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  1. Thanks for the review. Were on a Navigator 4 day in February with our 4 year old son. Really looking forward to it.
  2. She looked completely rundown and neglected. Quite frankly, she looked like garbage. I have not been on the Magic in a little over a year but of 25 cruises, Magic by far was the worst ship I've ever been on.
  3. Yea it rained pretty good for a while there. We got some decent beach time in and hit the shops when it rained. Wasn't a total loss but some more sun would have been nice. I got some great photos of the Magic departing, I'll post them later.
  4. I was on the Breeze! We saw you guys at Grand Turk.....Magic looked rough.
  5. I flew my first trip as a passenger on southwest this last week. Not a fan but I know man people are. I'll take Delta any day over SWA. I was worried about not being able to check into my flight so I opted to purchase early bird on SWA which automatically checks you in 36 hours before the flight. Once we got off the Breeze I logged into the app and boom we had A34/35.
  6. Again here is another opinion. I've cruised NCL 3 times, Royal 12 and Carnival 7. Royal is still my favorite, but we've been sailing more frequently on Carnival lately because of the price and itinerary. We like the mid to large size ships so for us we look at the Dream class on Carnival and Freedom/Mariner sub class on Royal. We're in our early 30's with a 4 year old boy. We've typically had better and quicker service on Royal. Carnival seems to only have a few people making or serving drinks so we end up waiting forever for drinks on Carnival compared to Royal. Kids about the same on both lines. We try to cruise off season if we can since our little guy isn't in school yet. Royals balconies are so much bigger and deeper, rooms are appointed a lot nicer as well. Also Royal's suite benefits outweigh the non-existent carnival ones. Food quality is about the same. The Royal AMPed ships have lots of new free casual dining finally catching up to Carnival. The buffet on Royal is nice and there are a variety of foods. Royal's specialty restaurants is where their food stands out. I used to give a slight edge to Carnival for casual dining with the Mongolian wok, tandoori but with the tandoori gone not so much. Selection of drinks and variety of drinks at Royal's bars are outstanding. I feel like on Carnival every bar menu is the same. Production shows or Royal are awesome, Carnivals Comedy clubs are amazing. That's a tough one. Ship layout, Carnival has the external promenade that wraps around the ship. Royal has the Royal promenade which I really like, lined with bars and stuff. We're never had a bad vacation on any cruise we've taken and we've learned to diversify our cruising portfolio. We're looking forward to trying NCL again, and Holland America for the first time.
  7. That's good to know, we're on the Breeze in two weeks and my wife and I were trying to decide on bringing metal straws.
  8. Royal is my favorite by far but Carnival provides us the best value as of late. Looking forward to trying HAL in the future.
  9. 10 days straight at sea would be heaven for me.
  10. We're looking at a late flight or spending and extra night in Miami or Fort Lauderdale post cruise. I'm kind of clueless on what activities we can keep a 4 year old busy with. Any advice is appreciated.
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