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  1. We lost Liverpool on a Holland cruise. The captain took the blame, said he had used the tides from the wrong day to go into that port. I forgot where they sent us instead. Dublin? I prefer Ireland's smaller towns. Have a great trip.
  2. Strange that the US is in a heat wave right now and the Greenland ports are still ice bound.
  3. Check with your pharmacist or doctor but my form of insulin can be stored unrefrigerated for twenty days. At home I leave the vial out on my nightstand.
  4. We got wait listed on this cruise, thanks for the review. Makes me still want to take it.
  5. Our Zuiderdam added "iceberg experts" just to be safe. (July and August cruise.)
  6. We were on Voyage of The Vikings last year and got all our Greenland stops. Excellent weather as we sailed the Sound. I would be disappointed like you were, but the Greenland ports are just small communities and tend to be very buggy. Much like Alaska in the 50's and 60's.
  7. Anyone else notice the HA "suites" aren't really suites anymore? We have been booking Princess lately because they have more true suite options for cabins. This sometimes makes us choose Oceania too.
  8. Glad to hear you liked the smaller ship. We prefer the smaller ships but have only cruised on M and R.
  9. We visited there in July last year on another line and weren't that impressed. Reminded me a lot of a small Alaskan outpost but with more bugs. We did have crazy fog after setting up for tendering. Could only see about 50 yards in some directions.
  10. One reason we are trying out Viking in September is because we don't care much for gambling or photos.
  11. Sometimes it pays to bring the bags on yourself. I saw some luggage wind up in the water on boarding day. Met up with the people later and they did get free laundry service from the cruise line. Forgot to ask them about their electronics and other contents.
  12. One of our glacier guides in Norway guides in Argentina during the Winter. And many of our Canadian guides Winter in Florida. They didn't mind US dollars at all.
  13. Strange that they feel the need to do cost cutting when it looks like bookings keep rising. Does anyone else notice how much advertising Oceania does? WSJ in addition to all the mailers and catalogs.
  14. Yes, my wife reviews the tipping customs are part of trip prep. Norway is a small nation however and they didn't seem to have a problem when I tipped in Euros. Many of them Winter in other parts of Europe so they will use the currency.
  15. We have always liked September for end of the season. Less crowded towns. Often great deals in the shops. Denali was awesome. Saw it all three days.
  16. Villefranche was a very nice port too. My favorite French town.
  17. Lot of crew like to smoke. And hanging out where the crew smokes is a great way to get information early.
  18. They are #1 for a reason, right? We will be trying them out in September, NYC to Montreal.
  19. Awesome to hear Tudor is still there. He is one of our favorites!
  20. Have fun! We were waitlisted on this cruise but the call never came. I will follow this thread to see what we are missing out on.
  21. Nice is a great port to see Monaco. Not far away at all. Enjoy.
  22. Looks like a good buy so far. Embarrassed how much I lost on both Carnival and NCL stocks. Surprised they are still not back to pre-pandemic prices because the ships seem full.
  23. We like Oceania and are trying Viking in September. Thanks for the excellent and deep-dive comparisons.
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