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  1. Good review. We went two weeks earlier, and I would say our impressions were about the same. On the drinks, they are definitely pushing their drink packages, and they are raising the price of that, so it only makes sense they raise the price of individual drinks. I think many cruise lines have realized that alcohol is a way to make lots of money from a cruise. When you look at the markup its incredible. And as you say, the drinks weren't even particularly good.
  2. ano

    Suite perks?

    Just announced, $15.99 soon.
  3. When people save up all year to go on "vacation" they don't want meals that they eat the other 358 days of the year. I personally like scallops also, but they were nowhere to be found, even on NCL's "Seafood Night."
  4. ano

    Did we get drunker than we had to?

    The sugar in soda isn't good for you anyway so you were probably better off. Diabetes or alcoholism, your choice.
  5. ano

    Smoking Cannabis

    On a recent New England NCL cruise, it was definitely being used. We could smell it on our balcony.
  6. If they want you to "upgrade" to good food in the specialty restaurants, what incentive do they have to give you good free food? Mark my words, in 5 years they will be charging you for all food. They will do it in steps. First, they will give you a credit with which to buy your food, so if you only go to the dinning room and buffet you "credit" will last you the cruse. Then slowly they will lower the credit, and soon, poof, you pay for all your meals. Just wait.
  7. We have the OLife excursion extra, with 8 excursions. If Oceania misses these ports, do we get any kind of refunds? Since the excursions have to be reserved before the cruise, it doesn't sound like we can just use our "free" excursions at another port.
  8. Maybe I'm showing my age, but when we started cruising with Royal Caribbean many years ago, they offered lobster EVER night. The only lobster we have seen in the last few years is Celebrity still seems to have it once on 7+ day cruises.
  9. What people often forget, is when you pay say $30 for a specialty restaurant, you are also paying for the meal in the dinning room or buffet you didn't eat. That $30/person meal really becomes a $45/person meal. When they drop what they are paying per meal in the dinning room or buffet, they have to increase the price of the specialty restaurants to make up for it, and over the years, they definitely have.
  10. Really, I count 8 or 9 specialty restaurants on the Escape, and they are mostly NOT SMALL. Just eyeballing it, the square footage of all of them is about equal to the square footage of the three dinning halls combined. The Manhattan Room is about the size of Cagney's and Moderno combined. If only a "tiny percentage" eat there, it seems like a big waste of space.
  11. I got off a more recent Escape cruise, and I 100% agree with you, soups suck, badly. Dinning room and buffet. The buffet had a whole total of two soups per meal, and they were often not labeled. On look and I lost my appetite. They had New England Clam Chowder one day, how could they screw that up. THEY DID. My guess is the Asian staff was never correctly taught how to make American soups.
  12. ano

    Chance of Upgrade at Port?

    Don't give them unrealistic expectations. :D
  13. ano

    Chance of Upgrade at Port?

    I remember those good old days. In 2018, it ain't going to happen.
  14. ano

    Chance of Upgrade at Port?

    I remember those good old days. Not going to happen in 2018.
  15. We JUST got off the ESCAPE. 1) We have always worn a lanyard around our necks with our ship/key card on it. I heard that the room key/cards are different than many other cruise ships. Can you still have a hole punched in your room key to put it on a lanyard? Same cards as usual, but you need to insert the card by the door to keep power to your room. 2) Does the Escape have anything similar to the “Great Outdoors” on the GEM which served late night snacks in an outdoor patio area? O'Sheehans is the only free 24 hour restaurant. Its inside, floor 7. 3) We aren't on the beverage plan. I know they have a special price on a different drink each day but do they have an actual Happy Hour each day with reduced drinks or reduced beer prices? How much are draft beers in the Brew Pub? Not happy hour. Maybe $8.95 or $9.95 plus gratuity. 4) If the waters are too rough to tender into "Great Stirrup Cay" would the ship go to the Bahamas, somewhere else or just add a sea day? We missed Bar Harbor and got an extra sea day. They could have rearranged to stops but didn't seem to want to. 7) I've read horror stories about the Pool on the Escape, that it's very crowded. Do you think that the pool area will be less crowded because this is a longer, off-season cruise? What age crowds should I expect this time of year? Any idea or estimates of the passenger numbers? We went to Maine and Canada, and didn't see a single person in the pool. Maybe 4 or 6 used the hot tub. The pool is very deep where you can't stand up and that certainly reduces participation. 8) We have heard that disembarking the cruise ship on the last day is a mess. Would you recommend taking your bags off by yourself or leaving them in the hall a better choice? If you are carrying your own bags off the ship are you restricted to any set times that you must disembark? Also, is it better to leave early in the morning or waiting until the end? We would like to disembark as late as possible and thinking about carrying our bags off? We carried our bags and we off the fastest ever. No lines at all. But you need to be off by 9:00am. If you let them keep your bags, you can have until 10:15am. 10) Big sports fan. Do they show NFL and NBA games on TVs in the cabins and bars? Didn't see a whole lot of football. Rooms have one channel and saw football one day, but mainly soccer. Maybe in the bars you'll have better luck but don't hold you breath. Otherwise its CNBC, MSNBC, FOX and BBC. 11) Can anyone recommend a "stay/park/shuttle" hotel for the NY departure? Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Manhattan/Central Park. LyftX to the port was about $12.