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  1. I went to the Dominican Republic two years ago, and after researching it, we decided not to get off the boat. It seems like its only gone downhill since then. Acapulco and Jamaica are other ports we won't visit. Why do the ships still visit? I'm sure you know the answer to that.
  2. I couldn't agree more. If politics wasn't involved, sailings would still be going to Cuba.
  3. When I paid $49 I thought it was a ripeoff. Obviously some people have way too much money.
  4. Depends if you consider 599 days a long-time or not.
  5. Your lucky. More were killed in 2015. 9 Killed When Plane Carrying Cruise Passengers Crashes in Alaska Its surprising how many crashes in Ketchikan there have been. Just one last year, but nobody killed luckily.
  6. ano


    Depending on your service provider, you may be able to turn on cellular calling over Wi-Fi. T-Mobile allows it on some phones, including my iPhone, and it works well. You can make and receive calls just like cellular.
  7. We are going to a port where Yellow Fever exists, but probably won't even get off the ship. The letter from Oceania says they never give any medical advice on this, and will never enforce any medical requirements, but proof of vaccination is required at some ports by the country.
  8. Sorry if it sounds like ranting, it isn't, just explaining like it is. We almost always take the ship's excursions, and we get ripped-off doing it. A few times we have gone with a group, but it can be scary. Its money vs. security I guess.
  9. That certainly is a choice, but if you work it right, you can save money if you are going on many Oceania excursions anyway. Say OLife allows 8 excursions, they could be priced up to $199, so you'd pay $800 for $1592 in excursions, but that is the extreme, and never possible in real life. We paid $800 for $1040 excursions that probably could be purchased for $550 outside of Oceania. BUT two advantages booking with Oceania. 1) They won't leave if the excursion is late and 2) and if something goes very wrong with the excursion, Oceania could be held responsible. Otherwise just get the money from the tour operator, and good luck with that one.
  10. OK Understand. That is true if you book in advance. But if you just leave the ship, you can almost always find the same excursions as offered on the ship, but cheaper, and they handle getting enough people. Still one is a "private tour" even if you do have to have 12 or 16 "friends" and the other is a public tour, often on a bus. You will pay more for a small group, and a risk you won't have enough people. Of the four OLife excursions on our next cruise, we found them all offered outside of Oceania with a bit of searching, but these are public, not small group.
  11. Are you saying Oceania will STILL have an excursion of only 2 people show up? Or even 6 or 10? Not likely. Certainly we are talking like excursions here not private vs. 25 people.
  12. Yup, another way they screw you. So OLife "free" excursions cost $100 each if you calculate it out. If a port is cancelled by Oceania or otherwise, they give you $100 non-refundable credit. Wow you get your $100 back as a non-refundable credit. So generous.
  13. First, note that it seems Oceania excursions are inflated in price first. We bought OLife which added "8 free excursions" and we paid $800 for that, or basically $100 an excursion. We could pick excursions "up to $199" but many ports didn't have any of these, and some excursions were under $100. We averaged about $130 per excursion, which we paid $100 each for, but do note they are overpriced to start with. You could easily book these same excursions on your own outside of Oceania for cheaper. If we each book one more we get the 25% discount off the cheapest one, and since they are overpriced, we basically pay "normal" prices. The "unlimited" excursions is just an other continuation. Maybe you can save a bit off the overpriced excursions, but you won't save much. You could also pay more if you aren't careful. You need to go on excursions at each port and maybe more than one. If they miss a port, you will probably lose out. Unless you are tied to Oceania excursions, you will save more booking your own, and it will always be cheaper and you will have more flexibility. So the Oceania packages are slightly better than a bad deal, no matter how you arrange it.
  14. There might be bigger problems, because if the oil was at an allowable level, and the waves were at an allowable level, then apparently whomever designed the ship did a poor job. What else might be wrong with the design? Who knows, we'll have to wait and see.
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