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  1. BQ, things are a bit different in the UK, there is no escrow or direct payment to NCL, what happens here is we pay the agent the agreed fee, they bank that fee and they take care of all the payments on the customers behalf. Agents really complicate things in the UK as you have two sets of T&Cs one with the agent and one with NCL so you have to read both to see your rights. In a lot of cases here, agents are telling customers they can only have a voucher for a future holiday. It is illegal in the UK to do this as they have to pay a full cash refund regardless if they themselves have been refunded, due to Covid-19 these timescales are rarely being kept but it is the law, I currently have 3 section 75's (like a chargeback but with more legal power), one with British Airways, one with RyanAir and one with an agent. As I said above 14-21 days before payment due date is not unusual here as the agent has to bank the payment in order to pay the final balance on the customers behalf. In this case it is not reasonable to expect a FCC from NCL as the payment was not made to NCL, however it is unreasonable and illegal for the agent to say they will only provide a voucher for a credit, they must provide a cash refund within 14 days, I would certainly be starting a section 75 (chargeback) if they were not complying with their legal requirements.
  2. Your TA has not messed up, they require the money 21 days before final payment so the money is cleared into their account in order to make payment to NCL. UK law requires them to refund that payment in cash (not voucher unless you agree) within 14 days. Your deposit is more tricky, the law does not change (the TA is still requires to refund within 14 days) but the TA may be left waiting from NCL, you might want to give the TA more time.
  3. Exactly as we do and never had a problem. We find our favourite people on the last day, thank them and tip them, all people who naturally made our time wonderful and did not need to be paid to give great service.
  4. I have great service with no extra tips, if you feel you need to tip more for the American virus then that's personal choice.
  5. Oh dear, not much of a techie are you luv, I already did, that was what the @ was above 😂 🤣
  6. I don't, In fact, lets not mess around and copy NCL official rep in. @Norwegian Cruise Line Are you aware there is an issue with cancelled cruises being incorrectly credited with Latitude points?
  7. They certainly do as idiots keep bumping all these threads, glad I don't have any to loose, so ...... Bump away.
  8. Keep bumping this up is a sure way to get them removed.
  9. Rather than being rude and obnoxious, why not calm down and read this thread, you might want to skip right to the last two posts that conclude the matter nicely.
  10. Your rudeness and inability to communicate like an adult does not change the fact you are wrong. The value of the CNV is set for life at the point of purchase. I even bought one on Facebook from someone in Canada and it was converted back to $250 then to GBP at the exchange rate of original purchase date, it then stayed at £195 until a booking was made. Fact.. Sorry if you need it spelling out in very simple terms but you are wrong and that's a fact. If what I highlighted above was true... How come one of my vouchers from two years ago was applied at £199 and the other from one year ago was applied at £195 (both applied to same cruise) which was also the same values they had in my account since date of purchase?
  11. NOPE not the case. Cruise Next Certificate has a fixed value from the day it is purchased and that value is clearly shown in your NCL account and NEVER changes, it will not change when you book a cruise. You need to read my post as you are clearly NOT talking about Cruise Next Certificate as they can NOT be used to settle an account on board, Cruise Next vouchers can only be used as part payment on a booking and never spent on board ship. You are clearly not talking about the same product (CN) as the OP or anyone else in this thread.
  12. No, they sit in your account with a fixed price from the day it's purchased until the day it's spent and that price does not change. Even my spent ones were returned to my account after a cancelled cruise with the same original value (one £199 and one £195), these were then applied to a new booking at those original values. EDIT: Are you talking about Cruise Next vouchers? I re-read your post and it sounds like you are talking about pre bought on board credit as you don't spend Cruise Next on board.
  13. You will make it one way or another.........eventually.
  14. Yes, it's exactly as @casofilia says, the value is short of the required deposit, the amount is determined by the exchange rate at the date of purchase, all my Cruise Next credits have different values. However the value does not change as it is determined by the date you purchased it, it's not the exchange rate when you spend it.
  15. Yes but not from the US, you are the new ground zero.
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