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  1. Not to copy your whole post AW, but I also concur with what you've said and it relates to the Eurodam as well. I was so pleased at the cleanliness, hotel & ship maintenance, cheerfulness, new procedures, and new supplies (i.e. tableware, glassware, etc.) aboard. Fantastic job by the crew and the leadership, in my opinion. Made me want to go back on a repeat cruise right away.
  2. As did we after returning from our Greece cruise earlier this month. The terms of that Welcome Home credit offer stated that it was not combineable with other shipboard credit offers, however. The way I read it is that it can't be combined with the Future Cruise Deposit shipboard credit offer, which dilutes its value. I'd like to see the T&Cs of the Mariners' shipboard credit offer and how they interact.
  3. Hi Jacqui: We have decided to step away from the Spanish Farewell cruise on the Eurodam departing Barcelona on 10/30/2021. No need for us to re-book anything at this point. Thank you for keeping this list! We'll catch up with you when we're back aboard Holland in the spring. Lee
  4. Thank you for doing this @kazu. But we won't be taking the replacement cruises in 2023. We are already booked on the FLL to Buenos Aires of the S.A. & Antarctica Grand Voyage at that time. However, we had such a good time on the Eurodam on our 14-day Greece cruise which ended last week. We booked another cruise while on board. Mark us down for the 15-day Spanish Farewell cruise on the Eurodam departing Barcelona October 30, 2021. Unless something else changes we'll be aboard. Thanks!
  5. Hi @VMax1700, Thanks for maintaining this info. I believe the Eurodam 30 October 2021 - 14 November 2021 is showing as the Spanish Farewell trans-Atlantic. Not sure about the Quilting... Thank you!
  6. Sorry you had such challenges. Our local Rite-Aid PCR test last weekend was much, much simpler. Set up an appointment online, answered a few questions, arrive at the drive-thru pharmacy at the appointed time, check the DL, take the test and drive home. We each arrived and tested in separate visits. All prompt, paperless and free. Tested on Saturday morning and got our results early Monday morning in time to act as a backup for our Tuesday morning flights in case there was a problem accepting our vaccine cards at the airport (which there wasn't).
  7. As are we and have not been cancelled either. The HAL web site still lists this one as available.
  8. Bon voyage! And thank you, @kazu, for posting this info on the board.
  9. Thank you all very much for the well-wishes! Here's hoping for cooler temps, smoke-free skies, and calm seas. 😀
  10. Thank you all for this thread! We begin sailing again a week from Sunday on the Eurodam, and after this we're looking forward to it more than ever!! 😁🤣
  11. I agree. I always book flights through Flight Ease for non-US cruises, and use domestic carriers for US departures. The cancelable/changeable bookings through Flex Fares are great, and help me get the best routeings and prices.
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