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  1. ano

    No AC on Anthem of the Seas

    Different credit cards are different, but most base the time on when the service is delivered, not when the charge was made. My American Express has no limit at all on the time. Sometimes the time is 60 days after the service ends. Your mileage may vary. Remember YOU are the credit card company customer, not the cruise company, but when your money is withheld, the cruise company may not be happy with you, but if you are fair, they will likely be fair as well.
  2. I will do. Its not til April though. I guess I'm a bit jaded by the mainstream lines because we have been cruising 25 years, and the experience today is NOTHING like it was 25 years ago. I guess those just starting to cruise today have an advantage because they have never experienced how it used to be. I'm optimistic about Oceania.
  3. That certainly might be true, but since you only need one TA and not them all, this usually works fine.
  4. If that's a possibility, then you might want to learn how to say that in Japanese before you arrive. 😂
  5. Here is how to find the best Oceania travel agent. 1) Search on-line for one of the sites, where travel agents compete for your business. 2) Enter the cruise you want and in hours you will have 10+ offers. 3) From there look at other ratings for them, like the BBB, then pick your travel agent, and stick with them unless they let you down. I would NOT book an Oceania cruise directly, because travel agents can get you much better deals.
  6. Hmmm.. So after many Carnival, Royal, Norwegian, and Princess cruises, we were very sick of the Nickel-and-Diming, in addition to many other factors, so people said, try Celebrity. We did, and really I didn't see it to be anything different than the others. So now its Oceania. If this doesn't turn out to be better, then its probably our last cruise, and we will be doing ground tours after this. So far what I have heard here about management's lack of concern for problems, missed ports, the condition of 20 year old ships, and the "class system" when making dinner reservations and this don't have me very hopeful. But wish us luck on our first of many Oceania cruises, or our last cruise ever. We shall see. (We may try Virgin Voyages if this line is truly different.)
  7. When you get off the plane in Toyko they have thermal cameras looking for sick people with a fever. Not terribly difficult technology to have.
  8. ano

    Yellow Fever Shots

    Thanks. We did find a place that gives them. About $300 but you only need it once. We'll probably pass but just use lots of bug spray. Probably no excursion that port, just walking around close, if there is anything to see.
  9. We had good luck with one of the online bidding sites. You enter the cruise you want then different travel agents bid on it. We got some good deals. If your current agent is not offering the deals, this is the way to go. Rules don't let you mention them here, but they are easy to find.
  10. ano

    Concierge worth it

    I know that this a bit of personal choice, but we are booked on a B1 balcony in April, but see we can upgrade to A3 or A2 for $200 or $300 per person. We've never been on Oceania but been on many other mainstream cruises. So is it worth it? This cruise is not very sold out but Oceania doesn't seem to be reducing prices any. Maybe after final payment is due. So the perks are things like: Canyon Ranch private Spa Terrace. Is this those "spa" chairs? and: access to private Concierge Lounge. Anything good in there? and we can't forget the: logo tote bag...
  11. ano

    Yellow Fever Shots

    So we will be in Santa Marta in April. Just there one day from an Oceania cruise. I don't think we have an excursion there and from what people are saying here, not lots to see otherwise. The CDC lists this as an area with Yellow Fever, but shots are expensive and I don't think required for our short stay. Does anyone think differently? Maybe staying on the ship is best.
  12. You must not be all that happy as NCLH is the same price now as it was 4 years ago, and it doesn't pay a dividend. With all this talk that their CEO is some "genius," I don't see it. If you would have had Carnival 4 years back, you would be up 25% plus Carnival pays a 3.56% dividend.
  13. ano

    First Oceania Cruise

    Thanks for the review. We go on our first Oceania cruise next April. We've done 20+ cruises on the "mainstream" lines, but was wondering how you compared Oceania with Viking? We haven't been on Viking either, as they fill fast, but its on our to try list.
  14. 20 years ago we started on RC and maybe have done 6 or 7 cruises with them. But haven't been on them in at least 10 years. I do still like McDonalds, however. They don't nickle-and-dime you. I pay for my order before the the food comes, and when they deliver the food, they don't hand me a bill for hundred of dollars in extra charges and gratuities.
  15. ano

    Will Virgin Voyages be successful?!

    Viking is a fine cruise company, but they are a bit too successful and seem to sell out years in advance. I can't commit that far in advance.