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  1. If they use the NCL model, they will overprice the YC because they know they get a second bite of the cherry and can fill any unsold rooms through bidding and then sell the insides a second time. I wish they would just promote the sale of upgrades at the last minute, if they just sent an email with set prices to upgrade on a first come basis it would be much nicer process.
  2. I agree but from a business perspective it is perfect, you move all the high bidders up 2 days out and sell off all the insides to deal hunters..... full ship.
  3. I heard that before too, I just asked my Chinese partner (Hong Kong, Cantanese) but he has never heard it? I'm not sure now?
  4. Just to add, Plusgrade do it for NCL and many, many clients, MSC are not listed but I expect they will do it for MSC too: https://www.plusgrade.com/partners/
  5. They do Bea, there is a huge thread on NCL with what people bid on each category and what was successful. Generally NCL do very well out of bidding, people often bid more than they could do a direct upgrade by making a phone call but equally many report fantastic bids on cruises with a lot of availability.
  6. Looking at your signature your first cruise was after the 2017 change, that's very odd, well done though 🙂 Maybe I do have hope 🙂
  7. Thanks all, I'm happy to just get the points (fingers crossed) which will take me to 45 but if I get grandfathered in too it's an extra bonus, will report back.
  8. Little bit of niche question on grandfathering of old tiers. The background: I did an old cruise years ago and been away from cruising until 2017 (after the tier changes). I do not even remember anything about points and latitudes all those years ago but I'm told it existed, anyhow back to 2017 they set me up a new latitudes account and I had a grand total of 2 points after my first cruise, I did not bother with the old cruise as it says on the Latitudes page you only have 12 months to claim lost points. I'm now up to 29 points and started thinking about that old cruise and after seeing people on here saying they could be added, I gave it a go. It is looking hopeful as I have been asked to provide evidence, I emailed it to them today, hopefully they were not just wasting my time asking for evidence and I should get the extra 16 nights 🙂 I have seen people who cruised before the tier changes were grandfathered the old levels and move up quicker. The question: My new Latitudes account was set up post the tier changes but they (fingers crossed) will be adding a pre tier changes cruise. Do you think I will be grandfathered they old levels or will I just get the points and stay on the new system? If the computer algorithm grandfathers-in based on the date of the first cruise I might be in luck, if it's based on the date the account was created i'm out of luck. As I say, a bit niche but I hope it might have happened to someone before.
  9. I would not say obsolete, it certainly needs using with the caveat I provided about accuracy, it's currently the best there is unfortunatly.
  10. I like black better, much more exclusive sounding than diamond, everyone has that. And........it was the closest I would ever get to an Amex black Centurion card.
  11. The link still works but is a bit outdated now, most are matching a bit lower, the chart says black. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=384592
  12. Where did you get that from? past posts say they cruised on the Getaway in 2017 so they would have been bronze on boarding.
  13. This could well be the reason as the open bar is only available on the Sun for 3-5 day cruises.
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