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  1. We just found out they cancelled the 'lift & shift' from a cancelled cruise. 😞
  2. Yeah, sorry - he posted it as new. I apologize.
  3. A friend just posted photos of the Carnival Sensation and the Norwegian Sky leaving Port of Miami today. Any idea where they are going? The Sensation had lots of people on deck (crew) , the Sky did not.
  4. Our first cruise as well - we were supposed to sail in September, 1992, but Hurricane Andrew had other plans for us. We rescheduled for May 1993 and got an upgrade because our travel agent said we deserved it. The highlight of the trip was leaving St. Thomas and the QEII went out before us. They let out a long blast as they passed us, and we answered back, as did another ship in harbor. We thought this was a normal thing that must happen every cruise. 🙂
  5. WOW. I wonder if they are hoping that people will lose their paperwork and forget to pursue it. I won't. 🙂
  6. Doesn't that mean you get a full refund instead of FCC?
  7. Nope, a higher percentage of positives for the people getting tested. It has increased from ~2-2.5% in May to near 6% now.
  8. Here's the first part; you can research the rest from other sites: The company that Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. uses to process crew payments, Wirecard, said Thursday that auditors cannot locate $2.1 billion in cash on its balance sheet, raising concerns among cruise employees. The Munich, Germany-based fintech company has been plagued by allegations of financial mismanagement and wrongdoing for the last few years. On Thursday, Wirecard suspended its chief operating officer after announcing the $2.1 billion shortfall. Crew members who have Wirecard accounts use debit cards to access their Royal Caribbean paychecks and are worried their funds may be affected. Wirecard’s shares plummeted more than 60% Thursday.
  9. We were definitely not the first to close our borders, and it was done sporadically and ineffectually. I knew someone who came in from Spain on the last day before they stopped flights - they were given a handout about self-isolating, no actual medical screening.
  10. There are a lot of hotels near the port, in all price ranges, that have shuttles; or you can get a taxi or Uber. Lots of nice restaurants, a couple of them at the port.
  11. My group is scheduled for a 'working cruise' with meetings, sailing Oct. 16 out of Canaveral. If it's not going to sail, we need to come up with an alternative plan. Anyone's crystal ball working today?
  12. St. Johns. And Carrier invented the air conditioner to keep the MACHINES cool, not the workers. The workers were expendable; the machines cost a lot of money and were expensive to replace.
  13. Not our county - we are doing less testing. The county health shut down the testing centers and only private labs are doing them now.
  14. No, we are not. Our cases are increasing and have been for a week. It's going to be a long summer.
  15. Yeah, funny story. For Christmas, many years ago, hubs gifted me an envelope overstuffed with dollar bills. I thought he was taking me to a strip club................. 🙂
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