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  1. Wonderful so far, we board on Friday, I will update you on how it goes 🤗
  2. Thanks all, I just woke on my first day in Rio. @perakcruiser I understand the cruislines have some government arrangement where most of the crew have to be Brazilian (something like 80% I believe) Our holiday had started well to say the least, do to a bad experience in the UK some months ago, we have been upgraded to the executive suit on the top floor, it's just wow! Accor, I love you again! What with the free hotel upgrade and free ship upgrade we cant fail to have a good time.
  3. @JohnJayJotaJames - The brownies LOL. Thank you, I fly to Rio today and my cruise starts on 6th, I will stay in Rio and travel to iguazu falls before the cruise. We are pretty laid back and i'm sure those comments are a bit over the top, even if it is slightly true I will still have a great time with the added free and unexpected entertainment.
  4. Well, I am off shortly to Rio for my MSC cruise on Fantasia. I just came across this on a closed facebook group, its all translated from Portuguese and the translations are not great (but good enough to understand). Reading this and seeing what Brazilians are saying about other Brazilians it's a worry. Wish me luck..... 😱
  5. It's the same company who does the upgrades for NCL, with them, if you bid high it is highly likely your bid will be accepted quickly before you change your mind, if you bid low to average you will normally be processed 2 days out.
  6. I think shorts must be a bit ship dependant, I saw people turned away from the MDR (Tsar's Palace) on the Jewel last year.
  7. You can take as much wine as you wish on NCL, you will be charged $15 corkage per a bottle but there is no limit.
  8. She had a dry dock refit in April 2019, I could be wrong but I would be doubtful she would get another drydock in 2020. Maybe the "tired" comments were prior the the refit 6 months ago. I will be on her 6th December so can't help with the rest yet. Edit: Here is the 2020 schedule. http://crew-center.com/msc-cruises-dry-dock-cruise-ship-schedule-2020 And here are lots of pics of the dry dock if interested
  9. The question is, with Vibe now pre bookable and limited spaces, how long until they open up bidding and issue the passes to the highest 300 bids?
  10. Just to update, I finally managed to download the boarding passes today, they are completely unnecessary as it is just a duplicate of the embarkation form which is already included in the tickets. If anyone else finds themselves unable to download the boarding pass, don't worry, as long as you have the tickets you have all you need.
  11. Aww thank you, we will have a wonderful time I'm certain, I have never been to Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay before so It's certain to be great, with 3 sea days the balcony upgrade will be very welcome. 😁 If I can't make the link work in the next week I will call them and check I have everything I need, I suspect you are right and I already do. I think you are correct about the demographic, there is a big Facebook group for this sailing with every member being Brazilian and it's all in Portuguese. There are only 4 members in the CC roll call but I know that's normal for MSC. I will try and report back on the experience.
  12. Thanks Bea, I am so happy at the upgrade. This is the webpage with the two downloads, I clicked the tickets and got those but you can see when I click "Boarding Pass" I get the red error (top left in red), from what you say we have all we need, thank you.
  13. My tickets become available last night so I printed off the etickets. I was happy to see we have been upgraded from an inside on deck 8 on the Fantasia to a balcony on deck 12 (B2), amazed they did not inform me and make a big deal over the free upgrade, lovely surprise all the same. I got my e-tickets OK but when I click the boarding pass it says "There was an error processing your request. Please, try again later!". Do I actually need the boarding pass? My tickets have a tear off section at the bottom with a barcode for the ship and passenger receipt for me. No big deal, if it does not become available in the next couple of weeks I will just call them, just wondering if I really need it as it looks like I have a boarding pass on my tickets.
  14. Just hope nobody pulls the plug out of the pool
  15. Thanks, I didn't know that, I assumed it was called Max everywhere. It was a great marketing move, Coke named it Zero and Pepsi struck back with Max and the strap line "From Zero to Max".
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