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  1. It's good CF are available in $500, it thought it was only $300 which is what made me think you had CN so that makes it more desirable as you will be able to apply the full $500 the same as a CN double up offer. The very best place to sell is what has been suggested, they are very easy to deal with on there and the group have a lot of experience to assist the pitfalls. Most sales marketplaces could work but I honestly would advise what has been suggested, you have no fees, lots of experienced people to help, it's just the best and safest. The big downfall with a CF
  2. If they are $500, I would guess they are Cruse Next not Cruise First. While they can be sold, the rule of the main above mentioned site is they have to be sold for a maximum of what was paid (plus PayPal fees circa $5). Therefore a £500 of cruise next vouchers would never sell for more that than $250 as there are plenty of $500 vouchers selling daily for the purchase price of $250. I bought some myself 2 weeks ago, 2 x vouchers with a face value of $500 for $250 + $5 Paypal fees. If they have a short expiry date they will be unsellable as there are plenty available
  3. They might get fed up bringing me plate after plate of escargot 😂😋
  4. I'm sorry I can't confirm the error, I actually wish I could but I just can't make it come up at all. That said we all have different experiences, someone said they can never see excursions in the app but that's the first place I could see them. Then when others were seeing the excursions on the website, I couldn't, they did not show up for a week.🤷‍♂️
  5. That's really strange, it's not affecting me, I am on the same 3rd July and I am not seeing error and just to test I just put an excursion in my basket and took it all the way to checkout before cancelling the order.
  6. I did state emergency use, it's the bad reporting I quoted that got that wrong, but yes the main point is weather it will start to matter which one you have had, I'm sure it won't matter to cruise lines, that will be a commercial decision but with individual countries it could start to be an issue.
  7. I was just reading about a situation where Canadian fans of Bruce Springsteen have not been allowed entry due to having been vaccinated with AstraZeneca which is not approved for emergency use by the US Food and Drug Administration who only recognise Moderna, Pfizer and J&J. This is a little worrying, with countries starting to look at travel for double jabbed people, it could now start to be an issue as to which flavour you have received. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/astrazeneca-vaccine-bruce-springsteen-on-broadway-concert-new-york-b941311.html
  8. That was exactly the conclusion we came to, I started this thread saying Teppanyaki was my first choice and I was looking for a second but the more we thought about it, it's all about the show and the food is never memorable. So we dropped Teppanyaki and went with Le Bistro & Oceans Blue, the latter I'm really looking forward to 😋
  9. Onda was in the final three but we are not huge Italian fans when eating out as we cook a lot of different pasta dishes at home, I looked at the sample menus and Le Bistro just looked a better menu for our tastes, although as seafood lovers, I have to say things like the braised octopus on Onda nearly twisted my arm 😋 But then, I know if things like the Octopus were not on the actual menu I would have been left disappointed. 😂
  10. Nothing is certain but I'm sure if you got that email you must be OK, I wish you the best.
  11. That's fantastic it must be such a relief, I was thinking it must be far too short notice now.
  12. Can I ask what is in the T&Cs? Word is the cancellation T&Cs clearly state you can rebook at the same price as the cancelled cruise, I have not yet (fortunately) seen these T&Cs.
  13. 😂 Mostly positives when you live in the UK and are used to the winter cold, fog and rain.
  14. True that the UK went one shot then delayed the second but we are ahead on the US with the number of people with double shots and have a lot more potential to go, you have nearly hit your limit which is very worrying.
  15. Exactly. I have no idea why people are celebrating the "exciting" prospect of mask wearing cruising. On other threads the overwhelming consensus is people do not want to cruise with masks 🤔 I'm now 14 days from my first post pandemic cruise, it's unvaccinated, no ordering drinks at the bar, masks on the sundeck when moving around, social distancing everywhere. This is the reality.
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