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  1. I've been watching as well, have also gone on lots of lines, and I believe many aspects I have seen won't appeal to younger people either. Certainly certain games and activities might appeal to different age groups, but I don't think that "weird" appeals to younger people then older people. Some will be the opposite. Put a turntable in a room and older people will say "cool" younger people won't even know what it is. Younger or older all want basically the same thing, good food, lots of room storage, lots of activities, etc.
  2. Aww, just 20 short of earning a free Carnival tot-bag.
  3. Not good news. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/04/business/virgin-atlantic-bankruptcy/index.html
  4. I sold Carnival and bought J&J also. A very good long-term stock. Initially when I bought CCL back when, I expected it would recover within maybe a year, but I no longer think that is the case. Even when COVID-19 finally gets in check, another virus could appear at any time, and the cruise companies are aware of that. The business model of cramming tons of people into cruise ships will not be possible in the future. Yes cruise companies will adjust, but the old days will never return. To me, I think that is a good thing, as the last few years of being treated like cattle has not been to my liking.
  5. Don't think of it as waiting for a refund, think of it as providing a zero interest loan to Princess. You are a lot cheaper than other loan sources that actually want interest for their money.
  6. Who would ever think that a refrigerator in a sealed compartment won't cool good.
  7. I sold mine. I made a small amount since buying it in April, but honestly, I now believe its going to take much longer to recover than initially hoped. Carnival is selling the older ships, which is some cases, are more profitable to operate, which also means, for years, the number of cruise customers will be down. Sadly, many cruise customers have also died of COVID-19. The "new" Carnival will be smaller, which is not a bad thing in itself, but future cruises will likely be more costly, ships newer, which will limit many NEW cruisers because costs are higher. Carnival will come back, but it will take years, and the new business model has yet to be tested. Too much risk for me for the limited gain.
  8. In AZ it is taking 10+ days for the test results, but they are also running a new saliva test with results in a few hours less. This is the new normal. There will be tests everywhere. Some companies are now starting to run tests on all employees. But that would really suck, packing for a cruise, and then you can't go because you fail the test.
  9. I don't subscribe either. Maybe a different browser.... A man who worked as a painter aboard the Disney Wonder died Tuesday. Eddie Burgos Ragodon of the Philippines had visited the ship’s medical center in recent days with chills, according to a colleague who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation. The ship is traveling around the Caribbean to repatriate crew members who have been stuck on board since the industry shut down in March. Disney Cruise Line will test Ragodon for COVID-19, said the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via email. “We are saddened by yesterday’s passing of our longtime Crew Member, and we are mourning along with his family,” said company spokesperson Kim Prunty in an email. At least 255 people on board the Disney Wonder have tested positive for COVID-19 since March 1, the CDC said, making it among the largest known cruise ship outbreaks. The ship has a “provisionally green” status from the CDC, meaning there have not been any crew members showing COVID-19-like illnesses for 28 days. The last positive COVID-19 case on board was on May 8, according to the company. The ship has fewer than 300 crew on board. The Miami Herald investigated COVID-19 outbreaks on cruise ships. Explore the findings of the most comprehensive tracking system of coronavirus cases linked to the cruise industry. Colleagues say Ragodon had many friends on board the ship and was always smiling. He worked on the Disney Magic ship based in PortMiami from December 2019 until early March 2020 when he transferred to the Wonder, according to his Facebook. His wife and children live in Las Piñas, Philippines. They could not be reached for this story. The Disney Wonder docked in San Diego on March 19 to offload its last passengers after the industry shut down on March 13. Several passengers and crew members tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be hospitalized. Ragodon continued to work as part of the essential crew while others were isolated in their cabins. In early May, Disney Cruise Line tested all crew on board using PCR tests after crew were isolated in their cabins for several weeks. The majority of crew who tested positive in May were asymptomatic, according to the company. On June 13, Ragodon shared photos on Facebook of other Filipino crew members leaving the ship in Barbados to fly home. “Me...i will stay on board until ????” he wrote. On Sunday he shared a Father’s Day message. His kids replied, asking him to be safe. Since the pandemic began, a Miami Herald investigation has found that at least 16 crew members have died of COVID-19, including several in South Florida hospitals. Several others have died from apparent suicides while awaiting repatriation. At least 28,000 cruise workers are still waiting to go home, including 350 on Disney’s four ships. Jamaica, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Belize in Central America have all reported positive COVID-19 infections among repatriated workers in recent weeks. Source: Miami Herald June 24th, 2020
  10. I, for one, THANK those people that THINK they will be cruising anytime soon. Keep sending in those deposits, PLEASE. Yup, you will be sailing any day now. You don't want to miss out, those cruises will sell out fast. I own Carnival stock, and as a stockholder, you are immensely helping by providing Carnival with 0% interest loans. That is so much better than they can get from the open market, where Carnival would pay 10% or more for the same type of loan you have given them for 0%. I do appreciate your generosity. Please keep up the good work. I do greatly appreciate it.
  11. You don't mistakenly buy trip insurance. The web site was designed to make it hard to NOT buy trip insurance. Why, let me see, because it's a huge money maker. I wonder what has a higher return, trip insurance or drink packages. I think trip insurance.
  12. +1 Here is the reality, if Norwegian files for bankruptcy, your money is gone. You might be able to get it back through your credit card company. If it was me, I would request it now. If a miracle happens, and in October everything looks agreeable, just rebook. There really is no advantage of having your money tied up until then.
  13. August cruise, August 2020? Good luck with that. Its not going to happen. Maybe August 2022.
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