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  1. My 2nd biggest regret is ever posting this! I can’t believe how awful some people are. I just can’t figure out how to delete the post. Lesson learned.
  2. Hi Everyone! If you’ve ever wondered how Royal Caribbean handles disruptive or disorderly passengers, keep reading.:o The following is an incident I am NOT proud of but am willing to share so maybe someone can learn from my experience. A few friends of mine decided to take a girl’s trip on Empress of the Seas, a short 4 night cruise with an overnight in Havana. We are all professionals, with husbands and kids. All in our 30s and 40s...Not a rowdy bunch. The first day on the ship we were having drinks by the pool. We had purchased the deluxe drink package so the drinks were flowing. —- this is how all embarrassing stories start, right? 😃 We had brunch in Miami prior to boarding the ship. My friends ate lunch on the ship but I did not. I continued to swim and drink. At some point one friend and I decided to try our luck at the black jack table (aka Blackout Table ). The last thing I solidly remember is another passenger handing out Tequila Shots. *** the following is not nessesarily from memory but rather what I was told by my friends and security*** My friend left to go get ready for dinner and I was going to be right behind her after I finished my hand. Unsure if anymore tequila shots were passed around but I did get back to our room only 15 minutes later. I told them I was drunk! I put on a dress and headed to dinner. We went to the dining room and sat at a table with other passengers where spent most of dinner laying face down. I did manage to spill several drinks and eat like a “savage”. One friend decided to take me back to our room when I wouldn’t stop cussing 🤬. Thinking I would just sleep my intoxication off, they headed off to a show. At that point I decided to head out to the hot tubs... in my dress. I’m told that I took my dress off and security was called. I was escorted to my room and told that my drinking privileges had been revoked and I had to stay in my room. I tried to call THE CAPTAIN 👨*✈️. I then put on a swimsuit and headed back to the hot tub. I was angry at who ever had called security and tried to start a fight! I AM NOT A FIGHTER! Of course security showed up and escorted me back to my room. They had chest cameras and interviewed my friends asking if I had taken drugs! Me? Drugs? Wow? I pushed the head of security and slammed the door in her face. they let my friends know that if I left the room again I would be disenbarked in Havana. They also placed security at my door! The next morning I woke up with very vague recollections of what happened. One friend told me that security had planned to talk to me this morning. 😱😱😱 I was mortified at what they were telling me had happened. The room stewards were even asking me how I would feeling and if I was Ok!!! I had no idea who had been in the hot tub and what security was going to do with me!! We headed to breakfast and prepared to exit the ship for Havana. I just wanted to get off the ship! Upon exiting, I scanned my card and it alarmed 😧. Security pulled me aside stating they needed to have a meeting with me. I waited for them to gather the nessesary people. They pulled me into an office in guest services, wearing chest cams. We discussed in great detail about what had occurred the night before. They did most of the talking since I didn’t remember much. I WAS MORTIFIED AND VERY SORRY! I asked them to apologize to the other passengers and security for me. They let me know that they did have the right to disembark me in Havana at my expense. I would not have blamed them if they had kicked me off the ship! Fortunately, my remorse was enough for them to let me stay. They did revoke my drink privileges until further notice. They did say I could request them back later. After returning from Havana, I did go to guest services to request my drink privileges back even though I didn’t end up using it. My friends pointed out the head of security that took the grunt of my intoxicated behavior. She was a sweet young lady! I hugged her and apologized profusely 😩. She was so kind and understanding... way more than I would have been if I were in her shoes. I am an experienced cruiser. This was actually my 3rd cruise in the previous 6 months. Lessons: EAT! Don’t take shots! Security is awesome and does take everone’s safety seriously. If you get kicked off a ship, you deserve it! No negative feedback... I’m much harder on myself than anyone else could be. Just learn from my very embarrassing experience!
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