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  1. You certainly have a better chance under 40 but don't brush it off.... Our youngest death was 19 until yesterday when we lost a 13 year old, both with no know underlying issues.
  2. If they can't provide what you have paid for, I don't see they have any option but to refund. Good luck.
  3. This is very encouraging, if they can use a "doctored" SARS vaccine as a potential vaccine for Covid-19, there could be hope and possibly a quicker testing period.
  4. A vaccine is not a dream, there is a vaccine for SARS that was never needed as the virus was controlled and not seen since 2004, some Coronavirus can be vaccinated against and some can't, even the common cold is a group of coronavirus. The reason seasonal flu can't be permanently vaccinated against is two fold, firstly it has a high mutation rate and secondly the antibodies created from the vaccine do not last. Nobody knows how long immunity will last for the current virus, plenty of people have recovered but their long term immunity is unknown, a vaccine may offer long term immunity like measles or chickenpox but nobody knows yet as it's too new. As far as a vaccine goes, we will only know when the mutation rate is known but at the moment those who have studied it say: Peter Thielen, a molecular geneticist at the Johns Hopkins University: “That’s a relatively small number of mutations for having passed through a large number of people,” Thielen said. “At this point, the mutation rate of the virus would suggest that the vaccine developed for SARS-CoV-2 would be a single vaccine, rather than a new vaccine every year like the flu vaccine.” If this virus turns out to be like the flu we are in big trouble, however the evidence so far does not look like it is.
  5. Very good, but I'm a bit of a freddie fan myself.
  6. Not only a canned response, they did not even proof check the one word they changed, it clearly used to say: "The form will be made available beginning March 23, 2020"
  7. Yes, exactly the same for us, we last cruised MSC at the end of 2019. I would imagine your last cruise was not credited to your account, was the one before that April 2018? That would explain the strange expiry date.
  8. Are you kidding me, even the common cold is a coronavirus and there are 4 strains, they have not "died". Human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43) Human coronavirus HKU1 Human coronavirus NL63 (HCoV-NL63, New Haven coronavirus) Human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E)
  9. Good find, That is even more generous than the letter suggested, those with imminent expiry dates (and even those who expired between 1st Jan and now) will get 21 months extra. Very nice of MSC.
  10. They did not have to do very much at all to have come out looking the hero's instead of villains. If they had just showed compassion, given free use of the cyber cafe/internet on own devices (without time restriction), made an experienced member of staff available to assist (probably the voyagers manager/team), and simply got pax from the ship to the airport. If I were in charge in this situation, I would have invited all the affected people to the theatre for a Q&A, offered my full support, introduced everyone to the team who would be assisting and simply demonstrated I was doing everything in my power to help, even if there was little I could do. If these small things had been done most people (and I suspect the OP as they sound level headed) would be singing NCL's praises right now, sometimes just showing a little empathy and leaving people feeling they are not on their own makes a world of difference.
  11. Sorry you went through this, it's truly awful. Have you tried your roll call, you should be able to pick up fellow passengers there.
  12. 100% agree with you, as stated, the email is addressed to me telling me my status is extended by a year. I just logged into my account and it's not showing yet but i'm sure it will.
  13. None of these companies cancel until the last minute as they want to keep all the money as long as they can. I have flights to spain with car hire and hotels booked for April, it simply will not happen, the UK and Spain are on complete lockdown. So far only one hotel has refunded (a small independant - and good on them), Accor Hotels, Sixt Car Hire and Ryanair have all said the will reassess 2 weeks before the trip. It's all about keeping money until the last minute. What makes it worse: Hotel - All hotels have been ordered to close in Spain. Sixt - Have closed operation in Girona airport. Flight - Ryanair have announced not flights until June. Cashflow, it's that simple.
  14. It's such a hard choice, I wish NCL would relax the final payment dates, I'm sure they would see less cancellations if they did. Spain is at a peak at the moment and could well be in a better position by then but the US has just started moving up the curve, it's not just a case of Spain's situation but also who they allow into the country. China has no home grown cases now, all new cases are from people travelling into the country, on that basis I can see a lot of countries keeping travel restrictions even when this starts to come under control.
  15. Did you quote the wrong post? I did not ask anything, I only posted the email.
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