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  1. The dining room water tastes fine to me, never seen a complaint the servers walk around with jugs topping everyone up.
  2. Nothing wrong with towel, swim costume or birthday suit but I wish those going au naturel would sit on a towel πŸ™„
  3. Probably right but I was flippantly likening it the the Tom Hanks film "The Terminal" which is based on Mehran Karimi Nasseri who was stuck for 18 year in Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris after the UK denied him entry and returned him to France.
  4. You would not be in a foreign country for 2-3 days as you be denied entry, the airline would then have to transport you home or I guess you could spend 2 weeks airside in Europe. The airline won't let you board to protect themselves and avoid this situation.
  5. I was monitoring October 2019 Alaska and recording the prices in a spreadsheet so I could work out the best approach for October 2020. The Joy and Bliss fluctuated up and down throughout the year most reached their lowest about 12 weeks out, some stayed low others shot up again. If you are in the US then you have little to worry about as you can rebook without loss, here in the UK we lose our deposit so it's more important to book at the ideal time. I ended up booking the Sun for 2020 about 14 months out as the price was good but prices went down substantially during the black friday sale. We rebooked in the Black Friday sale (losing our deposit Β£50pp), same cabin but knocked Β£800 ($1040) off the cruise, we were very happy with that but best of all we now have 30 Latitude points instead of 15. If you are very flexible, last minute could work out but if you need a specific sailing then it's a huge risk and on top of that flights are more expensive booked late, you can book a flight early but then the risk is even greater as your travel dates are fixed.
  6. It has nothing to do with leaving and returning to the US, that is not an issue and the OP have a valid passport for that. If the foreign country that you are flying too denies you entry because you don't have a valid passport it is the airline that are stuck with transporting you back to the US, the alternative is doing a Tom Hanks (The Terminal) and being stranded airside until the return flight, a far worse situation! This is not anyone's responsibility except the OP's, simply don't book travel without going on your country's government website to check entry requirements of the country you plan to travel too. I honestly don't know why people can't take responsibility for their own actions these days, there is a culture of blame nowadays, people are always looking to pass the blame and can't put their hands up and say "I screwed up!".
  7. Ask for an Amenity Confirmation, it should say on there, this is the only place my shareholder OBC states non-refundable. If it's non-refundable, I get Cruise Next certificate certificates, you can buy $500 worth for $250 only costing you the extra $50.
  8. It's the same company doing it for NCL and MSC so the process will be very similar and will start with an email invite.
  9. I have answered my feelings on your points above, of it helps.
  10. This was on Fantasia and your answer was what I hoped I would hear, I would choose a ship that does not do this in future. It would be good to compile a list of those ships that do and don't.
  11. The bids don't go up, it does not work like an auction where you bid it up, it's more a secret sealed bid system. You can change your bid but you will never know if you are outbid until it's over.
  12. I would consider taking a device loaded with films and a HDMI cable to plug into the TV, you will have on demand films he wants to watch and no onboard costs.
  13. I saved $852 (Β£650) by rebooking on the black Friday 30% off deal, and also got double Latitudes points 30 instead of 15. Inside on Sun 15 day Alaska from Vancouver repositioning to San Diego 2 people with Beverage and dining packages all DSC, gratuities, taxes etc - nothing to pay on ship. $3932 (Β£3000) down to $3080 (Β£2350)
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