on HAL came back for her final voyage. Won't see her like again.
  4. I was curious about that. We used to only cruise once every two years but after retiring, we were going twice a year. We did just have a nice Panama Canal in March but our Hawaiian cruise in September was canceled. What are other people doing?
  5. Bad news for New York City. Broadway makes the city a lot of money, especially with tourism. Our city canceled their show through March of 2021. Those shows in city arenas made the town a lot of money. Expect budget cutbacks. You would think Broadway could seat shows with masks and some social distancing. Maybe plays before musicals and concerts.
  6. Great post. HAL isn't a monolith. They cater to different travelers with different cruises. World cruises have different passengers than seven day cruises. We like 14 to 28 day cruises. We like seeing new ports but also don't mind a few sea days strung together.
  7. Ours was our 10th anniversary in 1997. Alaska of course, we were only 32. We did get attention because of how young we were but we enjoyed it have been cruising for more than 20 years.
  8. Good point. I could see the new normal in cruising will be younger passengers and shorter itineraries. Of course we are 55, retired and have two long transatlantic cruises scheduled in June and September 2021.
  9. And ages will depend on cruises chosen. The longer the cruise, the more likely the passengers will be older. People who are still working don't normally have a month of vacation time. Short cruises to Alaska in the Summer have younger passengers.
  10. I am still not ready for crowds so we are mainly staying home or visiting our mountain cabin. Don't like wearing masks so I am glad our October Hawaiian cruise was canceled. We did book a Transatlantic for late fall 2021.
  11. Very accurate, at least in America, the over 50 crowd is getting bigger every year, over 30%. 55 here. I don't need water slides. I want interesting ports, good service, and good food. I don't need Broadway shows but I do like lectures about the areas we are going to see.
  12. That is what I am thinking. If it isn't Oceania, there has to be a very rich guy sitting on a pile of cash and earning less than one percent on his money. Create a new line out of these surplus ships? Maybe even China based. Billions of potential customers.
  13. With some lines selling ships, do you think Oceania might use the opportunity to expand their line? Or just wait it out until we see the future of cruising post Covid-19? I do wonder if smaller ships might become more popular.
  14. That is us! I have attended two shows in twenty plus cruises, my wife? None. Just not our thing.
  15. Do you use a travel agent? We have a very good one. After Holland canceled our September Hawaii cruise, she got us booked on a Fall 2021 cruise on the Ryndam with awesome OBC.
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