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  1. Not true at all, tipping is normal in the UK in restaurants, taxi drivers, bell boys and hairdressers... beyond this it is alien, a bar tender is never tipped. I worked as a bartender as a teen and would occasionally be bought "have a drink on me" but never ever tipped with cash.
  2. Have you seen it? even late at night the table service guys walk around with trays and a glass with flashing lights.... not full of $ bills.... not one. I look out for these things as tipping a bartender in the UK just is simply not a thing, I was more than a little surprised when I visited my first bar in the US in my teens (quite a while ago) but never ever seen it on NCL.
  3. 100%, I can't believe how many people are saying they tip bartenders cash, I have never witnessed any tipping on board NCL, all the tippers must be on CC.
  4. Hmmm. According to this: http://www.cruiseastute.com/ship.php?ship=Norwegian Dawn&feature=entertainment The Dawn does not have a card room since the refit in 2011, I have only seen the sets in the card room so it could be doubtful unless anyone has first hand information.
  5. I think you miss the point, all the cruise lines pay a very low base salary and then us the DSC to make it up the the contractual salary which is alway in line with or above the ITF minimum wage, where the DSC does not achieve the contractual salary the cruise line will "top up" the pay. Much like a US waiter/waitress will be paid very little and make a wage through tips.
  6. This helps to understand how the system works. https://www.tourismconcern.org.uk/campaign/cruise-ships-what-the-foc/
  7. There were several sets in the card/games room on both the Jade and Jewel. I learnt to play on NCL and lots of people wanted to join us and learn which was great as we were only a two.
  8. I think most are the same these days, polo shirt, jeans (not ripped) and trainers would be the absolute minimum expected in the mdr, anything less like shorts or flip flops should not be allowed.
  9. You have hit the nail bang on the head with this. People like to say "there is no tipping culture in the UK" which is totally wrong. What is different the the tip itself, you have described the difference very well, in the US people are happy to pay a workers wage via a tip, it is considered the "norm", for us this is completely alien, we pay a tip (small 10% tip) as a "treat" or a "thank you" and do not expect it to form part of a living wage. I have said before I always pay the DSC in full, however I hate the thought of this making up crews living wage rather than the "thank-you" I want it to be. These threads will go forever and never reach an answer, both viewpoints are valid and we need to forget it and let people do their own thing, these pointless threads will never change people's views.
  10. Must have been some time ago as NCL had the DSC included in the fare price for the last two years as part of a trial, they have only just resorted back to separating it out again after scrapping the trial. NCL scrap the all inclusive fare just as P&O and MSC introduce it in the UK.
  11. That's the problem..... she forgot the razor wire around the edge 😁
  12. This is the only element I am not looking forward too on my upcoming MSC, fixed time dining and shared tables. OP - MSC might be a good choice for you.
  13. Of course, but as we don't know or care what the wage is, it does not matter, the method of payment stands correct and I clculated it around what is know, the minimum wage. The will be a variety of wages and I guarantee some, non customer facing crew will be on that minimum wage.
  14. It's nice if both can get status but it's not that important really, most of the perks are per a cabin, I can only think of the spa treatment and chocolate ship which is per person, the speciality meal was per person but is now per cabin.
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