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  1. Sorry. Maybe the sticky gum that goes on back?
  2. We found that the coating on the doors made magnets rather ineffective, so our message boards didn't stick. Bring tape or something to affix them.
  3. Grand Mariner soufflé with vanilla sauce. Coconut ranger cookies are a close second.
  4. That's what we had on Harmony, and we felt the loss. Vintages was a good substitute, and the bionic bar seldom had more than a few people in it.
  5. I have taken two cruises on Oasis, only slightly smaller, and the difference was marked. It was just a completely different feel - and while we had a good time, I would not recommend this ship.
  6. The kids! I love kids and other peoples' are fun to look at - but we were surprised at how many there were during school time as well.
  7. We just got off, and this is the first ship that I would not book again, nor would I recommend it. Not just the lines at the elevators, the lines everywhere, for everything. Oasis seldom seemed crowded, Harmony almost always did. My time dining, the 'with reservations' line was 20-30 minutes long. The wait staff was awesome, but the management just couldn't seem to get their ship together. Windjammer was packed, the flow was awkward, only one side would be open with a line across the hallway by the elevators. The biggest disappointment for us was that the Park Cafe doesn't have specialty coffee. We book Deck 8 specifically to be able to walk and get our morning espresso; now available only on Deck 5 at the Promenade cafe, and somewhere in the Windjammer. The line at Promenade cafe was so ridiculous that after day 3 we gave up on it and did without. It wasn't totally bad, of course, and we had a great time, but I would not sail that ship again.
  8. I have seen many recommendations for geoblue travel insurance. We are preparing to look into a policy and it appears that it is available for expats and business travelers only. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  9. Curry is easy, they just need a day's notice. If you want it hotter than "American hot", you really need to specify this. My husband tells them he wants to have his eyes water when they set down the plate, and so far he has not been disappointed. :-)
  10. Thanks - but this is not what I have seen on board, particularly on our transatlantic on the Serenade in spring 2018. Scooters were parked in the hallway at all hours of the day, and at night, rental scooters were left in the hallway. Unless something has changed, it's not a rule that is enforced equally across the board. I'll let you know my experience with it.
  11. Thanks for the information - I am coming off a broken foot and while I will be able to walk with a cane, it's a big ship so I rented a scooter to be delivered to my room. I appreciate the tips. Question: when did they start requiring scooters to be in the cabin? It's been a full year since our last cruise, and people left them in the hallway outside their cabins all the time.
  12. We bought the refreshment package (soda, coffee) at $20, today it is $26.
  13. We'll be keeping track - we will not drink enough to justify $52/day, so we got the soda/coffee package and we'll see how much we add to it by purchasing alcohol. I suspect the total will still be appreciably less than $52/day.
  14. Thank you. Is there a link to a schedule? That would be awesome.
  15. My first thought was...as long as they have lobster and the souffle dessert......
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